Virtual World: Peerless White Emperor

Chapter 36

Chapter 36: Whirlwind Strike

ThornyRose brought FrozenCloud and SpyingBlade out from behind the big rock and started to move. Zhang ZhengXiong and Lin Le circled around and started battle from the side. Ye Cang found a spot where he had a good view and the forest was protecting his back. From here, everyone was in his longbow’s sniping range. He drew an arrow and shot it at the fishman sage.

“Lele, how long till your axe’s fire attack?” Zhang ZhengXiong looked at Lele who was right beside him and asked.

“15 minutes.” Lin Le said and Zhang ZhengXiong nodded. They probably won’t have time to use it. Good thing he still had the ring’s flash. They also had their secret weapon, the Minor Flame Flask. “Lele, get a molotov ready, we’ll be using it soon.”

“Mm!” Lin Le nodded his head. In Rica’s general store, they had used the red slime’s oil and made 14 Minor Flame Flask. Ye Cang took 6 bottles, the other two took 4 each. Besides the Minor Flame Flask, they also used the blood replenishing herb to make 12 Knockoff Small Health Potions. Ye Cang only took 3. Zhang ZhengXiong as the tank, was more likely to use them so he took 6. The remaining 3 went to Lin Le.

Watching the rushing fishman fighters and assassins; Zhang ZhengXiong roared, attracting all their attention towards himself. He lowered his stance, his shield held in front of him, and his right hand tightly gripped his machete. He faced the frontmost fishman fighter and deflected the incoming harpoon to the side. His machete ferociously chopped down on the fishman’s neck. Lin Le brandished his axe, performing a heavy chop, killing it.

ThornyRose, FrozenCloud, and SpyingBlade circled around to get to the Blue Scaled Elder Shaman.

Bartolia was caught unprepared by the three’s charge, his two hands just started to manipulated a thread of water.

“FrozenCloud, SpyingBlade, don’t let him use it!” ThornyRose said knowing that FrozenCloud and SpyingBlade would arrive before her.

FrozenCloud stomped off the ground, her speed increasing by quite a bit, rushing to arrive before the magic completed. Her tonfa smashed onto his chest, knocking him back a bit and interrupting his magic. SpyingBlade had also hurried over. He was a bit envious, such a good gap closing skill. He reversed his grip and rapidly stabbed towards where Bartolia’s heart should be, causing him to let out a gurgling scream. ThornyRose finally rushed over, her longsword set ablaze as she thrusted towards his chest, causing a smoking scar. It seems like the fish were weak to fire damage.

FrozenBlood’s side also sealed the sage’s water magic. Under the bombardment of four magic missiles along with FrozenBlood’s constant attacks and Ye Cang’s arrow, the sage was quickly slain. Over at Zhang ZhengXiong’s side, the fishman fighters and assassins had finally managed to close the distance and surround the two when they heard the shaman cry out. They tried to turn back wanting to go help him but Zhang ZhengXiong and Lin Le quickly cooperated and blocked their escape route.

Zhang ZhengXiong saw that he only had half his health left. Although he could still hold on, the fishmen had gone berserk and were attacking like a storm. His ring flashed and he backed up a step. Seeing them randomly swinging their weapons around, he took out his molotov and roared: “Bro!”

Ye Cang pulled out his own molotov. Lin Le had already prepared one. Ye Cang took the lead and from a long distance, he accurately threw it into their midst. The flask shattered and the oil spread onto many of them, setting them ablaze. Lin Le and Zhang ZhengXiong also threw theirs. The fishmen were all more or less burning and screaming.

Lin Le suddenly charged. He brandished his axe, performing a wide swing, hitting multiple fishmen, but he couldn’t control his strength. Being dragged by the weight of his axe, he started to spin, performing a full rotation and again slashing many fishmen. He sensed that he was still out of control. While feeling dizzy and about to fall, he managed to control his axe again and used the inertia to raise it high, and performed a heavy chop.

Zhang ZhengXiong and Ye Cang looked at the aftermath of Lin Le’s attack. Tens of fishment fighters were lying there destroyed. The final fishman that had been hit by the vertical chop was cut in half.

Lin Le ferociously patted his chest and said: “So dangerous. I almost fell and embarrassed myself. This axe is a bit too heavy…”

“Eh!? The system says I learned a middle grade battle skill Whirlwind Strike?” Lin Le doubtfully said

“…” Zhang ZhengXiong and Ye Cang were speechless. That works!?

Whirlwind Strike (Middle Grade Battle Skill – First Level): Store up power and perform a spinning attack, hitting surrounding enemies twice, each dealing 115% damage. Afterwards, using the power of your spin, perform a heavy chop on a single target for 185% damage. Can still move while spinning. Cost: 30 rage. Cooldown: 30 seconds. (Must have a heavy weapon to use. Shares a cooldown with heavy chop.)

Such a powerful ability, but it was a bit slow. Moreover, after using it you had to stop in place. But in a crowd, this was a devastating ability. Zhang ZhengXiong thought: “*, Bro and Lele both managed to learn an active skill. All I have is some ring of light, a low grade passive skill that applies pressure to the surrounding enemies and reduce their stats or something. A trash skill. I want a strong attacking skill!” He raised his hand and slashed down at one of the fishmen who didn’t die. It was so burned up, it smelled like roasted fish. Between him and Lin Le, they quickly managed to finish off the stragglers.

ThornyRose checked up on FrozenBlood for a moment and saw they were finished. She then looked over at the fire and thought of the Minor Flame Flask blueprint. Damn! She forgot that they could make them! They hid them and didn’t share!

SpyingBlade was also amazed. They finished the battle so quickly? Just the two of them?

At this time, the shaman who had been beaten pretty badly, raised his two hands which were glowing with a blue, watery light, and shot out a jet of water, catching the three near him unprepared. They were sent flying a few meters away and lost quite a bit of health.

“I was careless… It’s an instant cast spell.” ThornyRose rolled over and crawled up. She saw that the shaman had taken this time to quickly chant a spell and a protective dome of water surrounded him. Damn, they had let him set up his defense. The three of them didn’t dare carelessly approach because they weren’t sure if they had enough health to survive the next spell.

The shaman continued to chant and the barrier of water thickened. GreenDew’s magic missiles shot over and smashed onto it, but it only made four holes in the water barrier. Along with the chant, the barrier started to repair itself. Just at this moment, four arrows shot out, going through the four holes that hadn’t closed yet. One of them managed to hit Bartolia’s big frog like eye, causing him to scream out in pain. The water barrier dispersed and fell to the ground.

A chance! The three people who were sent flying rushed back and launched a storm of violent attacks. FrozenBlood had also rushed over after killing the sage. Even Lin Le and Zhang ZhengXiong were on their way over.

“Look at my new skill! Lele’s Big Windmill!” Lin Le happily roared. He was excited to try his new skill on a boss. His rage was full from killing so many fishmen, so he immediately activated berserk. His two hands began to glow red, while he charged at the boss like a violent little bull wanting to join in before the fight ended. Running beside him, Zhang ZhengXiong suddenly stopped. He looked at the people surrounding the boss and thought of Lin Le’s new skill. It’s the perfect setup for an accident.

“I hope there’s no casualties… ” Ye Cang murmured. He sent a private message to Zhang ZhengXiong: “Who do you think will be sent back to town?”

“…” Zhang ZhengXiong.

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