Virtual World: Peerless White Emperor

Chapter 32

Chapter 32: Dragon and Snakes Intermingle

Qing Yun and Hong Ling were in an exclusive medical treatment center. Qing Yun reported the circumstances, and asked curiously: “Leader, who is that white haired guy? He almost killed us both.”

“He isn’t so reckless, that you’re both still alive is proof of that. Since you asked, I might as well tell you. That guy can be considered part of our 7th squad, though an honorary member. Since he’s already gotten involved, you two should come back…” The one on the phone was a bald man. He couldn’t be said to look like a good guy, more like some gangster, because covering his entire head and ending past his eye at his cheek was a coiling dragon tattoo. This man with the strangely high voice, that was unconventional and unrestrained, was exactly the 7th squad’s 9th leader, Ren Long.

Qing Yun hung up the phone, her face full of doubt. Honorary member? Since when was there such a position?

Ren Long leaned on his chair and stretched. He took the watermelon that his girlfriend had cut him and raised his head. “10,000 Souls’ LinHai division will be having a headache dealing with this. That guy actually decided to move on his own. I bet they don’t even know that because of a small branch’s human trafficking operation, they provoked a monster. A genuine terrifying and ruthless monster. There will be a good show to watch.”

The imperial capital, White Tiger District, in some courtyard. A feminine man with jade like skin looked at a picture of the last moments of the factory. He frowned as he looked at the white silhouette. “It’s actually one of the 10 Commandments…”

He had a hesitant expression as he made a call. “Have all the followers in LinHai leave. Give up on LinHai.”

“Why?” Said the voice on the phone.

“You don’t want me to have to repeat myself…” The feminine man said coldly.

“I… Understood.” The voice on the phone quivered.

In virtual reality, except for the game, there was a place many people went when it was time to sleep. It was like a second world. It allowed people to sleep and yet keep their consciousness at the same time. It used their dreams to allow them to enter the virtual world to do stuff like: advancing their studies, communicate with others, or business transactions. Of course, there are still many people that sleep.

China Region, Virtual City, New HaiCheng, In some conference room.

In an old colosseum, in the middle was a big cross shape and a picture of a long python biting it’s own tail. In the arena, around a circular table, were 9 shadowy figures. On the table were the roman numerals 1 to 10, and in front of each number was one of the shadowy figures. Except for one spot that was missing a person, the number VII (7).

“Silver Devil, that bastard didn’t come again?” VIII (8) said looking beside him at the spot that was again empty. His voice was clear and bright.

“When has he ever come…” An lethargic voice came from IV (4).

“Don’t mind him. The leaders of 10,000 Souls, and Salvation have been keeping a low profile lately. I want to know what they’re doing. Hunting Flame, Ardent Wind, I’ll leave this to you two. Everyone else pay a bit more attention to their activity. Try to quickly give me an answer…” I (1)’s voice sounded out, full of dignity.

“I got… ” III (3) and IX (9) replied, one man and one woman.

“Meeting adjourned…” The 9 figures disappeared.

Next morning.

LinHai City College, on the rooftop of the third science building.

“The dragon group is so efficient. We just found the factory and they’ve already taken care of it. Even 10,000 Souls pulled out everyone from LinHai in one night. Ren Long, that pervert personally came?” The middle aged man became astonished after receiving the report.

Somewhere else, Wu Na felt the warmth of the morning sun and leisurely awakened with a big yawn. She scratched at her messy hair and suddenly recalled last night’s events. She quickly woke up and looked around her. Seeing that she was in her own home, she sighed in relief. She looked down and tugged on her pajamas. She started thinking: “How did I get changed? And I even showered? And the blanket is covering me so snuggly. Did he strip me?” Her face instantly became red. On her bedside cabinet was the dress and purse that Ye Cang and the guys had bought for her. She got up, walked to wards the bathroom, and looked in her laundry basket. Inside was yesterday’s dress, covered in blood. There was even a small sticky note on it that said: “Wash it yourself.”

“…” She didn’t know what to say. She remembered that last night, he had killed someone. Although it was a bad guy, but if he was discovered by the police… She shook her head. It was to save her, so it was reasonable self defence! She quickly put on that light blue petal patterned dress, and stepped into a pair of high heeled sandals and rushed towards YueRong street.

As for the involved party: Ye Cang. He was with Lin le and Zhang ZhengXiong calmly eating breakfast like nothing had happened. He kept looking at his phone, reading a message. He raised his eyebrows and thought: “Oh~? There was a meeting yesterday. Well, who cares…” He shrugged and put it back in his pocket. He continued to drink soy milk and eat steamed dumplings1.

Lin Le ate big mouthfuls of steamed dumplings, afraid that he won’t get enough. Zhang ZhengXiong was also wolfing them down. He thought of the food he might have to eat the next day and shivered.

Wu Na arrived at the three’s apartment and saw Ye Cang being calm and carefree. He indifferently raised his hand to greet her. “Have a soy milk and calm your nerve.”

Wu Na felt her heart become heavy. Calm your sister! With quick steps, she walked up to the balcony and quietly shouted: “You can still be relaxed and eat breakfast! Shouldn’t you go to the police office and explain clearly? Although what you did was just, but what if the police are corrupt and use you as a scapegoat or something. Ah, what should we do if they do that!? I guess it’s best not to go… Wait, you should still go. Or maybe don’t go, the police aren’t reliable. Recently there’s been too many scandals.”

Ye Cang watched Wu Na’s start talking nonsense but still clearly worrying about him. He smiled and patted her shoulder. “About alerting the police, I’ve already taken care of it. There’s no problem.”

“Really!?” Wu Na asked happily.

“I have an acquaintance inside…” Ye Cang said. Wu Na nodded at his words. “Say so earlier! You scared me to death.” Soonafter, with some doubt, she asked: “Who is it?”

“Instructor Wang…” Ye Cang smiled.

Instructor Wang? Why was this name so familiar? She raised her eyebrows and chose to not overthink it. As long as it was settled, it was fine. Her stomach grumbled making her blush. She snatched the soy milk in Ye Cang’s hand and started to drink it. Then she turned back to go inside and eat breakfast. Ye Cang turned to watch the morning sun. “In order to protect this place and A’Xiong, as well as you all, I had to make some compromises.” He thought then shrugged and follower her back in. The four of them gathered together like a family as they laughed and chatted. The TV was playing the morning news which was reporting on what was discovered in the factory.

TN: Wow, I don’t get whats happening at all. I guess there will be stuff happening outside of the game too.

1: This dish

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