Yin-Yang Harmony System

Chapter 26

“Hello Mike, you sure took a long time before calling me!” From the phone, Mike heard the laughter of the blonde that gave him the card. After all, it was quite hard to forget someone who has value. For Mike, that blond instructor has value while for the blond instructor, Mike has value.

“Of course, I wouldn’t stupid enough to ignore the instructor from Kings Academy. And I am also hoping to have a cup of tea with the instructor.” Mike chuckled on the phone and tried. His conversation on phone drew Jenny’s interest.

“Great! How about meeting in Stars Café in three hours?” The blond instructor agreed from the phone.

“Okay! I will be there in two hours.” Mike nodded and agreed. After all, Stars Café was only an hour away from his residence. In the Ethen State, there were four major corners; North Downtown Street, Western Stars Café, Eastern Battle Zone, and Southern Domestic Zone.

He puts his phone down and explained to them about the blond instructor.

“Stars Café! Isn’t that the most popular spot on the Western part of Ethen State? We can ride Express Underground to reach in an hour.” Jenny puts her right hand on her cheek and answers. Suddenly, a thought struck her mind as she rushed towards Elizabeth.

She caught her hands and made cute big eyes. Looking at her face with cute eyes, she said “Aunt, can we skip breakfast for now? We can return sooner and have lunch together.”

Mike instantly understood why she would say something like that. He opened the banking app on his phone and checked his balance.

‘Shit! I almost forget about the Enlightenment Stones.’

Looking at the four-digit amount in his bank, he instantly remembered about the Enlightenment Stones. He looked at his mom and shouted “Mom, did you receive any parcel when I was inside the game?”

But soon he froze as he saw her was pinching Jenny’s ears and scolding her for making such a request. Although his mother wasn’t looking at him, she did hear him and spoke without glancing at him “I have kept the parcel on the top of the cupboard.”

“But you are eating breakfast, first.” Just when he was about to move, he got the deadly gazed from his mother. His body froze as he drops himself on the chair. Looking at different foods at the table, he pulled the plate near him.

There were two slices of bread, with juice, peanut butter, few fruits, and a cup of milk. Then he glanced at tamed Jenny who was making a pouty face while sitting opposite to him. Seeing her face, he felt like laughing.

But soon, he received a death gaze from her and shut his expression down. The family of three began to devour their breakfast.


After fifteen minutes,

“Bye, mom!” Saying goodbye to his mother, Mike and Jenny departed from home. Their neighbors were fairly silent. But seeing Mike walking with the beautiful girl, few aunts started chattering with each other.

“Jenny, I forget to ask but you didn’t kill him, did you?” Mike understood her cruelty especially when she told him she has killed people in the real world. Although every one of them was awakened, it was still horrible to hear her words.

“Of course not! You made a life and death battle with him, so how can I kill him? Only killing him yourself would you be able to relieve your mood.” Jenny shook her head as they walked towards the underground metro station.

“But……. Can I truly kill him? You know, I haven’t even killed a chicken from my birth.” Although Mike had butchered few chickens in his past life, in his current life he has no experience of killing.

“Come on! Seriously!” Jenny looked at him with a surprised gaze. After all, they have only met for few days, so they don’t know much about each other’s personal life. If it wasn’t heavenly pleasure she got, Jenny would’ve killed him in the woods.

Unfortunately, Mike had dogshit luck that grants him a little brother who can satisfy most of the normal women in the world. They don’t even love each other. Both have a lust for each other and slowly trying to develop their feelings.

Of course, even if she doesn’t have true feelings for him. She wouldn’t let others hurt him simply because now, only Mike can satisfy her. And, she said her, she would be his personal slut, not a public slut.

So, it would be even more impossible for her to go and try the little brother of other guys to check whether they can satisfy her or not. Thinking about every possibility, only when she decided to give him a chance to develop the feeling for each other.

“Yeah, I am not a butcher after all. And the current law doesn’t allow a person to kill others. But this made me really confused. Normally, people should’ve involved in many chaotic situations. But even after gaining strength, people rarely involve in personal violence.” Mike’s expression turned confused while he thinks about this world functioning.

Normally, if you are living in a world filled with superpowers, it is natural to have conflicts, killings, and robbery. But the problem with this world was complete control. Even though there were few incidents that couldn’t be hidden, most of the incidents that happened between cultivators are hidden so perfectly that people can’t find a single trace of it.

And more importantly, if an awakened person makes a conflict with a normal person, it would result in terrible punishment for that awakened person.

Especially for those cases in which a normal person dies. This is why Mantle and Mac couldn’t even think of killing Elizabeth. Although killing Mike wouldn’t get them killed, they were sure to have a bad future.

Mantle might get expelled from the academy and no other academy might enroll Mac. That’s why they were trying so hard to torture him instead of killing him. And that is why Mike didn’t kill them instead torture them with harsh beating.

Hearing his question, Jenny frowned. Suddenly, she flung into his arms.

“Hey, we are in public.” Mike was stunned by her approach. He didn’t fear people seeing them like this. After all, it was normal for girlfriend and boyfriend. But Mike felt his little brother might get awakened any moment.

Then, things would be pretty embarrassing. This was one of the parts which show his immatureness. After all, due to the fear of death he hadn’t come in contact with a girl this close.

“So, act normal.” Suddenly, Jenny took out a chip from her ring which surprised Mike. But he didn’t ask. Because there was no reason to do so. Spatial Rings are the most common tool in the cultivator’s novel, so he understands this ring must be like those.

But suddenly, he realized if he acts like he knows everything, it would definitely create a difficult situation. So, he tried to make a shocking expression asking, “What is that?”

“Oh! I forget you haven’t been in contact with superheroes world. This is something we call Dimension Rings. Those people who awaken powerful space attributes have the power to manipulate dimension. These people are rare and have a huge reputation in our world.”

“And this is Sound Restriction Chip.” She took out the chip and separated that chip into two chin layers of chips. Placing one chip in her shoulder and another in his shoulder, she continued “It acts like a phone but it is much more advance. Placing it in your body would allow you to hear the voice of the person no matter how far you go or how close you are.”

“But other people won’t be able to hear it. Normally, this chip can be separated into thousands of thin layers of the chip with the same size. It is made out of Nano-materials. And since we are in public, we need this to answer your question.”

“Wait, does that mean you know about the organization and how big it is?” Hearing her words, Mike asked in shock. But soon, he recovers his expression since he always feels Jenny must be someone from a high-level family.

‘Damn! Doesn’t this make me a protagonist? Falling in love with a girl from the high background, separating from her, getting stronger, challenging the authority of the world, and fighting against her suitors to win her.’

‘No way, I want to be unique but not the protagonist. Damn! I don’t want to go through tragedies and live life with tears. But…… I want to be a god damn protagonist. I want to go through tragedies. I want to die and get reborn. I want to go against the world for the love.’

‘I want the greatest adventure that a person couldn’t even dream for. People days, immortality is just a myth. One day I will die, so I must live that the world will remember. No, I must live the life that I will remember.’

Suddenly, excitement burst into his heart. He giggled making Jenny frown but she didn’t speak. Because she was getting the feeling that something has changed. She doesn’t know, Mike had made a vow deep in his heart.

‘Women, money, power, control, politics, love, tragedy, wars, being hero, saving the world, fighting against the entire race, life is too short, I must live and go through everything so that I can remember my adventures even after death.’

‘……..except tragedy, I don’t want to have a sad life. Unfortunately….’

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