Virtual World: Peerless White Emperor

Chapter 990.2

990 Part 2

The female attendant who was in charge of the carriage saw that Ji Xiao’s cup of water was almost empty. Her heart sank and she suddenly became nervous. She rushed into the seats section and filled the cup with hot spring water. It happened when Ji Xiao was picking up the cup to drink. When she watched the water in it was full, the female attendant’s stiffened body softened and sat on the ground. The legend was that when he was in the carriage, if the water was all drunk and the attendant did not fill the cup before the water ran out, the next month would be bad luck. Every day would be a disaster.

The train attendant wiped the sweat on her forehead with her hand nervously, and looked at Ji Xiao, who started to drink tea and read messages, her eyes were full of awe. That was the God of Trains… The god that punished lazy employees and disorderly passengers…

Ye Cang’s and the other’s mouths opened wide when they saw it. Was this B being treated so well on the train just now!?

The young female attendant returned to the train connection just now, and the other female attendant in the next carriage said grimly, “Fortunately, you filled it last minute, otherwise Xiao Luo, you will be in a disaster. The last one who didn’t fill up the water had seven burglaries in her house in just a month. She also lost her purse five times when she was taking the taxis. But, she had a boyfriend, and he seemed pretty good. He was the owner and chef of a small well-known restaurant in D city.”

Xiao Luo gulped. Would it be like a double-edged sword? If she did not pour water, she could get a boyfriend. However, who knew if he was a good or bad person though. If she poured, then it was certain that she would get disadvantages. Looking at Ji Xiao’s naked back, she felt a little numb.

“Yellow Idiot, come and play cards.” Ye Cang shouted.

Ji Xiao got up and went to the big seat there to play cards. Lin Liang found that his aura was changing. He was now peaceful and harmless. He was possessed by the disaster star just now. It would not change himself, but it would pollute the lives of others in the near future.

Thorny Rose, Wu Na, Frozen Cloud and other women had seen Flasher Uncle’s XX before, so they had no feelings for XX. However, they were very surprised by Ji Xiao’s talent in playing cards. Thorny Rose knew that Ji Xiao was good at playing X-hero. It seemed that he had never lost much. He could always grab the hero he wanted, just like a god drawing cards. Ye Tian also exclaimed in awe. The card of the Roar of Leviathan he just drew was a card with neutral companion card. If he wanted to use Wu Zetian to draw that card, the chance of a neutral card at random was lower than that of a lottery ticket. The key was that he drew it immediately when it was most critically in need to remove control remove scenes. This…

Fortunately, when there were a lot of people, people like Ji Xiao who developed too fast would usually not survive till the end because he would be targeted by everyone. That also made Ji Xiao put on fighting spirit, adjusted tactics, and became trivial. He no longer made choices immediately because it was difficult to move on as he was still targeted. But he still could continue the card game back and forth.

The train arrived in the Imperial Capital. Secretary Zhao had long asked the station staff to pull up banners and set up a sign to greet. First, it was “We welcome the God of the Trains, Naked Board-watching Man, to the Imperial Capital”, and the staff watched Ji Xiao gradually put on his clothes and leave the train. When the staff finally saw his back, the station staff immediately changed the banner, “Sending the God of the Trains, Naked Board-watching Man, to leave the Imperial Capital Train Station with respect”.

Ye Cang and the others looked at the scene behind them. Ji Xiao, who was calm, suddenly involved himself in a mess.

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