Yin-Yang Harmony System

Chapter 21

At this moment, Jenny would be amazed by the look on his face. He looked nothing like a gentle smiling Mike. There is always a beast hidden inside a person. This beast doesn’t come out until your inverse scales are touched.

Even though his expression was calm, his red eyes and blood dripping out of his head made him look like a demon. The power of unique ability flows with the ability energy. In an instant, his strength, agility, and defense increased by 50.

“Bang” “Whoosh”

Suddenly, a stick smashed at him from behind. But, he had already seen that coming. His body leaned at the side, turning horizontally, his body jumped on the air and spin-off. His body successfully dodged the attack but he wasn’t satisfied with that.

“Bam” “Bang”

With his palm touching the ground, he supported his whole body on that palm, smashed a kick on the bulky guy’s chest. His kick was so hard it made him flying in the air and crash on the wall. Although he was a second-stage soldier, his strength was weaker than current Mike.

A-Rank talent can let a soldier wield twelve times the strength of a normal adult at the late state of the first stage which was 50 from the Yin-Yang System strength recording system. All of these people were less than C-Rank because a C-Rank will not work for Mac especially with his family being weak.

If his family was a cultivator family, then there might be people with a higher rank working for him. Currently, Mike’s strength was at 87, and using brute force, his strength was 97, almost equal to the A-Rank Genius of the early state of the second stage.

“Damn! Stop him! Stop him! You idiots, use your abilities.” The groups of students shouted at the people hired by Mac. But they were greeted with the cold eyes of those bulky guys. Those students shrink back and rushed towards the place where Mac had fallen.

“Whoosh” “Bang”

Suddenly, one of the bulky men burst out his ability energy from his hands and condensed a spear. Holding the spear in his hand, he rushed towards Mike. Seeing this coming, Mike stepped on the side of the stick.

His move caused the other side of the stick to fly up. Because of his sharp kick, it made a few spins on the air. Mike twisted his palm out and caught the stick by the lower end and swung. The stick collided against the shaft, blocking the speed of the spear.

When his spear was blocked, the bulky man’s eyes widen. Not because his strike was blocked rather a serious punch was coming towards him. Mike used the commonly used technique of a magician, gaining the complete attention of a bulky man on his stick while he clenched his fist.


When his stick and spear collided, he closed the gap by a long foot that remained undiscovered by the bulky man, catching him off guard. Pushing his right body down towards the ground, he smashed his fist on the bulky man’s jaws.


Suddenly, he suddenly behind and spread his arms. From behind, a fireball rushed towards him and collided against his palm, followed by a small explosion. The dust rose with the mood of those students. Finally, when he got hit by the fireball, they cheered.

“Yeah! Break his bones! Crush him!”

But when the dust settles, their mood returned to gloominess again. In front of them, Mike completely blocked the impact and explosion of the fireball with his palms. His palm had few scratches but that’s it. When the bulky man saw his fireball doing nothing to Mike, a trace of fear appeared in his eyes.

“Bang” Pushing his feet against the ground, Mike’s feet formed the crater on the ground as he moved towards the bulky man. At this moment, the bulky man formed another fireball at his palm and shot at Mike.

But Mike punched through the fireball, scattering it into pieces. Suddenly, lots of ability energy poured into his fist, suddenly the man felt something was pulling him towards Mike.

“Meteor Fist” But he wasn’t pulled by rather stuck at the same place even though he wanted to make it.

“Bang” “Crack” “Crack” “Boom”

Mike’s fist smashed onto his chest, breaking his bones and punching into straight through the walls. His body fell outside alarming more of those guys. Suddenly, all of them rushed towards him with their weapons.

Mike stopped adding ability energy into his body and kept it as normal circulation. Since his ability energy was still running, his unique ability was still activated. But he was also losing a lot of blood. So, he knows he must finish this battle quickly.

Looking at those people coming towards him, he kicked the stick that landed on his hand after a spin in mid-air. Holding the stick, he stuck it on the ground and lifted his body horizontally. With great momentum from his legs, he smashed a kick on their faces.

Rotating with the stick, he managed to make a circle, kicking on each of their faces. Suddenly, the stick was cut apart with the sword, making his foot return to the ground. But this time, he took out the spear from his system space.

He didn’t even care his move might cause some suspicion. Holding the spear, he smashed the edge of the shaft at the head of the bulky, swinging it again with both of his hands, he smashed on another bulky man’s head.

“Bang” “Bang”

With a single strike at each, both of them passed out. Since his spear shaft was made out of the tiger’s bone and special metals. It was hard as a diamond but light as a lightsaber. Swinging his spear a few more times, he knocked out all those bulky men.

After that, his attention shifted towards the student. He looked at them with eyes red as blood and sneered “I knew it would be guys. It seems you haven’t understood the pain.” Suddenly, he rushed towards the tall guy with a pale face.

“Wind Blades!” With the panic in his eyes, the pale guy could only counter with his most effective attack. But he was at the early state of the first stage. His strength was very weak which made his attacks even weaker.

“Bang” With a single punch, Mike smashed his wind blades. But he didn’t stop there. He rushed near him and smashed his fist at the tall guy’s jaws.

“Bang” “Crack” “Thud”

His fist broke the teeth, smashing him into the wall nearby. But he didn’t let go of him so easily. Rushing like the wind through other youths, he reached in front of that guy.

“Ka-cha” “Ka-cha” “Ka-cha” “Ka-cha”

Raising his feet, he smashed it on his face. But he didn’t stop there, kicking his face few more times. Until he looked back with hatred in his eyes. Just when he glanced at them, all of them fall on their knees and shouted “Mike, it was the idea of Mac all alone. We never thought of attacking you.”

“It was all his fault. We didn’t bear any ill intent. Please let us go!”

“Yeah! If you do anything to us, our family won’t leave you alone.”

“Let us go, and we won’t speak a single word about it.”

Filled with panic and fear in their eyes, they keep wailing. Mike looked at them and sighed “You can go” Just when they hear these words, their expression rose. Finally, the fear in their eyes disappeared.

“Or, did you think I’ll say those words?” But soon his expression reverted. His eyes turned red remembering the humiliation.

“You…..” “Bang” Just when another student was about to say something, he was greeted by the fist on his face. Mike hit as hard as he could, smashing him into the walls. His body rolled and spun few times until it collided against the wall, making him cough blood out of his mouth.

“Bang” Just when another one was about to shout, he was also greeted with the kick on his neck, smashing him onto the ground.

“Bang” “Bang” “Bang”

After few strokes, he smashed all of them onto the ground. But he didn’t stop there. He held the stick in his hand walked near them.

“Bang” “Ahhhh” “Bang” “Ahhhh” “Bang” “Ahhh” “Bang” Just like that, one of them lost his consciousness. Soon, others followed him falling unconscious after dozens of strikes. Finally, he slowly walked towards Mac.

Probably the hardest and strongest attack that he has even done was against Mac. That strike on his stomach was filled with hatred, killing intent, and a meteor fist.

He walked near Mac and found he was holding the phone in his hand. Hurriedly, he held his neck and lifted him. At this moment, he no longer saw the fear instead a gloomy and maniac laugh come out of his mouth.

“Haha! Trash!….. cough… cough I have already called my brother… You are waiting here to die.”

Hearing his words, Mike’s pupils shrunk. He knew Lucas had already left, so he also had no reasons to stay here. But before leaving, he clenched his fist and smashed towards Mac’s lower chest.

“Trash stop!” Suddenly, a roar came from behind but it couldn’t stop Mike’s fist since it had already smashed on his lower chest.

“Crack” “Crack” “Thud”

With the broken bones, Mac fell on the ground unconscious.

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