World of Cultivation

Chapter Twenty Two Silver Horned Worm

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Chapter Twenty Two Silver Horned Worm

It wasn’t the first time he came to Cold Mist Valley, but he didn’t know if it was the fact that his consciousness had improved but the jinzhi that he could only just feel the pressure of last time, were now like a beast that revealed the tip of its horn. That heavy power was multiple times stronger, making him feel unable to breath. Zuo Mo walked with a trembling heart and rushed through the thick mists.

The suddenly open valley was drifting with the fragrance from the herbs. Zuo Mo unconsciously looked with trepidation at the roaring cold pond. Even though he successfully completed one breath, the feeling of oncoming death was in front of his eyes. He definitely didn’t want to try again.

He should be realistic and become a ling plant farmer, he told himself.

Walking in front of the fire dragon grass, he was instantly shocked. The fire dragon grass was drooping, a hint of death coming from the red leaves. His heart instantly panicked. This fire dragon grass was intimately related to the big event of Wei Sheng Shixiong entering zhuji. If something went wrong, what would happen? He was extremely admiring of Wei Sheng Shixiong, and truly hoped for Wei Sheng Shixiong to successfully zhuji.

He hurriedly bent down to inspect this fire dragon grass.

The soil in the surroundings was still moist, it wasn’t a problem of under-watering, then what was the problem? His knowledge of ling herbs was pitiful, not to mention for a third-grade fire dragon grass. He ran through his brain, furiously going through his experiences of growing plants in these two years and at what time the symptoms were similar to what the fire dragon grass was experiencing now.

Was it that there was a pest?

He was uncertain but he still put his hand on the fire dragon grass. In any case, [Art of Aged Gold] wouldn’t harm the ling herb so it wouldn’t hurt to try.

The dark gold grains of sand enter the inside of the fire dragon grass from Zuo Mo’s fingers. His consciousness carried with the aged gold energy entered the interior of the grass as well.

The interior of each ling grass was a different world. The insideof ling grains was green. And the interior of the fire dragon grass was completely bright red.

Before he could examine clearly, a dark and icy presence locked onto his consciousness.

Contrary to expectations, Zuo Mo’s heart calmed. What he was most afraid of was not knowing what was happening. Now that he knew where the problem was, it was much easier.

In any case, ge has the aged gold energy, specializing in killing all kinds of pests!

A crowd of silver-colored armored worms slowly climbed around the interior of the fire dragon grass.

Their presence wasn’t very strong, not as vicious as the aphids he met the first time. Zuo Mo felt slightly relieved. His abilities with [Art of Aged Gold] were limited. If it was some strong worms, it wasn’t that he would have no solution, he would also be in danger.

He pushed the aged gold energy, sweeping towards the crowd of silver armored worms.

The silver armed worms weren’t panicked. They only kept on chewing the plant material in front of them.

The aged gold energy was like a gold cloud, quickly surrounding these silver armored worms. Zuo Mo’s heart settled. He believed he would quickly finish the battle. The aged gold energy was much stronger than before, and he was full of confidence.

After ten minutes, sweat appeared on Zuo Mo’s forehead.

He had encountered trouble.

No matter how much power he put into the aged gold energy, it was all useless against these silver armored worms that were indifferent! He could clearly feel the ever-successful aged gold energy be blocked off, unable to move an inch. The aged gold energy, as sharp as steel sand, couldn’t even leave a single mark on the surface of these silver armored worms.

Such hard shells!

Third-grade was really third grade, even the pests it had were stronger. Zuo Mo wanted to cry.

[Art of Aged Gold] was his only method of dealing with pests. And the other person in the sect whose [Art of Aged Gold] was at the second level, Guo Lu Shixiong, was still lying on the sickbed.

What should he do now?

The sweat poured down even more, his heart becoming panicked. Wei Sheng Shixiong was depending on this to zhuji, please don’t let anything happen in his hands!

Just when Zuo Mo had no ideas, Pu Yao suddenly appeared: “Tsk, tsk. Can’t even deal with a little silver horned worm. You actually want to become a ling plant farmer?”

Zuo Mo suspiciously looked at Pu Yao: “You have a way?”

Not waiting for Pu Yao to speak, he rolled his eyes: “Even if you have a solution, I wouldn’t ask you.”

The painful experiences of the past told him to never to even think of trying to take advantage of Pu Yao. It would be a cruel death. But inside, he silently noted down the name, silver horned worm. He thought he would go research at some other time to see if he could find silver horned worm.

Pu Yao wasn’t angry, a faint curve to his mouth, his crimson right eye slightly narrowed: “Hee hee, the way you are now, it really makes one feel hurt! Oh, that what’s his name shixiong of yours, the jade stick he gave you, isn’t there some basic sword moves there? You could try to use sword moves with your aged gold energy.”

“That works?” Zuo Mo was puzzled.

“You could try and find out.” Pu Yao left behind before disappearing.

Pu Yao was very strange today! Very strange!

Even though he hadn’t interacted with Pu Yao for a long time, couldn’t see how deep he went, but Zuo Mo was very clear that this guy wasn’t someone good. And suddenly becoming kind today, it wasn’t normal, definitely not normal! However, the only think he could pick out was the abnormality. As to why he was strange, he couldn’t find a reason no matter he spend a long time pondering it.

This question was quickly thrown to the side. What was most important at this time was solving these silver horned worms. Pu Yao’s words, he was half convinced.

The sword moves recorded in the jade stick that Wei Sheng Shixiong gave him were some of the most basic moves. There wasn’t anything deep in them. Even someone like Zuo Mo who had never practised the sword before could easily understand.

To use sword scripture with aged gold energy?

He sat on the ground, sinking into his thoughts.

A beat later, he suddenly jumped up, the dark gold aged gold energy appearing at his fingertip. The aged gold energy was a cloud that seemed to be composed of gold sand, slowly revolving, extremely pretty. The aged gold energy suddenly restlessly turned, rapidly shrinking. Seconds later, it formed into a dark small sword the size of a grain.

Calling it a small sword was really an overstatement. It was like a thin gold flake that had been flattened from a gold grain.

But Zuo Mo didn’t care. He had only ever seen just a few flying swords in total. In this area, his imagination was nothing to write home about.

He gestured each movement according to the moves in the jade stick. Very quickly, he found the benefits to his consciousness becoming stronger. He could easily manipulate the tiny sword.

It was really just a few moves. He quickly familiarized himself.

Entering the inside of the fire dragon grass again, the silver horned worms were still unconcernedly chewing on the inside material of the fire dragon grass. Zuo Mo didn’t send a greeting and directly sent the sword over!


The indifferent silver worm shook, sparks flying on the silver armor.

Effective! Zuo Mo was very happy!

One blow after the next, according to the sword moves in Wei Sheng Shixiong’s jade stick, Zuo Mo’s hand wasn’t lenient.

Ding ding ding ding!

The shell of the silver horned worm was incomparably hard. The sparks flew but there still weren’t any cracks. But to Zuo Mo, the silver horned worms were the best targets. No matter how hard, it was still a target that wouldn’t fight back!

Zuo Mo forgot himself. The rawness and unfamiliarity of sword moves slowly became familiar. The strength of the little aged gold swords gradually started to show itself.


The sound was majorly different than before. On the armor of the silver horned worm, a crack had been chopped out!

Zuo Mo had originally started to become tired. Using the sword moves to manipulate the aged gold little sword, it used up more ling energy that using aged gold energy. And, it required much more from his spirit. If he hadn’t achieved one breath in [Embryonic Breathing Spiritual Cultivation] before, his spiritual power wasn’t enough to do this.

Finally breaking through the silver horned worm’s defenses, Zuo Mo became motivated and sent out a flurry of blows.

Ding ding ding!

The silver horned worm finally couldn’t endure it and with a crack, suddenly exploded.

Fighting with me, serves you right!

Zuo Mo stared with disdain at the corpse of the silver horned worm. However, his spirit became unstable and he hurriedly came out of the fire dragon grass. He had used up a lot of his ling energy and consciousness. He hurriedly sat cross-legged to recover his ling energy.

His ling energy recovered very quickly, but the usage of his consciousness hadn’t recovered. To recover his consciousness, the only thing he could think of, the only way, that was [Embryonic Breathing Spiritual Cultivation].

Was this Pu Yao’s aim?

He couldn’t help but hesitate. When his gaze landed on the fire dragon grass, he struggled for a second but still decided to first exterminate these silver horned worms.

This was the first time he practised [Embryonic Breathing Spiritual Cultivation] after achieving the first breath. It seemed that as soon as he sat down, the breath was circulating in his body. A feeling of numbness that he never felt before seemed to spread from inside his bones. His entire person felt like it was flying.

His mind was calm, as though it was a void. That was when he found that at some unknown time, in the sky of his sea of consciousness, there was an addition of one star. The star wasn’t very bright, it was actually really dark. The flickering bright fire took away its light. Normally, he wouldn’t have even noticed it.

An illusion?

Zuo Mo wasn’t certain.

The addition of a star, his sea of consciousness becoming a sea of fire. All these changes, they didn’t bring many changes to him.

Waking up from his mediation, Zuo Mo’s mind was refreshed. He made an inspection. His spirit seemed to be just a sliver stronger. He was both joyed and worried. It was a good matter for his spirit to be stronger, but the lesson of last time when he reached one breath was right in front of his eyes.

After destroying these silver horned worms, he definitely wouldn’t practise it anymore!

He told himself inside. That extremely comfortable feeling just now made him automatically intoxicated and he was deeply alert. The most beautiful didn’t have to be fish soup, it could be poison. Pu Yao’s abnormality made him feel that the chance it would be poison was extremely large.

Gradually becoming fluent, Zuo Mo’s efficiency increased greatly, the sword moves became even more penetrating. The silver horned worms that he could do nothing about previously, in just a few strokes, they were taken down!

Zuo Mo felt exhilarated but he was extremely rational and didn’t practice anymore.

The fire dragon grass, rid of the silver horned worms, instantly sent out exuberant vitality. Zuo Mo had found a pattern. If he killed the natural predators inside the plants, the corpses of these natural predators would become the best fertilizers.

In the next few days, he guarded the fire dragon grass, fearful of another accident.

This day, like normal, he came to Cold Mist Valley.

Huh, what was this?

His gaze was on the fire dragon grass. A rice-sized red fruit. Before, this fruit had been green but now it was red. But with his pitiful amount of ling herb knowledge, he couldn’t distinguish if this small fruit was really a fruit or a seed.

However, no matter if it was a fruit or a seed, it still meant that the growth of this fire dragon plant was very good, it was a good event. What he had been most worried about was that this fire dragon plant would be unaccustomed to the soil, or if the grade would drop. Then he wouldn’t have the face to see Wei Sheng Shixiong.

In the next few days, he carefully guarded the fire dragon grass. Fire dragon grass was a classical yang oriented grass, appropriate for [Art of Crimson Flame]. Each day, Zuo Mo didn’t forget to cast it a few times. The leaves became even more red and bright, and that rice-sized fruit was now about the size of a soybean, the color steadily darkening. Everything was good for Wei Sheng Shixiong to come to the door.

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