Yin-Yang Harmony System

Chapter 2

Enlightenment Stones are the product of the Alkiwon race, blood and energy. These stones are condensed when an Alkiwon dies.

It has a major effect on granting enlightenment for a short period of time. Normally, since there are a lot of innate abilities, it is impossible to create every fighting style to pass on to their future generations.

And each family can have different kinds of innate abilities. So, these stones are used to create your fighting style and use it in the battle.

But it costs a lot. Just a single stone costs fifty thousand dollars, and so, academies are created especially for young people.

Academy can accumulate a lot of tasks, and students can complete those tasks for rewards. Naturally, basic rewards are enlightenment stones, hence after the age of sixteen, those who can awaken will do their best to join an academy.

“Hey, are you going to be okay?” Patting his shoulder, Lucas asked with an anxious expression. He was worried about Mike. After all, Mike had Dark Energy Resistance Body.

He might be the only one in the world with such a body. Normally, everyone has been mutated, but only a handful of people can awaken their innate ability when they turn sixteen, but they might awaken later; no one knows.

How? It is because of Spirit. Spirit is the manifestation of Will. If one doesn’t have the Will to be an awakened person, there is nothing dark energy can do.

And due to the strict laws of the empires, normal people life is much easier than an awakened person because an awakened person has to risk their life while normal people don’t.

As for Mike, he has the Will, but he wasn’t mutated from the very start. This might be the reason why his parents abandoned him, but it was still confusing. After all, it was hard to believe someone will abandon their children just because they are normal.

But he has already faced reality twice. Once he reached sixteen, he had tried to awaken the Innate Ability but failed. Then again, he tried another year but still failed. He doesn’t know whether this time he can succeed or not, but he was willing to give it a try.

Shaking his head, he accepted the fact he was very nervous and definitely not okay but still spoke, “Don’t worry, it all depends upon my fate. There is nothing I can change. If fate wants me to be a normal person, then I shall accept my fate.”

Although he said these words, deep down in his heart, he kept screaming, ‘No way, there is no way I would accept such fate. I came to this world, a world full of excitement, so how could I live the life of an ordinary person? I must awaken the innate ability.’

Finally, both of them left towards their destination, which was a big arena. It took them ten minutes to reach there. After they reached, they saw a huge group of people around the arena.

They haven’t even stepped in, but the number of people outside was no less than ten thousand.

After all, the awakening ceremony occurs once a year, at the same time, at the same place. But everyone was a youth like Lucas and Mike.

Parents or guardians of these teenagers are not allowed to come. So this place was full of teenagers, different clothing styles, different facial tones, and different body structures. There was no shortage of variety.

Of course, these were the children from the entire state. After moving in, they took out a card from their pocket.

This card was their entry card and also their turn number. After all, the number was large, and the line was long.

So this ceremony continues for four or five days, sometimes. Naturally, Arena was locked from outside, and one had to verify their card on the edge of the door to enter.

Not to mention inside, there was a long line outside the arena. Lucas and Mike had to stay in line for a whole hour, walking in only when their turn came.

After swiping their card on the edge of the door, they entered the arena. It had a short hallway until they reach in front of a big ground.

This ground was tiled and had a lot of coloring around the edges. There were thousands and thousands of teenagers roaming inside the arena.

There were few middle-aged people at the middle stage. There were seven-stage that had a big black stone in the middle, with a middle-aged man taking care of the ceremony.

“Jen” “Marry” “Michelle” “Partie”

Those middle-aged men were calling teenagers based on their turn by calling their names. Although Arena was full of people, it was very quiet.

“Yo, isn’t it Mike? I thought you wouldn’t come here.” Suddenly, a dude walks over to Lucas and Mike with few other teenagers.

Although he gathered a few attentions, most of them didn’t care about it.

“Of course, I would come. After all, this is such a grand occasion for every youth. You didn’t expect me to be absent here.” Although his tone was arrogant, Mike humbly replied without caring about his tone.

“Of course, I was surprised. After all, everyone knows you are trash with Dark Energy Resistance Body who couldn’t awaken twice.” The dude didn’t care about his humble tone and spoke to him with contempt in his voice.

“Oh, are you calling me trash because I won’ be able to awaken an innate ability twice?” Mike didn’t care about his words, neither he cared about the disdain other teenagers showed him.

“Of course!” The dude directly answered without any hesitation.

“So, are you calling your mother trashier trash because she hasn’t awakened all these years?” Knowing the background of the dude in front of him, Mike directly asked.

Hearing his question, the dude got startled for a moment but just when he was about to say anything. Mike continued, “So, are you calling your father trashier than trash because he hasn’t awakened all these years?”

Hearing his words continued, the burning rage appeared in his eyes. He hoarsely shouted “Mike, you are courting death!”

But Mike didn’t care about him. Calling him with his hand, he spoke with arrogance, “Come, come here! Hit me! I am standing right in front of you. Hit me if you can!”

But the dude couldn’t move a step ahead. He knows Mike and knows how strong he is. It’s not just about ability. Mike had a toned body and a lot of strength. So, he wasn’t stupid enough to pick a fight.

“Mike, YOU BETTER PRAY I DON’T AWAKEN AN ABILITY!” Gritting his teeth, the dude spoke with great hatred in his eyes.

But Mike didn’t care about him. He silently walked near him, put his hand on his left shoulder, and said, “Mac, you suck!”

“It would be better for you to pray that I won’t awaken an ability.”

Bearing the humility, Mac suddenly laughed. “You awaken? Don’t make me laugh, without any mutation, it is impossible to awaken an ability. So, you better run after your test.”

But instead of hearing him, Mike walked away while cleaning his ears with his finger. Mike knows there are not many chances for him to awaken an ability, but he was willing to give it a try. The ceremony continued.

More importantly, an awakened person is not allowed to attack the unawakened person. So, Mike wasn’t worried.

Many peoples were awakening different kinds of abilities. Such a fire, ice, super strength, super speed, light, dark, different kinds of weapons, a lot of different and unique abilities. But surprisingly, no one awakened higher than C-Rank Core.

After a long time, a figure walked towards the stage. It was Mac. He walked onto the stage and put his hand on the stone. Suddenly, powerful energy burst into his body. This energy tingles around his body, moving through every cell and finally returning to his body after a certain time.

The black stone suddenly turned blue. When this turned blue, Mac’s expression was filled with happiness. But soon, he controlled himself and suddenly checked his superpowers. An ability can be called a superpower after they are awakened.

Suddenly, a red fierce fire burns out of his hand. Looking at the fire, he glanced at Mike far away with malicious intent on his eyes. But soon, he took his gaze back and walked down. After few other teenagers, Lucas walked towards the stage.

Just like Mac, Lucas also got his body invaded by the mysterious energy. But when this energy returned to the black stone, the stone turned silver. At the same time, few sparks of lightning appeared around his body.

Even the examiner shouted with surprise, “A-Rank Core, Lightning Ability!”

“What? A-Rank? Really?”

“Oh my god! Another A-Rank!”

“Are the A-Rank cabbages? There was a girl awakening A-Rank core yesterday and now there is another.”

Everyone shouted with disbelieve. Seeing the silver stone, they couldn’t defy but also couldn’t accept. After all, A-Rank core is very rare.

His shout attracted everyone’s gaze. No one would’ve guessed there would be a candidate awakening an A-Rank Lightning Ability. The middle-aged man hurriedly took out a small badge from his pocket and threw it at Lucas, saying, “You are always welcomed to Sirus Academy with the highest benefits.”

Followed by him, other instructors also gave him their badges. Seeing this, everyone looked at him with envy and jealousy, especially Mac. He knew it would be difficult to get his revenge now. But suddenly, he took out his phone and dialed a number.

Deep down, he was praying that Mike awakens an ability otherwise, he would be helpless.

“Hello, brother!”

After Lucas received those badges, he returned to his position. After him, it was Mike’s turn. When the middle-aged man saw Mike, he helplessly shook his head. He had already heard the previous conversations and knew Mike had Dark Energy Resistance Body.

But when Mike walked onto the stage and touched the black stone, a strange thing happened.

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