Virtual World: Peerless White Emperor

Chapter 987 - Goddess’ Protectorate – Iskafanda

Chapter 987 Goddess’ Protectorate – Iskafanda

The next day.

Bringing Baluto and Fansiss along, Shalun arrived at Ye Cang’s room early in the morning. Shacily Muse glanced at him. On the night before, Shalun had already noticed this bodyguard working for Ye Cang. She definitely has the most beautiful features my eyes have ever come across. Besides, I heard Baluto say that this lady is super strong. “Please report to Commander-in-chief PaleSnow that I have important matters to discuss with him.”

Shacily Muse nodded and opened the door. Ye Cang who was experimenting a new recipe in the other game quickly switched back after receiving the notice. He looked at the three of them, “Your Majesty Shalun, what brings you here this early?”

Shacily Muse entered the room as well, closed the door and stood guard behind them.

“I wonder if Commander-in-chief PaleSnow is interested in the Great Wasteland?” Shalun tested him out.

“Go on…” Ye Cang raised his eyebrow.

“Iskafanda is willing to surrender to the Goddess Association and be a protectorate of the association. We will focus our beliefs on the six goddesses and abandon the religion of Goddess Shacina…”

“Let me think. Lil’Sha, ask Old Mak to come over.” Ye Cang did not give him a reply in an instance as he was not familiar with the matters in Iskafanda.

Shacily Muse turned into a flash of light and informed Makarlo. Moments later, Makarlo walked out from the plant in Ye Cang’s room. “President, what’s the matter?”

Makarlo pondered after realizing the situation. This is beneficial to us and Iskafanda can continue to remain its status as a city. However, he was confused, “What’s wrong with the religion of Shacina?”

He got hold of some information about Shacina. She was well-known for her cruelty, cunningness , heartlessness and thievery. She was the god that protected businessmen, traders, adventurers and thieves. It was a large religion that arose after the fall of Goddesses of War, once having numerous battles with the Black Peak Mountain which was at that time guarded by the Three Sisters of Nature. I bet she has something to do with the incident of putting the three Goddesses of Nature to sleep. Even though the Black Peak Mountain had to surrender to their defeat at the end of the day, Iskafanda’s journey to the south was prevented by the Planetary Empire. Due to the fact that the Planetary Empire had to face two enemies – the Steel Empire and Iskafanda, it had no choice but to sign the treaty to stop the war and abandon Black Peak Mountain. The Valley of Glory was then being conquered by the sand worms and the Great Wasteland was in a recovery state. The Black Peak Mountain, in the end, had turned into the barrier of two nations, the Six Big Forces and the Great Wasteland. Only then, Shacina religion started to go down the hill and the royal family reclaimed its rights.

“A bunch of repeated betrayers. They have joined the Natural Disaster…” Baluto was pissed.

Makarlo gave it a thought and nodded at Ye Cang, “I may agree to the suggestion but president, you may want to consider again…”

“Alright.” Ye Cang crossed his arm and put on his thinking cap. Not even a second later, he clapped his hands and reached out to Shalun for a handshake with a smile, “I welcome you to Goddess Association… Iskafanda will be the protectorate of the Goddess Association, President Shalun. Welcome, the two of you, Elder Baluto and Elder Fansiss.”

That’s fast! Did he actually think about it? Makarlo and the rest were shocked.

Shalun was also stunned and quickly grabbed his hand, “No worries, President PaleSnow.”

“About the floating ship…” Shalun tested the water again since that problem was his utmost concern.

“Oh, the shrine is prepared with professionals for this. My daughter, Ye Tian who is also the treasurer will come and liaise with you. Be rest assured… The Goddess Association will not mistreat you and your citizens…” Shalun heaved a sigh of relief when he saw Ye Cang’s smile. Makarlo and Shacily Muse who were beside him gasped. Too naive. He is really too naive. Oh young fella, you don’t even know what’s behind the smile…

“Old Mak, you’ll be in charge of drafting the treaty. I’ll resort to a nap.” Ye Cang asked everyone to leave and he then returned to the other game. When it was time for the meeting, he would return.

As everyone was seated, Ye Cang started the meeting with his first announcement. “His Majesty Shalun has felt the love from the Goddess and decided to abandon the Shacina religion to serve under me… *cough* *cough* I mean, join the Goddess Association and be our protectorate with the hopes of strengthening our relationship in eliminating the Natural Disaster. This is great news! Please put your hands together for them…”

Makarlo and the rest quickly clapped acquiescently and enthusiastically but not for Balcon who did not bother and Fenna who botched through the applauding session. Youdiss was not surprised with the outcome. If Iskafanda hopes to expand, it must rely to a stronger external nation. Because of the Natural Disaster, it can only rely on Black Peak Mountain and also the Planetary Empire. On top of that, Black Peak Mountain is the main path to the Planetary Empire and Camuse City is the city they cannot avoid passing through if heading south. It’s nearly impossible not to stop by to replenish supplies before reaching Black Peak Mountain. In such a situation, a floating ship is the main transport Iskafanda needs.

Ye Cang was humbly accepting all the congratulatory messages while Youdiss looked at him. Hey, those belong to King Shalun, alright… Now, he has literally the King of the North. If we win this battle, he would surely secure his positions among the Six Big Forces as the Commander-in-chief of the Anti-Disaster Alliance, the King of the North, the Great Sage of Six Goddesses and the president of the Goddess Association.

Seeing the tiger and lion tribe clap their paws, Balcon rolled his eyes. Even the animals too.

“I, Shalun will always be willing to lead the citizens of Iskafanda to worship the six goddesses. To understand the truth in kindness and walk the right path to glory… I hope the gracious goddesses will protect Iskafanda…” Shalun half-knelt to receive Ye Cang’s appointment. When it came to worshiping the gods, even those with royal blood like the king had to undergo the ceremony as part of a long-known ritual.

“Alright, the kind and great goddesses will definitely protect Iskafanda…” Ye Cang ended the ceremony in the simplest manner and continued their meeting.

Goddess City.

“Dass, I bet you’ve never thought that I would join forces with your sister to challenge you who is now the landlord, have you…” Aymuss smiled.

“Sorry brother, I’ve won.” Danna said coldly.

“Just the two of you?! Impossible! I’ll show you my card!” Dass shouted.

The two girls frowned. This is not easy… Assenroche was standing behind Aymuss. “It’s risky… you guys can’t win his card. Your trio and pair are too small…”

“Well, there is still a chance. It all depends on their cooperation. But with Aymuss’s brain…hehe…I think it will be the end.” Mallow was enjoying her nuts beside Danna.

“The believer over there, get me a cup of Absolute Clean Water. I’ll give you some benefits later.” Dass told Little Jade.

“What is Absolute Clean Water…” Little Jade seemed lost and Anya said. “It’s the water in the shrine. Get it from the center of the fountain behind the shrine. Oh, add some spouts of the World Tree. You’re a mage, Use your flame magic to cook it as a tea and bring it to us.”

“I don’t want that thing. I just want the water.” Dass ordered.

“Quick, get it done. Here’s my gift…” Dass tossed her a crystal and Little Jade grabbed it. She looked at it. WTF?! Increasing my levels by 10?! All attributes increase 20% permanently, skill points increase by 10, talent points increase by 20. Also, dark magic effects enhance by 25% and mana cost on dark magic reduces by 30%!

Little Jade instantly received a hidden mission and started becoming the maid of the shrine’s kitchen. She was also responsible for cleaning and cooking food for them. Team leader, Sister Rose, wait for me, I’ll definitely get my levels back before you know it…

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