Yin-Yang Harmony System

Chapter 28

“So, when will you transfer twenty-five million to my account?” Mike’s face was red, his teeth were broken and he got bruises on his eyes. But the smile on his face didn’t fade away. He still got his eyes on her phone.

Looking at his eyes, Jenny helplessly shook her head and transferred twenty-five million to his account.


When the transferred notification rang on his phone, Mike almost stood up due to fright. Even though he was saying all that, he wasn’t truly expecting her to send twenty-five million directly. In an instant, he became a multimillionaire.

But suddenly, her cold words made him jump in fright.

“If you don’t catch up to me within two months, I’m going to leave you.”

“Wait, two months!” Mike thought for a while and asked “If I catch up to you in two months, aren’t you worried you’ll never catch up to me?”

Jenny gave him the white look and said “If you can’t catch up to me within two months, you’ll never catch up to me in your lifetime.”

For the first time, Mike saw the pure arrogance in her eyes. But this arrogance was backed up by infinite confidence that he doesn’t know from where she getting. But he likes it. Jenny is his first wife by status which means she must be above Heavenly Maidens and Supreme Fairies.

“Okay! Don’t cry when I catch you in two months!” Mike gave her a thumbs up and nodded his head with a smile. Suddenly, a thought rang in his mind as his mood darkens. He leaned closer to her and asked.

“Do I have to pay twenty-five million back?”


Hearing his question, Jenny couldn’t help but give him another punch in his chest. But during these lover quarrels, he understood a point. Although her strikes seemed very powerful, he wasn’t getting seriously injured.

“Mike, why doesn’t my punch strike you with full strength?” But his thoughts were disturbed by her question.

“Hmm! Wait, don’t tell me you were striking me with your full strength?” Only then he realized why Jenny would be so generous to spend a million on each strike.

“Of course not! If I use full strength, you’ll die. But I was using a half quarter of my strength which got decreased to half when my fists landed on your face.” Although the reality was harsh, Mike had to admit it. If she really uses her full strength, he would die a single strike even with his unique ability,

Previously, while fighting those second-stage soldiers, he was using his 97 STR to defeat them with ease. The difference between them was around 15 to 20 STR. So, he can understand with such a difference in strength, she really crushes.

‘But how come I crush her every single time when we fight in bed? Could it be because of the pleasure she feels?’

Soon, they reached the end of their destination. When they were about to move out, few middle-aged people smashed a thumbs up at us.

“Thank you for the show!” Everyone spoke at the same time and nodded their head. For them, the fight between Mike and Jenny was a comedic show without sound. Hearing their words, Mike and Jenny turned red due to embarrassment.

Jenny was faster while escaping the crowd. But Mike was pushed out with tons of questions. Fortunately, they didn’t know anything about Mike’s conversation.

But when he came out of the train and moved out of the underground with Jenny, he found how populated the western part was. His ears were filled with humming, laughter, and loud noise of vehicles.

The bright rays of light fell on his eyes, making him shut his eyes for a moment. After he adjusted his eyesight with the brightness and looked at the crowd of people walking at the side of the road. Cars and motorcycles had filled the road with no space for people to walk.

As he walked under the sun, he felt his shoe was slowly heating up. But he continued walking. He looked at Jenny and asked, “Do we have to go shopping?” He felt he was dragged into this mall for holding her shopping bags.

But this made him remember ‘Doesn’t she have a dimensional ring? Why would I need to spare physical effort to hold dozens of bags?’

Her expression turned stubborn and she glanced at him, shouting “Of course, we have to, you muddle head idiot. Didn’t you say you want to learn about winning a girl’s heart?”

She clenched her hand, wrapping her fingers around his wrist, she pulled him towards the tall building. It took them five minutes to reach there in spite of running. When they reached in front of the tall building, Mike saw thousands of people moving around while clinging to each other.

Mike was pulled towards the door of the building. But just when he was about to pass by the door, his foot stopped. His eyeball turned right when he felt a familiar person passing by. Even Jenny was pulled back when he stopped.

He only saw the back of the person. He lifts his hand to ask that person to stop but suddenly, he shook his head and puts his hand down. He saw that girl wasn’t alone. And it would be impossible for this person to be her. After all, he has a system while didn’t … shouldn’t he?

“Huh! Did you saw someone you know?” She walked in front of him and saw his depressed eyes. She looked back and saw a girl walking with a boy and thought it must be his crush or ex-girlfriend. Suddenly, a memory flashed on her mind Elizabeth’s words and shook her head with a smile on her face.

“Nope, let’s go!” Mike shook his head and held her hands, walking towards the elevator. But he didn’t notice the girl had finally realized something and looked back with an anxious face. But she could only see a boy standing in the elevator while holding another girl’s hand.

“What’s wrong, sis?” Looking at the girl’s anxious expression, the boy wearing a yellow t-shirt and blue jeans put the chocolate bar in his mouth and asked. He had a grudge and depression in his eyes when he spoke.

“Nothing! And what’s with that expression? Don’t you know it would be always good to walk around with a sister as beautiful as me?” She shook her head and turned her head towards her brother. But when she saw that depressed face, she couldn’t help but scold him.

“Yeah! Yeah! You are a beautiful aloof queen who never dares to make a boyfriend.” The boy shook his head helplessly. Suddenly, his eyes narrowed as he looked at her suspiciously and asked “Sister, why do you fear making a boyfriend?”

When he looks at her, he couldn’t help admire that pale face, slender body, and bright eyes. Her brown hair falling down her shoulders. She was wearing a green sheath dress that covers her body from those D-Rank boobs to her knees. Hearing a silver watch on her left hand, she had a ring at her index finger of her right hand.

“Are you worried that you will get heart broke if your boyfriend abandons you?”

“Ouch!” Suddenly, he felt a burning pain in his ears. His sister pinched his ears and scolded “Why would I be heartbroken for such a trivial incident? And, do you think your sister’s vision is bad that she would choose a prodigal scum as my boyfriend?”

“Pain! Pain! Its hurts. Sister, you are abusing your A-Rank talent.” Two drops of tears fall from his eyes as the pain grew bigger and bigger. He really doesn’t understand his sister. It’s not like there are no people trying to pursue her, it’s just that every one of them was blatantly rejected.

So, in the end, he became her part-time boyfriend. She calls him whenever she wants to watch a movie in the theatre or shopping in these kinds of malls. It was kind of annoying but he couldn’t refuse. After all, she was the elder sister.

“Humph!” The girl in green sheath snorted at him and let go of his ears. Her actions made few people glance at her beauty but she didn’t care. Instead, her mind was thinking something else ‘I want to have a boyfriend especially a boyfriend like him.’

This made her remember the boy who had a relationship with her for three years. But when she remembered the first night after three years, her expression darkens as the cold sweat dripped down her forehead.

‘No, I don’t want to have a boyfriend or such relationship. The end of that relationship would be sex. And I don’t want to die. I am too young to die.”

Nodding her head, she made the vow in her heart and walked out of the building without even looking back. But after, she got mixed into the crowd, Mike returned to that original position with sweat on his forehead.

His heartbeat was racing too fast and he was panting while looking at the crowded door with emptiness in his eyes.

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