When A Mage Revolts

Chapter 940: Victory and Defeat

Chapter 940: Victory and Defeat

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At that moment, Grant’s hair stood on end as a chill went through his bones.

It was difficult to imagine… just what kind of power was hidden within that blue, triangular rune? Grant was somewhat terror-stricken. If that sort of oscillation were to sweep over him, he dared not guarantee that he would be able to survive it.

Because of that, his eyes were lit up with Holy Light once more. The heavenly gates above his head slowly opened under his control. Rushing before the triangular rune could drift over to him, another gigantic human figure with six wings on its back flew out from within, brandishing a great sword. It went towards the rune head-on.

When the colossus materialized, the believers below cheered out once more. Only… this time, the cheers sounded somewhat as though they lacked confidence.

Under everyone’s gaze, the new colossus collided with the triangular rune once more.


An exceedingly clear and crisp sound seemed to ring out from every heart. Another wave of chill rose up. By the time the people came back to their senses, there was another gigantic, lifelike ice sculpture in the sky.

For a moment, the believers had on looks of disbelief. However, on the side of the Black Nightmare Army, there was an encouraged and inspired expression on every face. The mages that came from the Academy of Magic especially, were all uncontrollably excited at the moment. Looking at the dim little blue dot of light, a sense of pride ignited and arose in them suddenly.

“That’s a Forbidden Spell! It’s a Forbidden Spell that has been improved by our Academy! The Director is using it!”

When the mages of the Wood family heard it, their faces looked stunned.

“Heavens… A Forbidden Spell?”

While they were still in shock and astonishment, the blurry blue dot of light in the sky suddenly changed!

All they could see were numerous, huge phantoms of chains shooting out, surrounding the entire piece of sky in the blink of an eye. This included Kubei, Grant, the gate that was dazzling with Holy Light, and the two ice sculptures… A space of more than a thousand square feet was inserted entirely into the reaches of the chains, as an invisible force field arose spontaneously.

It just so happened that Grant, who had been trying to escape, was also trapped inside.

“This is…”

Grant was shocked and baffled. When he had tried to distance himself from the triangular rune, the rune had suddenly split up and quickly turned into what was now in the scene before his eyes. When the phantoms of those chains began encircling the place, it was as though an enclosure had been formed. A strange energy had sealed them up inside, and immediately, they were rendered incapable of breaking through and getting out!

Being there, he could feel his connection with Holy Light fading.

“Why? You can’t be thinking of escaping? We’ve agreed on a proper duel between magic and Divine Arts, if you’re scared just because of this then how meaningless would that be?” Kubei flew to the opposite location, staring at him with a cold expression.

Grant’s face sunk.

The Holy Light in front of his chest condensed and quickly formed a layer of thin film akin to foam, to resist the cold force field. At the same time, the heavenly gate opened for the third time; clusters of fire flashing with golden light drifted out from within, and encircled Grant’s body like bodyguards.

After that, the golden flames and the Holy Light melded together and surged quickly into Grant’s body. Grant closed his eyes and clenched his fists tightly as his entire body was bathed in Holy Light; his figure seemed to become somewhat illusory.

As though some frightening thing was being brewed within it.

Meanwhile, seeing this from the bottom was like seeing a sun being trapped by heavy chains. The rays of light that were becoming brighter and brighten shone through the gaps in the midst of the chains, causing everyone in the square who was watching to be stunned.

When the believers saw this scene, hope ignited like fire in their eyes. However, a bishop who had been lucky to survive was shocked for a moment, before his expression turned extremely grave. It was as though he had seen something that he absolutely had not wished to see; conflict filled his eyes.

The mages were breathless and focused. They knew that this was definitely the Pope’s most desperate blow.

“There cannot be an accident…” Elizabeth muttered to herself.

However, all of a sudden, snowflakes began to drift up within the chains.

All that could be seen was Kubei drawing a deep breath in the sky, before spitting out an odd and mysterious syllable. At that moment, an energy that seemed to be a source surged out from another world, rushing into this world by using his body as a node. There was a great and powerful spiritual coercion that every the people in the square could feel.

After that, he became one with the water elements of this world.

“Descending of Water.”

Feeling the tremendous energy in his soul, Kubei’s heart was filled with confidence. Every chain created by the Forbidden Spell suddenly linked to his mind. He could feel the chill penetrating through the marrow of his bones, but he was not afraid because he had already become the coldness itself.

When his mind thought of snowflakes, snowflakes would drift into existence in reality.

Thus, Kubei’s eyes fell upon Grant. Immediately, there was a murderous aura in the midst of the chains. Over a billion snowflakes swept towards Grant like blades, instantly shredding the outer layer of Holy Light into fragments and pieces.

Grant was bathed in the golden flames, so the snowflakes could not break through at first. However, the first piece, the second piece… the five billionth piece of snowflake spun like a dart, and finally severed through the layers of fire. With a tearing sound, it flashed by Grant’s left shoulder!

A spurt of blood flew out from the midst of the flames, freezing into a spray of ice slag in the blink of an eye.

It took only ten or so seconds for Grant to get injured, from the moment the snowflakes attacked.

“This… doesn’t seem to belong to the scope of the Ice Prison Spell, does it?” The mages below stared with stunned expressions at the blizzard within the chains, with their mouths agape. They could not resist asking the question.

“Casting a Forbidden Spell, going beyond a Forbidden Spell… The Director is probably the only one in the world who can do that.”

Currently, they were already unable to see the situation inside. Nevertheless, it was very obvious that the Holy Light that had just erupted, had already been completely suppressed. On the other hand, the believers were stretching their necks and widening their eyes. It was a pity that even by doing this, they still had no way of seeing the least bit of Grant’s shadow through the gaps between the chains and the snowflakes.

“No, it cannot be, how could His Highness the Pope lose…”

The cruel reality shook them up from their fanatical emotions. Little by little, horror crept into their eyes.

However, it was right at this moment that a deafening bang sounded out from the middle of the chains and blizzard!


The people came back to their senses, only to see that the snowflakes there seemed to have been instantly shattered. The believers perked up for a moment, but when they lifted their heads to look up again, hundreds of tattered cloth pieces, stained with fresh blood, were slowly drifting down from the sky like falling leaves.

Seeing the designs on those pieces of cloth, one could vaguely recognize the magnificent patterns on the long robes of the Pope’s

All the believers were stunned. Even the men of the Black Nightmare Army and the Wood Army could not help but feel rather astounded at seeing this.

They turned their eyes to the midst of the chains once more, only to see a bloody figure that looked absolutely pitiful.

“You… You…”

The Pope’s robes on Grant had already been shredded. His entire body was full of lacerations, which looked as though he had been sliced a few hundred times by the snowflakes. At the moment, even his face was so blurry that it could not be seen clearly. Fresh blood soaked through the lining of his clothes, making him look like a living man of blood. It was unusually horrifying.

Holy Light still flashed in his eyes, but like a lightbulb that had not been connected properly, they were flickering dimly, unable to light up properly.

“Is this your final retaliation?” Approximately five meters in front of him, Kubei spoke coldly, with no expression on his face.

Nevertheless, agonizing pain seemed to have overwhelmed Grant. He was unable to even speak at the moment.

Seeing that, Kubei shook his head.

Although he was not clear what ultimate skill Grant had planned to brew up just now, he was completely unable to finish his preparation after having been slashed by billions of snowflakes. Grant had been forced to stop his chanting halfway due to the agonizing pain, releasing the Divine Charm that had not yet been formed.

Nevertheless, its momentum and power were still quite astonishing despite being a half-finished product. The light elements that had gathered in Grant’s body seemed like they were about to undergo a nuclear fusion, and exploded violently. It even caused his own wounds to become even bigger. The powerful shockwave rippled out along with fresh blood; it even immediately cleared away all the snowflakes that Kubei had summoned.

However… that was it.

Kubei unleashed the Elemental Order – Defense and blocked the shock wave, so he was not hurt in the least bit. Grant’s own injuries, however, had been affected, leading to this bloody appearance.

That was not all. Kubei could also sense that there was not much left of the spiritual energy in Grant’s body. He was totally unable to unleash even a few divine charms.

He had won.

“Finally… Everything has ended.”

Thus, he took a deep breath and closed his eyes. After that, he opened them again. Having calmed his emotions, he looked to Grant once more, and spoke slowly. “So… Grant Lithur, do you have anything to say before you die?”

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