Virtual World: Peerless White Emperor

Chapter 37

Chapter 37: Minor Healing Stream

ThornyRose looked towards Lele who was charging over dragging his enormous axe. When he had almost arrived, she saw him preparing to use a skill, and it was a AOE attack! F*! There’s no time to dodge! She quickly raised her shield. Clang~! She was almost sent flying, but she managed to stabilize herself about two meters away, her shield hand feeling numb. Damn, even after blocking it, she had still lost 15 health!

FrozenBlood ducked, sticking close to the ground. SpyingBlade was lucky, he was far enough away that he could step back to avoid it. The axe missed him by just a hair. FrozenCloud quickly raised her left tonfa to block. Her position was bad, she had no way to get away, and she didn’t have time to stabilize herself. She was directly sent flying away, with only 2 health left. She took a sharp breath, feeling suffocated. She survived the boss but was almost killed by her teammate.

The Blue Scaled Elder Shaman was hit by the two sweeping spins and fell over. ThornyRose watched the powerful vertical chop that followed. FrozenBlood saw the shaman that had fallen right beside her, as well as the falling axe. She frantically rolled away, not caring about appearances. As for the shaman that wanted to also roll away, he was shot by an arrow and nailed into the ground. The enormous axe let out a red glow as it smashed down to execute the shaman. FrozenBlood saw the axe that had just missed her by a few centimeters. Beside her was the upper half of the fishman shaman. She looked terrified as she thought of what would happen to a squishy assassin like her if she was hit.

“Congratulations. You’ve killed the rare elite Bluescaled Fishman Elder Shaman – Bartolia. Received 400 experience.”

“Haha~! Isn’t my new skill strong?” Lin Le posed heroically with his enormous axe, his chin proudly held high, as he laughed.

What responded was FrozenBlood’s furious scream. She had just gotten up after having almost died. ThornyRose smiled bitterly, and FrozenCloud’s mind was in chaos, starting to regret accepting this mission.

SpyingBlade nodded his head approvingly.

Zhang ZhengXiong sighed. Then he remembered something and saw a silhouette rush by. GreenDew’s voice sounded out: “Sister Rose! The unlucky one is almost at the body!!”

ThornyRose and FrozenBlood who was thinking of how they’d remonstrate Lele immediately panicked. Being in this team was so tiring. They couldn’t relax even after killing a boss, because there was a teammate with god level unluckiness that could waste all your efforts. Worst of all, for some reason, he loved looting. They quickly turned around and saw that Ye Cang was already almost at the corpse. ThornyRose sighed as she dived to intercept him again. But this time she wouldn’t let him take advantage of her. What she performed was a flying kick, going legs first. This time FrozenBlood also reacted and dived over. ThornyRose’s leg was tangled by FrozenBlood’s and the two of them fell in a mess. Again, Ye Cang’s hand landed on the other 36E and their lips locked. The two of them rolled and stopped with him above and her below. Everyone froze looking at the scene.

“Sister Rose sacrificed herself again for the team. I really admire her…” Zhang ZhengXiong had the urge to salute her. FrozenCloud’s mouth was hanging wide open, shocked. FrozenBlood thought the two must have been enemies in the past life, and also husband and wife. Otherwise, how could they have such terrible luck. Their relationship was obviously fated to get worse and worse.

“So embarrassing…” Lin Le grimaced, making FrozenBlood, GreenDew and FrozenCloud gasp in amazement. How can he not read the mood. Almost killing his teammates earlier, then spitting out such a childish line at this moment.

“It really is a bit inappropriate right now…” SpyingBlade slowly nodded and said coldly. FrozenBlood made a sour face at him. Great… he was weird too.

ThornyRose finally reacted. Her face blushed bright red. She felt Ye Cang’s hand on her right breast and quickly pushed him away.

Ye Cang raised his eyebrows and examined his hand. He meticulously said: “Your right side feels a bit smaller. You should watch your diet…”


“Perverted lowlife! F* Bastard!!”

FrozenBlood quickly went up to pull her back in order to stop her from showing the ugly violent side of herself and destroying her image. Seeing the image of a violent bear behind ThornyRose, she quickly said: “Calm down. Your image…”

“I’m just telling the truth…” Ye Cang wanted to continue speaking but FrozenBlood glared at him with a ‘Do you want to die?’ expression. He turned around and sighed, everyone could see a bright handprint on his face.

Lin Le shrugged and looted the boss. SpyingBlade frowned, wondering why ThornyRose didn’t just loot the corpse before Ye Cang. If it wasn’t just to prevent the knight from looting, then was it to let this Lele loot?

“Brother Lil’White! We got a skillbook! There’s also an apprentice something” Lin Le said, catching everyone’s attention. GreenDew swiftly ran over, in such a rush that she tripped and fell on her face partway.

Ye Cang arrived beside Lin Le and took the loot. A skillbook, and the other was a caster class offhand item.

Minor Healing Stream (Rare – Fishman Language): Chant 3 phrases (about 2 seconds) to enchant a target with water magic. Every 3 seconds, heal 2 health. Lasts 15 seconds. (The duration and potency is affected by Intelligence, Wisdom, and magic effect stat.) Cooldown: 10 seconds. Cost: 6 mana. Requirements: 12 Intelligence, Fishman Language.

Apprentice’s Tome (Excellent – Rare)

Category: Offhand Item

Requirements: 15 Intelligence

+2 Intelligence

Apprentice’s Tome: Activate to fire a random low level magic. Cooldown: 10 minutes.

It’s actually a recovery spell and a caster offhand!? ThornyRose lost a bit of her wrath and paid more attention to the items. But what was this fishman language? She snatched the offhand and skillbook. “The tome goes to GreenDew, no objections, right?”

Ye Cang thought a bit and said: “Actually, I can use it…”

GreenDew and ThornyRose both glared at him.

“Actually, I’m fine with my sword…” Ye Cang nodded, showing he understood. SpyingBlade was also fine with anything.

“This skillbook… GreenDew, Shaking Bear, can you two learn it?” ThornyRose continued to distribute the next time.

GreenDew shook her head. “It says I don’t know fishman language.”

Zhang ZhengXiong also shook his head. “I also don’t know fishman language, and my intelligence is too low.”

ThornyRose frowned. Could no one learn it? It would be such a waste. Did they have to look for clues about the fishman language? That’s such a waste of time, and they might not even find anything.

“Umm, actually I know a bit of fishman language. It says I can learn it. When the boss died, it even yelled out a certain four letter word…” Ye Cang said while showing off the handprint on his face, reminding her.

Everyone froze. SpyingBlade and FrozenCloud didn’t know, but ThornyRose, FrozenBlood, and GreenDew did. His hidden race actually starts with these useless languages? ThornyRose was reminded of the scene earlier as well as that time at the volcano. Her face became red again. Both her left and right were touched by that cursed hand, would she become unlucky too? She quickly shook her head and thought: “What nonsense am I thinking about? This revenge is definitely not over! Just you wait perverted lowlife! After this hidden story quest, you’ll have to pay for your crimes!”

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