Yin-Yang Harmony System

Chapter 16

“Hidden Quest- Have sex with a virgin

Description- Breaking the virginity of a woman is the greatest pleasure for a man. You are the first man to touch her, so embrace her, and take her down, so never let her go.

Rewards: Evolution Stone*1, 5 System Points, and 5 Stat Points”

“Hidden Quest- Break your virginity

Description- As a user of the Yin-Yang Harmony System, how can you remain a virgin? Even if it costs your life, you must break your virginity before dying. At least, you will die but dying with pleasure.

Reward- 10 Stat Points, 10 System Points, Chaotic Path towards Harmony Art (1st Volume) and Howling Tiger Spear”

“…Dying with pleasure. So, I will die huh!” At this moment, the energy inside his body burst like a volcano, tearing his muscles and skin, breaking a bone.

“Would you like to use Evolution Stone to evolve Divine Sun Body?”

“Huh?” But Mike couldn’t feel the pain. He was completely silent because he had already accepted his fate. He doesn’t have very powerful willpower but he didn’t pain any pain in his body. Even though his body was breaking apart.

But when he saw the panel in front of him, as if he has seen the hope. At this moment, he acts as a normal person would do. He saw the hope, a hope that his Divine Sun Body evolution would absorb these energies and stop his body from breaking apart.

“Yes” Without any hesitation, he answered. Suddenly, at this moment his body trembled with heat. The surrounding near him was affected by the heat radiant by him. Suddenly his eyeballs moved as he saw Jenny unconscious.

“I must move.” He doesn’t know the consequences of this evolution. But he knows the heat radiating from his body could kill her. But his muscles were torn and the bones were broken. He couldn’t stand up, so the only choice for him was to roll.

“Ugh” Even though he didn’t feel pain while his body was broken, he started feeling pain when his body rolled on the ground with torn muscles and skin. Now, Mike confirmed the energy inside his body. This energy was formed while having pleasure, not pain.

So even if his body was torn apart, it was saturated with this energy, so he didn’t feel any pain. But when his body rubbed against the ground, his torn muscles were scratching against it, making him feel immense pain.

After a minute of rolling, he reached somewhere a little far away from her. At the same time, he felt his body was going under a powerful transformation while the energy inside of him was consumed rapidly. The amount of consumption was very huge.

“Temporary Effect- Extreme Energy Consumption”

At this moment, the image of the hidden quest panel appeared on his mind as he remembered the reason behind such a huge consumption. Divine Sun Body was supposed to be a divine body but its power was very much lacking.

Now, he understands why? His Divine Sun Body was only Rank-1 and needs to evolve into a higher rank. While going through an evolution, his body needs a massive amount of energy. Only then, it can truly improve.

While his Divine Sun Body was improving, he felt a new change in his body. He had previously felt this. At this moment, he understood something about Yin and Yang. As a traveler, he has read many cultivation novels and has a basic understanding of Yin and Yang.

So, when he felt two different kinds of energy colliding against each other, he found the overlord of energy was caused by the collision between these two. It’s like a nuclear fission reaction where two different particles collide and create a massive amount of energy.

Here, two energies were colliding to create a massive amount of energy. But the next moment, another panel appeared in front of his eyes.

“Would like to learn ‘Chaotic Path towards the Harmony Art’ 1st Volume?”

Although Mike was in a state of confusion, he directly answered “Yes”. Why? He knows the system won’t play with him. The system was only helping in his extreme conditions. After all, he didn’t know about the evolution stone nor anything about the ‘Chaotic Path towards the Harmony’.

Of course, he had no other option than to trust his system. At this moment, a piece of new information was born in his brain. It felt like memory transfer but it was just more than that. He not only inherited the memories but also the experience.

“Chaotic Path towards the Harmony”

“First Path- Birth of Chaos”

“Everything has two aspects even the void is the same. If one is negative, then the other is positive. If one is light, then the other is darkness. If one is yin, then the other is yang. When Yin and Yang emerge out of nothingness, they collided. Bearing completely different attributes, they couldn’t co-exist.”

“But soon, the third existence was given the birth from nothingness. It was Dao. Dao is Path and Path is Dao. When Dao was born, it creates a new path for Yin and Yang. Synchronization of two different attributes was almost impossible. Only if the new path was created for them.”

“This path was the path towards the Harmony. But Harmony needs chaos, only destruction is the path towards rebirth. Chaos is the most overbearing energy between heaven and earth. Synchronize Yin and Yang through Harmony and give birth to the Chaos.”

At this moment, those two energies began to revolve around each other. A strong gravitational force was formed between these two energies, forcing them to merge. But it can’t be forcefully merged, only when Yin and Yang are in a perfectly harmonious state, they can be synchronized.

Suddenly, Mike felt he could see everything inside his body. But his eyes were only focused on black and white light. These were the Yin and Yang energies. They slowly synchronize when the white and black energy touched each other in the very middle of a spiral diagram.

‘Tai-chi Diagram’

Mike knew the existence of Tai-chi, it is the greatest symbol of Taoism and the symbol of Yin and Yang. Back on earth, his favorite animal was a panda. And he knows what panda represents. It presents the peace and coexisting of good and evil, light and darkness, yin and yang.

When the diagram was formed, it bursts a powerful explosion of energy inside his body. But this time, very overbearing energy was burst out. This energy was profound. It was a hundred times better than brute force.

But suddenly, a notification startled him. This time, he heard the true sound of notification.


“Would you like to awaken the unique talent?”

‘What? Have I already reached the condition? No way, right? But the system shouldn’t lie.’ This notification made him confused. He didn’t think he would complete that condition so quickly. It has only been the second day since he has awakened the system.

‘Could it be my assumptions were wrong? Am I a son of destiny or what? So, my collision with a female goblin, meeting this lady and having sex with her was not my rotten luck.’

At this moment, happiness flash in his eyes. Having power might be good but having good luck is better. After all, if his luck is really good then he might not even need to bring those potions while traveling.

‘No, no, I not going to float. I must buy some potions before entering this forest again. But for now, let’s see if I can truly awaken my unique talent.’ Shaking his head, he finally forgets about everything else focus on the sole panel in front of him.

“It doesn’t matter. At least, I am not going to die.”


When the word was spoken, his body burst a massive wave of energy that blasted everything within thirty meters. Fortunately, Jenny’s body was fifty meters away. With an explosion of energy, his body went through a rapid transformation followed by the screams of pain.

“Ahhhhhh” Mike whose willpower wasn’t strong directly lost his consciousness after his first scream. The pain of transformation wasn’t something he could bear. At this moment, the chaotic energy inside his body was awakening the beast.

‘Yin and yang give birth to chaos, chaos forms a creature. This creature was known as Pioneer. He created the universe, he created laws, he created other creatures, and everything was born from him. He is the god of the gods, he is immortal, and he bears the body of Chaos.’

‘Pioneer Body, power of creation, when it awakens the universe shall tremble. Pioneer is the existence that no one can reach, no one can kill, no one can surpass, if he is second, then no one shall be first. Bear the power of creation, bear the body of Pioneer, and create the myths and legends.’

‘Yours is Yang, find the Yins, make heaven your wife and earth your concubine. Who said the dragon must leave the pond and soar towards the sky? A dragon’s home is a cave and it shall always be.’

When his mind was unconscious, many words rang on his brain. These words felt like the words of an immortal cultivator. But in the world of superheroes, does immortality exists?

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