Wild Princess: Marrying an Ugly Prince

Chapter 235 - There Is Only One You in the World

Chapter 235 There Is Only One You in the World

A male voice, which was a little gentle as well as cold, transmitted to Bai Aoxue’s ears.

Bai Aoxue shrank her eyes and looked at the source of the voice. She saw the man who was like her because both of them only loved to wear red clothes. He leaned against the fence of the rotating stair, with his arms crossed. He looked at her with his peach-blossom-like eyes. There was some playfulness in his eyes.

“You came here so quickly?” When Bai Aoxue saw Liushuang, she was very happy at the bottom of her heart. She didn’t even realize that there was warmth in her face. Bai Aoxue went towards him quickly.

Liushuang looked at Bai Aoxue. There was a smile in her eyes. Thus, there were some gentler lights in his eyes, too.

“Once I received my master’s letter, I, as your disciple, came here by spurring on the flying horse.” Liushuang raised the letter in his hand and said.

He would not tell her that in order to come here as early as possible, along the road, two horses had been dead for tiredness. While he had shortened the time of this journey a lot. These were the things that she didn’t know.

After receiving her letter, he spurred on the flying horse, and now he was very happy.

These were also the things that she didn’t need to know.

After she heard what Liushuang had said, Bai Aoxue also discovered that there were some hardships of his journey and tiredness in his originally handsome, peerless, and graceful face at this time.

“Mumian, you go to make a comfortable room for Liushuang right now.” Bai Aoxue looked at Mumian who was on the side and said.

“Take a rest first. Anyway, it is not in a hurry. Look at you. You are so tired.” Bai Aoxue looked at Liushuang and said. After saying that, she had a pull at Liushuang with her little hands.

After Liushuang heard Bai Aoxue’s words, he was a little surprised. Then he smiled and said, “It all depends on you, my master.”

“You are really loquacious.” Bai Aoxue smiled and said as she was patting Bai Aoxue gently.

After Liushuang heard Bai Aoxue’s words, he just smiled gently, but he did not say more.

Nalan Youhong who was on the side became vigilant in his mind as soon as he saw Liushuang. But seeing that Bai Aoxue was so familiar with Liushuang, he also didn’t overreact in any way.

While the way how Liushuang looked at Bai Aoxue even made him, an outsider, feel a little weird.

“Yan discussed the affairs so late last night, so then he asked to sleep there. Early in the morning, he and Zhao went outside because they had something to do. I came here to inform you of this.” Nalan Youhong looked at Bai Aoxue, who was very anxious, and he remembered Jun Yeyan’s command before he left.

Actually, he also had sensed something abnormal. He had always thought that Jun Yeyan escaped her on purpose yesterday, but he didn’t figure out the reason by inquiring him.

After Bai Aoxue heard Nalan Youhong’s words, she frowned slightly. The weird feeling in her heart was becoming stronger and stronger.

If it were at ordinary times, Jun Yeyan could not have done so. No matter how urgent things were, he would come here to tell her in person rather than ask somebody to inform her of this.

Thinking of this, there was some unhappiness in Bai Aoxue’s heart. What was exactly the reason…

“Princess, the room has already been tidied up.” There already came Mumian’s voice when Bai Aoxue was thinking.

Bai Aoxue withdrew from her thoughts. She nodded and said, “You go to have a rest first. After you have a sound sleep, we’ll take everything into consideration in a wider range.”

Liushuang also nodded his head. Then being led by Mumian, he went to rest.

Bai Aoxue thought that she could not find Jun Yeyan in a short period of time. She had a look at Nalan Youhong, who was on the side and did not leave. She thought more in her heart.

Just as Bai Aoxue was about to go back to her room, somebody downstairs told her that someone was looking for her.

She wanted to go downstairs to have a look. Nalan Youhong also wanted to act with Bai Aoxue. Bai Aoxue raised her eyebrows without trace and said, “Don’t follow me.”

After saying this, she no longer looked at Nalan Youhong’s expression at this moment. She went downstairs directly.

After Nalan Youhong heard Bai Aoxue’s words, he just felt something was wrong in his heart, but he didn’t know in his mind why he thought in this way.

Bai Aoxue, who was going downstairs, thought that Qi Muyuan came here to find her, but the person coming here was Suxiao, who she hadn’t seen for such a long period of time.

As Suxiao saw Bai Aoxue, he saluted her slightly and said, “My Master invites you to come over.”

Since this Master asked Suxiao to inform her of his invitation, Bai Aoxue naturally knew who wanted to see her. But she thought that there was nothing to talk about between her and Qi Liange. There was also no need for them to meet with each other.

“Go back and tell your Master that there is no need for me to meet with him.” Bai Aoxue had a cold look at Suxiao and said lightly.

She didn’t care about whether she would offend Qi Liange by doing so at all.

After Suxiao heard Bai Aoxue’s words, he clenched his fists. But in his heart, he thought that she was a little silly and stupid.

“My Master said that there was something that he wanted to tell you in person, which was related to General Ye Zhaojue.” Suxiao forcedly suppressed his unhappiness in his heart. He looked at Bai Aoxue and said word by word.

In his heart, he also thought that the crown prince’s prediction was miraculously exact. To his surprise, he had guessed that Bai Aoxue would not accept his invitation definitely.

After Bai Aoxue heard Suxiao say so, her heart jolted heavily. Although she seemed to be as cold as ice on her face, she was a little worried deep in her heart.

After all, her uncle had gone to the Mobei Dynasty for such a long period of time, while she could not contact her uncle for a little while, so she didn’t know what had happened at all. While Qi Liange was different from her. He was the crown prince of the Nanyue Dynasty. He must have detectives in the Mobei Dynasty as well. Therefore, he must have mastered more information.

Thinking about this, Bai Aoxue considered slightly. Then she said slowly, “Lead the way.”

As soon as Suxiao heard Bai Aoxue’s words, he admired Qi Liange even more in his mind because he was thoroughly familiar with Bai Aoxue’s minds!

Suxiao led the way in the front. Bai Aoxue turned around to have a look at Wenxi beside her and said, “I will return very soon. Don’t worry about me.”

Worried as Wenxi was, Bai Aoxue obviously didn’t have the meaning of taking anyone with her. So, she could only say, “Princess, be careful and cautious.”

Bai Aoxue nodded her head. Then being led by Suxiao, she went out of the post house.

Outside the post house, there were sumptuous carriages waiting for them.

Seeing this, Bai Aoxue raised her eyebrows slightly. Qi Liange must have forecasted that she would accept his invitation definitely.

Thinking about this, Bai Aoxue couldn’t help smiling sarcastically.

Did Qi Liange really think that he knew me very well by doing so?

Without too many expressions, Bai Aoxue went onto the carriage. As Suxiao rode the carriage, they slowly merged into the street where people came and went.

While in Suxiao’s heart, he was extremely wary of Bai Aoxue. He had seen her cruelty and her unpredictable emotions. He had also learned a lesson from such a ruthless and temperamental woman.

She was not worthy of the crown prince at all. What the crown prince needed was a lady who was gentle and sensible, just like Miss Zixi.

Fortunately, Miss Zixi now had already become the crown princess.

Even if Bai Aoxue really fell in love with the crown prince, she was just a concubine. Thinking about this, Suxiao felt much better in his heart.

Fortunately, Bai Aoxue didn’t know his thoughts right now. If Bai Aoxue knew, perhaps he would not know how he was about to die.

Sitting in the carriage, Bai Aoxue also wanted to talk about this thing with Qi Liange clearly this time.

“Miss Bai, here we are.” Outside the carriage, there came Suxiao’s voice.

Bai Aoxue went out of the carriage slowly and looked at the majestic mansion of the crown prince. She raised her eyebrows. She didn’t expect that Qi Liange would invite her directly to the crown prince’s mansion.

“You should call me the 5th Princess, rather than Miss Bai. I hope this is the last time when you call me Miss Bai.” Bai Aoxue walked towards Suxiao’s side. She had a cold glance at him and said.

There was an unspoken warning in her eyes.

After Suxiao heard Bai Aoxue’s words, he shivered. Seeing that Bai Aoxue had entered the crown prince’s mansion, he then followed her quickly.

Soon, being led by the servant who had been waiting for her for such a long period of time, she entered Lian Xue Yard.

Bai Aoxue who had entered Lian Xue Yard didn’t know that the news that she had come to the crown prince’s mansion had been known by Liu Zixi, who was heading towards Lian Xue Yard right now!

Entering Lian Xue Yard, Bai Aoxue saw Qi Liange in the yard. He had made tea, and he had been waiting for him.

“You are here.” Qi Liange tilted his head to have a look at Bai Aoxue whose clothes were as white as snow, with incomparable elegance and beauty.

Bai Aoxue nodded gently. Then she opened her red lips gently and said, “What happened to my uncle on earth?”

Originally, she didn’t want to speak to Qi Liange more. The reason why she came here to meet him was her uncle. Certainly, she didn’t want to say useless words.

After Qi Liange heard Bai Aoxue’s words, he was slightly stunned, but then he smiled gently and said, “You are really so direct. Let’s drink some tea first.”

Bai Aoxue walked towards Qi Liange’s side and sat down. She took the tea that he had made. She smelled gently and said, “Da Hong Pao Tea in the Wuyi Mountain. Prince Peerless’ life is really so luxurious. Da Hong Pao Tea is so precious that even lots of money still can’t buy it.”

As soon as Qi Liange heard Bai Aoxue’s words, he looked at Bai Aoxue’s satisfied expression when she was sipping the tea. He was a little absent-minded, and he said, “It’s just Da Hong Pao Tea, and I will share it with you if you like it. If you like this whole country, what does it matter even if I share it with you?”

After Bai Aoxue heard Qi Liange’s words, she smiled gently with the corners of her mouth upward and said, “I have drunk your tea. Now it’s time for you to tell me things about my uncle.”

“About what I have said just now, I mean it. When I ascend the throne, I will give you the position of the empress, as long as you leave Jun Yeyan.” Qi Liange looked at Bai Aoxue seriously, with his deep and serene peach-blossom-like eyes flickering mysteriously and strangely.

Bai Aoxue didn’t expect that Qi Liange would want to continue this topic. Since she could not escape from it, then she would face it directly!

“No matter how tasty Da Hong Pao Tea is, it is enough for me to drink it several times. Compared with these valuable things, I like clusters of flowers and the sundried light-flavored flower tea in the 5th prince’s mansion more. No matter how good the throne of the empress is, I know that the higher my status is, the more detached I am. Sorry, but I can’t say yes to you.” Bai Aoxue smiled gently and said calmly.

Qi Liange seemed to have expected that she would say so. He looked at Bai Aoxue relievedly and said, “That’s also good. It is also good that you have refused me once. So, I will not hesitate anymore.”

Although Bai Aoxue didn’t know why Qi Liange said so, she thought that Qi Liange had got over it. Then she looked at him and said, “There are thousands of women in this world. Some day you will meet someone who fits you. Among these women, I am exactly the last woman that fits you. I believe you can understand me if I say it in this way.”

After saying this, Bai Aoxue drank Da Hong Pao Tea in the delicate porcelain cup. Then she put down the porcelain cup on the table, standing up slowly. In her heart, she was not in the mood to worry about the things concerned with her uncle. Since Qi Liange didn’t want to say, then she would go to find it out on her own.

“The detectives from the Nanyue Dynasty said that Princess Luoyan was taken back to the Mobei Dynasty forcedly. General Ye Zhaojue now have returned to the garrison site. He is at daggers drawn with Mobei Dynasty at this moment. And I don’t know anything else.” Qi Liange didn’t look at Bai Aoxue. He just said these words lightly.

After Bai Aoxue heard Qi Liange’s words, she was startled a little in her mind. Her heart went through thousands of ups and downs.

“Thank you.” After saying this, Bai Aoxue left Lian Xue Yard quickly. She was not in the mood to care about the name of the yard.

Bai Aoxue, who was so anxious in her heart, didn’t notice that there was a purple shadow flashing by on the side of the yard.

Looking at Bai Aoxue’s view of back when she was leaving, Qi Liange said forlornly and uneasily, “But there is…, only one you…, in this world.”

While nobody noticed that outside the yard, there was a purple-clothed shadow, and there was deep hatred in her eyes!

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