Yin-Yang Harmony System

Chapter 29

“Jenny, are we still going to buy more? And why am I holding these bags when you obviously have a dimensional ring?” Mike held four bags on his two hands and one bag on his neck. His face was sulking as he spoke with a dissatisfied expression.

“Come on, we have only visited six stores and bought very few clothes for me. We still have to buy clothes for you.” Looking at his dissatisfied expression, Jenny pouted as she pulled his right arm and ran towards another elevator.

‘Is that eighteen elevators that I have taken? Six shops from eighteen floors, my god even she didn’t go shopping like…….’ Mike helplessly got pulled by her and looking at the next elevator, he couldn’t help but count the number of elevators again.

Suddenly, his eyes drowned and his expression turned depressed. He closed his eyes for a moment and slapped his cheek.

‘Mike, you are shopping and going on a date with your new girlfriend. You shouldn’t think about other girls on a date especially not her.’

“Hey, what’s wrong? Why are you slapping yourself?” Jenny stopped and leaned closer to him. Looking at his red cheek, she asked with suspicion. But suddenly, Mike clenched her arm and ran towards the elevator. Looking back, he gave her a goofy expression and shouted “I slapped myself to make me understand I am on a date with the richest girl in the world.”

“Hehe! So, you want me to be your sugar momma. Want to spend it with me?” Jenny giggled at his goofy expression. Then, she took a debit card and asked. Although others couldn’t hear their words, they were instantly drawn by their movement, giving them a weird look.

Holding her hands and pulling her into the elevator, Mike spoke to himself ‘Jenny, I promise I won’t think about other girls when I am with you. But whenever I am away from you, I would definitely think about them.’


“Bang” “Ke-uk” Suddenly, a figure flied into the air and his back smashed on the walls. The blood came out of his mouth as he fell on the ground with bruises all around his body. He was a middle-aged man with a black mustache and hair. He had a toned body with a height of around six feet. His hands were soaked in blood while his purple dark clothes were stained with dust and blood.

“Eric, give up the key! You can’t defy the Revolution.” Suddenly, a handsome tall young man walked out of the shadow. His pupils were red, with red hair and a slender body. He was wearing a black long coat with jeans. His pale face and sparkling eyes were the proof of his handsomeness.

“Hehehe! Adam, I told you already, didn’t I? The key is not with me. I was just distracting you. And now, you are late. The countdown has begun.” Looking at the handsome youth named Adam, Eric took out a pocket watch. There was a timer on the pocket watch.

“After two days and five hours, this entire state will fall under the chaos of special rift. You can’t stop it, Adam, your revolution can not. Wahahaha!” “Ke-uk”

Eric left a hectic laugh before blood gushed out of his mouth. Adam walked near him and touched his cheek. Suddenly, a mechanical robotic voice rang in his mind.

‘Cause of death- Neuro System Explosion. Memories are destroyed hence couldn’t be recovered.’

“Damn! These mag dogs are really pushing our limit.” Adam gritted his teeth and crushed Eric’s face with his hands. He stood up and spoke “Call Supreme Commander!”


“Sir, I failed the mission. We can’t stop the rift now.” Adam’s tone changed when he spoke.

“Alright, there was nothing we could do from the start. You were stubborn thinking you could make a change.” A hoarse voice rang in his transmitter. This voice was a little old and matured. Adam nods his head and ran away.

‘Jenny must be here. Should I visit her and return back? Well, I am already late, so it won’t matter.’ While running above the buildings, Adam thought about a young girl in his mind and blushed. In his mind, the young girl was very mischievous and cute but it had already been three years since he had met her.


“Jenny, let’s run! We are going to be late for our meeting.” Coming down the elevator, Mike pulled Jenny’s hand and spoke, turning back at her face. But at this moment, he has changed his clothes. He was wearing a black hoody with its buttons opened, revealing his white t-shirt and slender body.

He wore track pants with a stylish pair of shoes. He had his hairs straight and a pair of sunglasses on his eyes. Jenny had light blue striped culottes pants with a black V-shaped top. She was wearing long diamond earrings with her hair tied.

Although Mike wanted to admire her beauty, he didn’t have time to do so. He hurried down the elevator while looking the time at his brand new silver watch. He wasn’t rich enough to buy the diamond watch. Even though he got rich temporarily, that money was for buying resources for cultivation.

Mike and Jenny rushed towards the stars café which was two miles away from the shopping mall. When they reached in front of the stars café, Mike speechlessly looked at the design of the building. In front of him, there was a long tower-like building with two different towers intersecting the main tower diagonally.

It was really like a star. And most importantly, there was not a single incident due to its ridiculous shape. Mike couldn’t help but look at Jenny and ask “Do they have Artificial Gravity Field laid out in each building?”

“Of course, otherwise how could they simply work like this?” Jenny nodded her head and answered him. Mike wasn’t interested in science but he can tell this world was way better than 21st-century earth. Suddenly, a thought rang in his mind.

‘Well, I expect nothing else from a person who has planning better than purple head and dark head. And, people from this world certainly have very unique intelligence. Although every world has faults, here people use their brain more than their body.’

‘By the way, I should call the blond instructor before entering the building.’ Mike thought for a while and took out his phone, dialing the number of the blond instructor.

“Oh, Mike! Have you arrived?” The voice rang from his phone.

“Yes, so where I can find you?” Mike asked since the building so big, it would be hard to search for this instructor without knowing his position.

“Enter the building with my name. Soon, my person will arrive there to pick you up.” The blond instructor finally reveals his name and drops the call. Mike puts back his phone and walked towards the Stars Café.

They were about to entered the building when they saw a bunch of people walking around everywhere. Stars Café is a working building but not all people can work here. And most of the people can’t even enter the building. Just like Mike and Jenny who got stopped by the guards before they enter the building.

“Sir, May I have your ID?” Two guards wearing black coats approached them and one of the guards asked Mike with a gentle smile on his face. It was surprising for a guard to smile but Mike didn’t show any unnatural emotions.

“I have an appointment with Daniel Stark. And this is my ID.” Taking his phone out, he displayed his digital ID and showed them. But they were more surprised by that name than his ID.

“S….Sir, can we ask the staff about the appointment?” Another guard scanned the digital ID in his phone and spoke gently. But when Mike was about to say something, a figure approached them from behind and spoke.

“No need to inquire about our guest.” A girl with blonde hair, wearing a tight purple skirt and a white shirt covered with a purple jacket. After she spoke to those guards, sending them away. She turned her head towards Mike and spoke with a gentle smile on her face.

“Mr. Tyson, Sir Daniel is waiting for you. Please come this way!” Even though she glanced at Jenny, she didn’t ask about her identity. She gave a gentle smile to Jenny and lead them. When they were passing by, many people’s gazes fell upon them making Mike uncomfortable.

Unlike Jenny who has seen these gazes many times, Mike was an ordinary boy. He has never got so much eye contact. This made him think about today. Not just here, everywhere he went together with jenny, he became the center of attention.

‘But, why doesn’t anyone come and provoke me? Shouldn’t people get jealous especially in the world of superpowers? I want excitement. Please god, send some to stir up trouble for me.’

Although Mike felt relatively on this earth, he also felt very boring. If it was another world, there would be have been more than ten or twenty incidents because of young boys from great families of Ethen State.

‘Sigh! Why is this life getting so boring?’ With a low-spirited expression, he followed the blond girl. When a blond girl and Jenny saw his low-spirited expression, they fell in confusion. Jenny tugged his cloth and asked “Why are you unhappy?”

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