Virtual World: Peerless White Emperor

Chapter 39

Chapter 39: Lin Le’s Might

FrozenCloud also really wanted the skill. Her own dual tonfa was quite fast already, but a skill is in the end a skill, it surpassed what your body and comprehension can do naturally. Having double strike would increase the amount of attack patterns she could do.

Zhang ZhengXiong was thinking: “I, your father still don’t have a combat skill! I will definitely get it! Double strike, although it sounds sort of lame, but good or bad, it’s still a skill! ”

Lin Le didn’t really think about it or more like he didn’t care. He was thinking about world peace and hoping that his friends: brother Lil’White, brother Lil’Xiong, Nana, and A’Xin could all live happily. He wished so hard that he started to stare into space blankly.

ThornyRose took the loot from Lin Le who was zoned out. She split the gold in half and gave 2 gold and 50 silver to Ye Cang, trying hard not to slap his other cheek as she handed it over. She sighed as she said: “You can split this among your group.”

Ye Cang nodded, he took the gold and directly put it in his pocket. FrozenCloud saw that neither Zhang ZhengXiong or Lin Le seemed to mind, so she didn’t say anything either. Afterall, she had just joined.

ThornyRose gave SpyingBlade his share, then looked at the skillbook in her hand. “What about the book… Should we auction or roll? What do you all think?”

“Bro, I want that skillbook. I still don’t have an active skill…” Zhang ZhengXiong whispered. FrozenCloud also followed: “I need it too…”

“There’s no way either of you will win it. But once we obtain it, you two can discuss who gets it.” Ye Cang shrugged. He looked over at ThornyRose and said “Auction.”

ThornyRose nodded and looked at SpyingBlade: “What about you?”

“Roll.” SpyingBlade knew that if they auctioned it, he would have no chance.

ThornyRose also didn’t want to waste gold on this skill, and Ye Cang’s group was too rich. “Then let’s roll, everyone who can use it roll.”

Ye Cang coldly smiled and humphed. He made a throwing motion and rolled a 1. He froze and asked: “Can we try again?”

“Hell no…” ThornyRose said, in a bad mood. Just how unlucky was this guy. She rolled a 73, which wasn’t bad but was still dangerous.

Spying blade threw and got a 64. He sighed, now he was out.

FrozenCloud quickly threw her dice. It stopped on 76.

Now it was FrozenCloud who was highest. ThornyRose faintly smiled. FrozenCloud was on her side, if she get’s it then it’s still not bad.

Zhang ZhengXiong shook his fist and threw a 91. He laughed out brightly: “Haha~ Sorry everyone.”

ThornyRose grit her teeth. Why is a priest fighting over a skill with fighters, assassins and grapplers? She sighed. Beside her, FrozenBlood casually threw her dice. Everyone looked at the number, and it was actually a 95!

Good job! ThornyRose crossed her arms, feeling pleased. She saw Ye Cang making a bitter face.

At this time Lin Le woke up from his wish-making. He saw everyone rolling and shouted out: “Hah!!” A red 100 appeared before everyone’s eyes.

ThornyRose looked at Lin Le. Last time he rolled, he also got 100!

“Good job Lele!” Ye Cang reached out and pet Lin Le.

ThornyRose doubtfully looked at Lin Le. “Lele, trying rolling again.”

Lin Le casually threw and got 99. He pouted: “It’s only 99, I don’t want it! I’ll try again! Hah~!” 100 appeared again.

Lin Le nodded satisfied. “That’s better.”

ThornyRose and SpyingBlade simultaneously gasped. What’s with his f* rolls!

Ye Cang and Zhang ZhengXiong couldn’t stop laughing. When he played Ludo1, he always rolled a 6. No one could be his opponent. Following this train of thought, Lele would definitely have become LinHai’s Ludo emperor if he hadn’t won too much candy and made too many kids cry, making him bad and quit. He could have been famous now for his Ludo ability. There’s a saying among the Ludo enthusiasts: “The great emperor of ludo stands high. Nothing but sixes are worthy of his eye. In one go he will break through to the sky. Finishing the game in record time!”

Everyone inwardly decided. They will never roll on loot against Lin Le! This was a human shaped dice monster!!

Looking at Ye Cang’s smug but calm smile, Thornyrose really wanted to pounce over and tear his face off. This perverted lowlife! FrozenBlood looked at ThornyRose’s expression and sighed. “Hah~ those three guys really get on people’s nerves. A knight who is unlucky as can be, a fighter who is impossibly lucky, and a tank that is much too skillful but is actually a priest!

Lin Le took the skillbook and generously gave it to Zhang ZhengXiong. “Brother Lil’Xiong, for you. Lil’Dino, I’ll get you one next time!”

FrozenCloud stared blankly and nodded like a little chick. She hoped a heavenly skill would drop next, it has to!

“Cough~ Cough~ in the future, let’s either auction or give it to the person who can use it most effectively.” ThornyRose said somewhat awkwardly. She thought to herself: “You think there will be a next time! Next your sister! This magic dice of yours, who would dare roll against you!?”

SpyingBlade thought that it must be a bug. He couldn’t help but chip in. “I agree.”

“But I think rolling is more fair. Everyone get’s a chance and there won’t be disputes.” Ye Cang said very seriously.

“Don’t mess with me…” ThornyRose looked at Ye Cang who looked like he was very seriously advising the team. Furthermore, what he was saying was the same thing the big guilds would say. It was the most impartial method. But that’s under normal circumstances. She grit her teeth so hard, everyone could hear it.

“Actually, after thinking it over, what you say makes sense. Ok” Ye Cang felt she was going to explode, and thought for a second before nodded to her and agreeing.

“Lele, Lil’Dino, A’Xiong, it’s fine. We’re rich. They can’t out-bet us.” Ye Cang whispered to the three with a smile.

“Mm!” Lin Le replied without paying attention. Zhang ZhengXiong quietly whispered: “Bro, after the mission, let’s exchange the gold bar and gold ring for coins.”

Gold bar? Gold ring!? They have a gold bar!? FrozenCloud was astonished.

“Keep the ring, it might have some use. We can exchange the gold bar. Lil’Dino, since you’re one of us now, just tell me if you want anything.” Ye Cang said earnestly and patted her shoulder.

ThornyRose’s and FrozenBlood’s ears twitched. They happened to hear the keyword. Gold bar!? They sneakily approached, pretending to converse with each other.

FrozenCloud rolled her eyes and looked at Zhang ZhengXiong and Ye Cang’s hands on her shoulder and thought: “They really don’t treat me as a girl at all.” She sighed and weakly said: “About that… I’m not…”

“I know what you’re thinking. You’re not worthy of us treating you so well, but since you’ve joined us, we’re now teammates! Companions! Right? Since Lele chose you, then you’re definitely not some evil person.” Ye Cang smiled, seeing her feeble appearance.

“Nobody with evil intentions can escape my two eyes!” Lin Le said righteously as his ahoge circled around like a radar.

“…” FrozenCloud rolled her eyes. Those three guys… They didn’t even know she was a spy here just to fill the numbers.

“So don’t feel bad. Cheer up! Not all attractive people are attractive inside. Maybe their heart’s are as ugly as pus. To have a beautiful companion, even if she’s ugly on the outside, is still something great!” Ye Cang held her shoulders firmly, giving her an encouraging squeeze. FrozenCloud felt a bad taste in her mouth. She remained silent, slightly moved. Originally, all she wanted to say was: “I’m not called Lil’Dino…”


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