When A Mage Revolts

Chapter 5: Binding Spell

Chapter 5: Binding Spell

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“Annie, we can’t give up this opportunity.”

The sisters continued to argue, although it seemed that Michelle had gained the upper hand in the situation.

“But……we no longer have a choice.” Annie said as she shook her head.

After a moment of silence, Michelle suddenly walked closer to Annie and said slowly:

“No, we do have a choice. The only choice is to rely on you.”

Hearing this, Kubei began paying more attention.

He also wanted to know what methods are left to escape from the Lithur family troops.

“The Lithur family do not understand what our objectives are, and do not know how many people we have.” Michelle said persuasively. “Therefore, it should be easy for you to divert their attention. They will probably think the hostage is in your hands. All you have to do is run south, and they won’t be able to catch up.”

Annie was hesitant:

“Me……divert their attention?”

Michelle nodded her head, then pointed at Kubei, saying:

“I will make him hide here with me. Once you lead the troops away, I’ll bring him to open the treasure chest. Once I get what we want, we’ll meet up at the same old place.”

She said this with confidence: “Don’t worry, I’ll wait there for you!”


After hearing Michelle, Annie was silent.

Annie and even Kubei, who was beside them, could see that Michelle’s plan was to sacrifice Annie and protect herself.

It could be said that this strategy is to divert the enemy from the main target. In less optimistic terms, it was asking Annie to sacrifice herself. To grab the attention of the pursuing troops, she will have to get close to them. But once she gains proximity, it’s hard to say whether or not she can escape them again.

“This plan is cruel,” the System’s robotic voice suddenly piped up. “Torturing and escorting – all the tedious tasks are given to the younger sister. With this plan, you’ll exhaust her energy and then send her out to be a bait. Even if Annie can use magic, it would be hard for her to get rid of the troops chasing her again.”

Kubei suddenly felt a chill run through his spine:

“You’re saying, she already planned to get rid of Annie all along?”

The System sounded really sure: “It’s obvious that she doesn’t want to split the treasure with another person. Think about it: When Annie killed Sally, she knew clearly what she was doing. Why else would she pretend to be oblivious if not for this plan?”

Kubei sunk into deep thought.

Before that, he only saw through one of Michelle’s plot, but he didn’t think too much of her then. With the latest insight, it seemed that the victory then may have been motivated by other factors:

He needed to buy time to allow himself to escape. But Michelle, she needed to make a deal. As there were soldiers chasing her, she couldn’t sit around questioning him. What seemed to be a victory for Kubei was probably deliberately given to him by Michelle.

After thinking about it, Kubei felt as if he had fallen for her tricks.

He shouldn’t have spoken in the first place.

If he kept his mouth shut, he would probably have to endure a lot of physical pain, but Michelle wouldn’t kill him because she really wanted the treasure.

To avoid the Lithur family troops, Michelle would keep changing the base of operations, and continue questioning him. During this tug-of-war between her and the troops, he can buy more time, and she’ll lose her cool even further. In the end, he could probably put her into a state of panic.

The one who should be panicking is Michelle, and not I, Kubei thought.

Regarding the physical torture he’d have to go through, Kubei felt that he has already endured quite a lot along the way.

“I’m at a total loss here!” He couldn’t bear but say that to himself.

“But it’s not really a total loss. Didn’t Annie accidentally killed someone? If you can’t put up with her torture, she’ll probably kill you by accident as well, and that would be a shame.” The System spoke in a friendly manner to comfort Kubei. “Whichever the situation, you’ll experience a little less torture.’

Kubei sighed again, but accepted his fate. He has already fallen for someone else’s tricks, and that’s the past. Rather than regretting it now, he should think of what to do next.

He should know, he doesn’t have much time left.

“Annie wouldn’t be willing to become cannon fodder. What if I escape when they argue — what are the chances of that?”

Kubei and the System discussed for a while, but it seemed like he was talking to himself.

“Very low.” The System’s reply was harsh as usual. “Even if they started arguing, they wouldn’t be totally blind. If a huge living person were to slip away under their eyes, who wouldn’t notice?”

Hearing this, Kubei couldn’t retort because it was a fact.

He nodded, saying:

“What you say is right, do you have a better idea then?”


“Then we’ll do what I say.” Kubei said this with absolution.

The System had nothing to say.

After making a plan, Kubei’s attention returned to reality. He quietly observed Michelle and Annie, waiting for the right moment.

But his plan is bound for failure.

Annie didn’t speak and looked as if she couldn’t make up her mind. Michelle, seeing this, knew that they didn’t have much time. She walked forward and held Annie’s hands, launching her “affectionate Sister” mode once more.

“Annie, I have believed in you up till now. Can you believe in me this time?”

Just with this sentence, a few sounds of sobbing came from within Annie’s hood.

After that, Annie said:

“Yeah, I believe in you!”

Kubei started panicking once more.

They……actually……didn’t argue…

“Michelle, under the third tree at the old place, I’ve kept all my treasured belongings under there, remember to go dig them up.” Annie said as she sobbed, as if she was giving her testament and will. “You have to continue living on, and accomplish our dreams, I’ll be there by your side…”

Saying this, the two hugged, and started crying.

Kubei was speechless.

“She’s not dumb, after all, she knew that Michelle was sending her to be cannon fodder. She knows that she’ll die for sure. Why doesn’t she fight back?

Kubei couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

The System behaved as it usually does, and in a tone similar to an old lady watching a Qiung Yao drama while wiping her tears, it said:

Due to the lack of time, this display of “Sisterly Affection” was cut short. Annie only cried for a few seconds, and they parted. After the few seconds of gazing deeply into each other’s eyes and holding hands, Annie nodded, and turned her back.

The vision of her robes blurred as she ran towards the road where they came from.

She was ready to divert the troops away.

Seeing Annie’s disappearing figure, Kubei still couldn’t react.

His plan was to run away when they argued, but his plans couldn’t keep up with change. What he never expected was that they wouldn’t even argue, and Annie would be so subservient to go to her death.

How is her brain even wired?

Looks like he has a lot more to learn about this new world that he has been teleported into.

Right as Kubei was trying to figure out the next step, Michelle moved. She reached out her hand, and pointed it at Kubei, the night breeze blowing her long robes.

A complicated and obscure incantation suddenly passed into Kubei’s ears.

Before Kubei could react, he felt a strong force surrounding him. This force bounded him in a flash, and he was unable to move a muscle.

Michelle walked over, dragged him by his collar, and pulled him up the nearest tree.

Kubei was stunned. What did she plan to do?

Because of the magical bind, Kubei couldn’t retaliate, and could only watch as he was dragged up the tree. Then, he was tied to the highest branch on the tree.

After making sure Kubei was secure, Michelle sat beside him and used the tree leaves to create a perfect camouflage.

She hid on top of the tree and waited for the Lithur troops to be diverted away.

Kubei was bounded tightly in place and closely watched by Michelle. He was not even able to make any small movements.

“This woman has extraordinary strength!”

In the midst of the silence, the System suddenly exclaimed, startling Kubei: “She’s probably not male right? I was wrong, I shouldn’t have asked you to seduce her.”

The System wasn’t at fault, Michelle did just display tremendous strength.

Kubei’s body was frail, but he was still a human, and should weigh at least forty-five kilograms. But Michelle just dragged him like she was holding a bag, and singlehandedly climbed up the tree. Such agility was spectacular to watch.

Kubei could only continue to be in shock.

“In this new world, there are a lot of things I have to learn!” he thought.

“Don’t panic, the magic should go away on its own. ” Michelle looked at Kubei, then said: “Sir Lithur, I’m only hoping that we can cooperate better, please don’t bring me anymore trouble.


Kubei wanted to speak up, but found that the magic bound every part of him, even his mouth.

He could only stare at her angrily.

“You’re done for.”

The System voiced out again, taunting in its cold, robotic voice: “Being bounded so tightly to this tree, there’s no chance to escape at all. The troops would probably be diverted by Annie, and the hope that they will come to the rescue is no longer possible. You’re absolutely done for this time.”

It was the truth.

Kubei sighed. What Michelle did was cruel. Not only did she send Annie to become cannon fodder, but she managed to seal off all of his escape routes. Whether it was to escape or be rescued, both outcomes were out of Kubei’s reach.

“Pity that I, such a magnificent piece of artificial intelligence who has so much potential, has to die here with you in this god forsaken place.”

The System started to ramble on how unlucky it was, giving Kubei goosebumps.

“That’s enough, there’s no point in saying all these. “Kubei interrupted it, “Who says that you and I are about to die here?”

The System stopped its rambling. Even though Kubei couldn’t see it, he could feel it looking down on him: “Poor child, you’re about to die, having some hope is probably for the better.”

Kubei didn’t take what it said to heart.

“Even a saint would make a mistake eventually. Michelle sealed off all of my escape routes, but, unknowingly, she may have opened a window for me.”

The System was the same as usual: “Really? Where’s the window, why can’t I see it?

Kubei didn’t explain, but laughed in his heart. His attention came back to reality, and he looked at Michelle who was unaware of what was going on. He said in his mind to the System:

“Her incantation just now, you’ve recorded it, right?”


The System was left speechless.

“The Waterball spell is probably useless, but a binding spell? She probably doesn’t know that we still have a trump card. “Saying this, Kubei looked at the sky with satisfaction. The night had descended, and the clouds covered the sky. It was a good time to hunt.

Who would be the prey, and who would be the hunter?

It is probably time got the roles to be swapped.

Together with the night breeze, the sentence that broke the System’s heart was uttered:

“Binding spell incantation, leave it on loop.”

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