Yin-Yang Harmony System

Chapter 1

“Hey, Mike! Move faster! The awakening ceremony would start in few minutes.” On the edge of the road, a youth shouted. His face was tanned, with big eyes that held the brown pupils. His brown hair was short and messy, wearing a red hoody and blue jeans. His body was slender and had a height of six feet.

Although his height was long, he was only sixteen this year. His name was Lucas Green.

He was looking at the youth on another side of the road. This youth was rather handsome and had a toned body. He was wearing a black long coat outside the black t-shirt and formal pants. His eyes were normal, with normal black pupils and normal-shaped eyebrows.

With short black hair combed properly, he looked like a perfect gentleman. He was eighteen, but he was a little shorter than Lucas. He and Lucas were best friends from elementary school. Thinking of this, Mike remembered it had been eighteen years. ‘I didn’t expect to come to such a world.’

Yes, Mike was reincarnated from the modern 21st-century earth. He was a college student that died on earth and mysteriously reincarnated here. But the reason for his death was the most embarrassing, so embarrassing that he didn’t even want to remember.

On earth, he was a vigorous, healthy, intelligent youth, but he died because of sex. Yes, on the day of his first sex, he got a sudden heart attack during his ejaculation. He didn’t understand why he got a heart attack at that exact moment, but he never dares to engage in sex after he reincarnated on this earth.

But slowly forgetting these memories, he crossed the road. This world was similar yet very different from the earth. It was earth indeed, but here, people have superpowers. These superpowers mainly come from their innate abilities.

Innate Ability is a talent that a sixteen-year-old youth awakens during their awakening ceremony. It’s 2153 now, and it has been 200 years since the earth was contaminated with dark energy.

This earth was very scientific, to the point where they had already invented warp-space drive technology in the 1700s. And it also had a very distinguished government system. There were seven continents, including Antarctica, and each continent had 36 states.

The size of the state depends upon the size of the continent. And coincidentally, the name of the continents didn’t change. A continent like Europe had to separate thirty-six states with thirty-six different governments, but the size of each state was petite compared to the states of Asia.

And each continent has one big empire that comprises certain developed states. Empire is the ruling force of the continent, and the emperor naturally rules it. Although the emperor ruled it, its ruling system was democratic, and so, the emperor was chosen by the citizens based on power and reputation.

Mike lives in the Asia continent, which was also the same continent he lived in his previous life. But Asia didn’t have different languages. All continents and states spoke only one language, making a translator job valueless because there were no other languages to translate.

He lives in the Ethen state of Asia continent. It was a big state with an area of 2 million square miles. It was also one of the states that come directly under the boundaries of the Asian Empire. When humanity explored space in the 1800s, they accidentally struck their missiles on the neutron star that was a lot closer to earth during space mining.

Their missile was powerful, hence destroyed the neutron star. When the neutron star exploded, it released a powerful burst of energy that engulfed nearby planets and other celestial bodies.

Although this explosion didn’t reach earth, it sent one powerful burst of dark energy collided with earth. At the same time, due to the different types of energies that burst out of neutron stars that merged with dark energy, the earth was completely mutated, and Innate Abilities began to appear.

Although many changed after the appearance of the Innate Ability, no one knew the earth would soon take another turnover.

Soon, the earth was greeted with large battleships of a race known as Alkiwon. Alkiwon possesses a humanoid shape, but they had different and unique features that distinguished them from humans. Such features were dark scales, dark wings, and horns.

Thus, the grand war between humans and Alkiwon took place. Both races suffered, and the human population decreased to three billion on the earth, 1 billion on mars, and fifty million on the moon. After that, humans began to develop everything with the help of Innate Abilities, including technologies.

One of the greatest technology was the VR game known as ‘Ascending to Godhood.’ This game was only available for an awakened person. He doesn’t know much about it, but he heard this game allows people to grow their strength faster.

But all of this was related to one thing, awakening. Though not every person is awakened, seventy-five percent of people are awakened within the nine billion population. While crossing the road, his expectation of awakening the innate ability grew wildly but a certain fear engulfed him.

“So which innate ability did you expect to awaken?” When he walked side by side with Lucas, he was asked.

Hearing his question, Mike got a weird gaze in his eyes, looking at Lucas as if he was an idiot. He slammed his palm on Lucas’s head and said, “Did you get your head broken after the fight with Brian?”

“Hey, I’m okay. Just because I asked you a nonsense question doesn’t mean I became dumb. And, don’t speak that bastard’s name in front of me!” Lucas slapped Mike’s hand and yelled. He pouted with an angry expression and looked at another side after yelling at Mike.

“Alright, alright, no one is calling you dumb. But that was a dumb question to ask. It is almost impossible to guess which ability you can awaken. Unless it is acquired ability.” Mike shook his head and rubbed his slapped hand while explaining.

Innate Abilities are like god’s gift to the people. Though no one has found the complete composition for creating an innate ability, it is possible to pass someone’s innate ability to another person’s. Normally, this is done in a big family with a hierarchy system.

This made Innate Ability divided into two parts; Natural Innate Ability and Acquired Innate Ability. Any ability can be the Innate Ability as long as they have the power to grow. As growth is the most important factor of innate ability, and this is also the reason why Natural Innate abilities are more precious than Acquired Innate abilities.

Unless the acquired innate ability level is very high, it can never match natural innate ability in terms of growth. Innate Ability has been divided into seven ranks: F, E, D, C, B, A, and S. F-rank is the lowest while S-rank is the highest. This is generally differentiated by the color of the core of a person from inside his body.

F-rank core has white color, E-rank core has a yellow color, D-rank core has a red color, C-rank core has a blue color, B-rank core has a purple color, A-rank core has a black silver color, and finally S-rank core has a golden color.

The core is the mysterious space that holds the Ability’s Energy. Ability Energy is the mixture of ability, stamina, strength, dark energy, and some other kinds of energy. Ability Energy differentiates based on ability. For easier to understand, Fire Ability has Fire Energy. This was his basic understanding of Ability Energy.

When a person forms a core and starts his new journey, people often call it the journey of cultivation. Cultivation is also called growth. A person’s growth or cultivation is divided into five ranks; Soldier, General, Commander, King, and Emperor.

Each rank has thirteen stages. The cores represent soldier Rank’s thirteen stages. When a person forms his first core, it is the first stage. Forming the second core will be the second stage, and likewise. But when a core is formed, it needs to be evolved nine times.

This means one needs to fill his core with ability energy nine times to go through nine evolutions. While walking down the street, Mike was thinking hard ‘Once I awaken my ability, I must buy enlightenment stones with my savings. I can’t ask my aunt for money. Once I get stronger, I must give her a good life.’

‘This time I must awaken. I have saved some money, I must spend it.’

When Mike was on earth, he had family and everything a normal person would have. But after he arrives in this world, he found himself in the body of a just-born baby. He doesn’t remember everything, but just after his birth, his parents abandoned him.

Naturally, Mike was small and couldn’t ask, nor he wanted to ask. He lived a joyful life with his aunt, who took care of him. Fortunately, when they left, he was given two million dollars by the property registered in his name.

But until now, most of his money was spent. Since his aunt was still a college student when he was born, they need to depend upon his money. Of course, he doesn’t blame his aunt; after all, people’s hearts can be poisonous. He was lucky to have her as his caretaker because some people might receive his money and leave the house.

So, he knows he must work hard to give himself and his aunt a better life.

As for enlightenment stones, they are …..

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