Virtual World: Peerless White Emperor

Chapter 990.1

990 Part 1

Chapter 990 The Legend in the Train

Ren Long apologized in every possible way, then wiped the sweat from his forehead, and fell onto the sofa. Since his three cousins entered the Dragon Group, he had no temper anymore. Senior Lin actually knew his three cousins and seemed to be friends with them.

The next day, everyone got on the train of the capital. The mighty group of people occupied most of the small carriage. Among them, there was also naked Ji Xiao. At that time, he was very calm enough to greet everyone, and then watched Flasher Uncle proudly. “I didn’t wear anything, you see…”

“…” Flasher Uncle and everyone else were speechless.

“Brother, what thoughts did you think Brother Mowen has if he knew that his brother had this kind of virtue now…” Zhang Zhengxiong looked at Ji Xiao and crossed his legs. He looked at the scenery outside the window calmly as if nothing had happened while accepting signatures from others on the signboard with certainty. Although he was naked, he showed a sense of calmness and elegance. From time to time, he still drank the Creek Mountain tea that the train offered him free of charge. It was said that Ji Xiao now could take any train without any charges. Every train would leave a window seat, even if he did not take the train, the train would still keep one for him to ensure the safety of the train. There was no need for security checks and other privileges at the entrance and exit. He definitely became a God of Trains.

No matter the higher-ups, like the train conductor, the station master, the chairman of the floating train operation, or the workers, like the train attendants, and the passenger sitter, when they saw him on the train, they would stand aside silently with gazes of awe and respect and bowed to that naked body, lowering their heads.

There was a legend that spread between people in the train industry, if someone spoke to a naked man before the train operated, the train attendant would suffer misfortune. The chairman witnessed the whole situation noy long ago. His secretary took the initiative to speak to him, and he replied. In the double curse, the secretary was hit by a bicycle on the first day, bumped by a battery car on the second day, knocked by a low-speed child’s car on the third day, a stroller on the fourth day, crushed her toes on the fifth day, a crow rode her face on the sixth, and on the seventh day, the train went off the track and always grinded her head. Her long hair was cremated and curled a lot, so she had to cut short hair. After going out at eighth day, the flower pots above on the left and right sides all landed beside the secretary, and collapsed.

At the suggestion of the chairman who took the matter very seriously, she found Miss Zhang, a veteran who served as the leader of that industrial line for many years. Miss Zhang, who was holding a cigarette under the no-smoking icon, snorted coldly, and threw the cigarette butt into a glass of water as if she was a magician, and watched the smoke from the cigarette butt. Her brows slowly frowned, saying that there was still a remedy. The secretary quickly gave Miss Zhang various benefits and money. Under the guidance of Miss Zhang, the secretary pretended to fall into Ji Xiao’s arms. She took the opportunity to touch XX and obtained the first level of releasing the curse. She then begged to forgive herself. Ji Xiao was at a loss for a long time, and finally nodded.

The secretary’s face reddened and continued pleading to get something from him, which was very urgently needed, but it was not a big deal. The secretary then planned to face XX and kiss. Ji Xiao quickly agreed, and then the secretary secretly obtained Ji Xiao’s underwear. The secretary was so happy that she could go crazy. According to the repeated instructions of Miss Zhang, the underwear must be worn for seven days, so that normal life was restored. Now, the secretary surnamed Zhao had become Ji Xiao’s most loyal communicator. She gave him privilege on various trains, and she was the next chairman of the floating train operation.

“Brother, let’s sit there…” Zhang Zhengxiong’s words made Lin Liang shook his head. “He is exuding an unknown aura. It’s best not to get involved with him in the train.”

“…” Ye Cang, Zhang Zhengxiong, and Lin Le were watching how Ji Xiao was turned into a pervert on the train by himself. Now, Ji Xiao was as skilled as Flasher Uncle.

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