Yin-Yang Harmony System

Chapter 314(END)

The purple energy burst out of his fist. The space around him trembled and started cracking. The purple energy transformed into the fist that heads straight against the tip of the spear.


When both of them collides, the space around them started disintegrating. The flames wildly spread around them and the space was burned as well. When the space couldn’t repair fast, the void started taking its place.

Unfortunately, this void was too weak to make any difference. The purple fist didn’t disintegrate until the tip of the spear broke.

Crack! Bang!

When the spear tip broke, the deviant’s face turned ugly. Although his spear broke the fist as well, it was his weapon while the fist was just a form of energy. He couldn’t believe his eyes for a moment. But suddenly, he noticed that Mike had disappeared.

At this moment, Mike appeared above him. The void law encircled his fingers as he transformed the space into the void itself. The blue sky around them disappeared as the dark space covered them.


Suddenly, a giant sword rushed down from the dark sky. Seeing this, the deviant made a seriousness on his eyes and shouted “God Killing Bloodline!”

“Heaven and Earth- God’s Spear!”

The ground started shaking below, even the dark space started trembling. A massive amount of golden energy burst out of the surrounded and encircled him. The red energy burst out of him and combined together with the golden energy.

Soon, this mixture formed a giant ten-meter spear. It had a sharp red tip with a golden shaft. The deviant had hideousness in his eyes when he stared at Mike.

Originally, he was simply scouting this mortal world and searching for opportunities to improve himself. The Deviants are trained in a special universe that lies in the center of the multiverse. Most of them travel the multiverse in order to gain massive resources.

With their enormous talent, there is almost not a single person who possibly outmatch them. Even people with Omega Bloodline fear them unless they are way stronger. The God Killing Bloodline was a special bloodline that could improve by devouring Omega Bloodline.

Since the start of the multiverse, Omega has ruled it as a god. So, naturally, the people who overthrew them called themselves God Killer.

“Spirit of Domination!”

Suddenly, a black gas gushed out of his body and covered the invisible sword. The Spirit of Domination was the spirit he created after combining all of his spirits. And, it wasn’t simply the combination. This spirit has a uniqueness that can be unrivaled.

As the massive black sword moved towards the spear, two different kinds of energies condensed at each side of the sword. One was red energy while another was blue. It was Yin and Yang’s energy created out of the world by the Spirit of Domination.

This makes the Spirit of Domination unique because it can condense Yin and Yang Law on its own. Though he doesn’t know-how. Because this spirit was an accident. This is why Mike has been unsuccessful to create a perfect Dual Cultivation Body.


When the sword and the spear collide together, the eyes of the deviant widen. He made an angry gaze and suddenly took out a red button. As soon as he pressed the button, the void sword pierced his chest. Slowly, his body got disintegrated into pieces.

At this moment, Mike raised his eyes and spoke “Claire, it’s time to say goodbye!”

“Huh! What do you mean, Mike?” Claire’s voice was full of confusion as she asked.

At this moment, Mike raised his hand and suddenly a silver ball appeared in his hand. When Claire saw the silver ball, her eyes widened “Mike, what are you doing? Why do you have that?”

But, Mike didn’t speak a word. He sighed and the Spirit of Domination burst out of his hand. As it covered the entire ball, Mike screamed “Ahhhhhh!”

This wasn’t because of Spirit of Domination. Instead, there was a certain kind of energy flowing out of his body and entering the ball.

“MIKE, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING? WHY AREN’T YOU ANSWERING ME?” Claire suddenly appeared in front of him and shouted. But suddenly, she turned around as she felt several auras around her.

In just a few seconds, dozens of people arrived in front of Mike. When she saw this, her mouth instantly shut up. She turned back at Mike as two-stream of tears fell down her cheeks.

“Take care of the person who inherits this! I have already set the restriction.” Suddenly, Mike approached her and kissed her lips. After he separates, he smiled and said “This is my goodbye.

“no, No, NOO!!!” Claire shouted with tears falling down her cheeks. Everything seems unbelievable to her but for Mike who could see the future, everything was predictable. But, there are many things that he couldn’t overcome.

Mike looked at the sky and muttered “Johnny, I don’t understand. Why are you so upset when you have such background?”

At this moment, he clenched his hand as Claire’s figure slowly entered the silver ball. Mike took a deep breath and looked at them “Hi! It seems all of you are here to kill me.”

“We can’t let the heir of Omega live. You must die.” One of them spoke. He had a bald head and a sword in his hand.

“It seems Omega has abandoned you.” A young man looked at him with a smile and said.

Mike shook his head. It’s not that Omega had abandoned him rather they are now hunting Jenny. Mike looked at them and muttered “Having the ability to see the future is certainly a curse.”

If he hadn’t known about Jenny, he wouldn’t have taken this step. It’s only because he saw the death of Jenny at the hands of Omega, he decided to take this step.

“I failed to achieve my dream, huh! Well, I did live a beautiful life.” In an instant, dozens of memories where he spent time with Jenny and others came into his mind. But when he carefully remembered it, he noticed there was nothing but sex.

“Hahaha!” Suddenly, Mike bursts into laughter as he remembers his time. But, soon two-stream of tears fell down his cheek as he clenched his fist “Sorry Jenny, Lauren, Alena, Olive, sorry that I couldn’t accompany you.”

At this moment, his eyes changed. He looked at those men as the purple energy burst out of him. Seeing that purple energy, every person present in the sky clenched their fists.

“Pioneer Body!”

At this moment, Mike burst open his sea of consciousness and embraced the massive purple body. Suddenly, his entire body overflowed with purple energy.


The next moment, time, space, life, death, and cycle of reincarnation everything stopped. Even those people who were already moving towards him. Slowly, his eyes started bleeding. Instantly he disappeared and appeared in the void.

He turned around and saw another world shining brightly in the void. He smiled and turned at the world in front of him. This world was his multiverse. And, he was standing in the void outside the multiverse. Slowly, his desolate god bloodline evaporates inside him.

Mike hurriedly raised his hand and the purple energy burst out of him. Five fingers slowly closed and the multiverse in front of him suddenly shrunk into a single atom and the next moment it grew back to its normal size.

Of course, Mike was still bigger than the multiple. This was the true form of Pioneer Body, creator of the multiverse. But, Mike realized even Pioneer wasn’t invincible. Because there was another world outside his multiverse.

And, it was called Omniverse. Unfortunately, Mike understands he will never get a chance to visit this place again. At this moment, he had accomplished what his father-in-law was desperately trying to achieve but in a different way.

He transformed the virtual part of the multiverse into a reality. And, now there are two fewer forces in the multiverse. Omega and Deviants have disappeared from the multiverse simply because he erased them.

“Man, if I could do something like this why did I even train so hard for?” Mike mumbled to himself but knew that was just a joke. He did everything at the cost of his own life. Mike slowly shrunk back to his normal self.

But, at this moment, there was a certain change. Mike still smirked and said “System Status!”

“Yin-Yang Harmony System- Level 4

Cultivation- None

User- Mike Tyson

Innate Ability- None

Physique- None

Bloodline- None

Inborn Talent- None

Physical Strength- None

Laws Manipulation- None

Spirits- None

Chaos Body- None

Cultivation Technique- Chaotic Path towards Harmony, Mighty Invincible Heavenly Dragon Art

Skills- Desolate Berserk Scripture, Lightning King Scripture, Energy Manipulation Scripture, Devouring Blood Scripture, Space God Scripture, and Chaos Scripture

Special Ability- None

Spirit- Slaughter Spirit, Fighting Spirit, Spear Spirit, Blood Spirit, Sword Spirit, and Chaos Spirit

God of Sex Versions: None

Yin-Yang Partners- Jenny Flora, Lauren Green (Heavenly Maiden), Scarlet Stagroar (Supreme Fairy), Olive Xavier (Heavenly Maiden), Alena Babbage (Supreme Fairy), Lin Xin (Heavenly Maiden)

Yin-Yang Slave- Xiao Je (Heavenly Maiden), Sunny Sen, Liora Miller Tori Pratt, Alice, Ava Eliot, Luo Zemin, and 313 others

System Points: 310142

Inventory- Howling Tiger Spear, Whirlwind Boots, Golden Slime, Black Dragon Saber, and Wind Sword.

System Level Up Condition- Heavenly Maiden*6, Supreme Fairy*2″

“I guess this is the end.” Mike slowly closed his eyes as he sees his status. Slowly, his heartbeat stopped. The blood inside him dried up. His cells were rioted and even bones were broken. At this moment, nothing could help Mike because he was dead.

At this moment, Jenny was standing in a dark space. She didn’t know why but tears kept falling down her cheeks. Her heart was in pain that she couldn’t even bear.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Suddenly, three swords appeared next to Mike.

“Wasn’t he supposed to be a protagonist of this era?” A handsome man standing on a red sword spoke.

“Well, now he is not.” Another man standing on a silver sword spoke.

“Can we save him?” A man standing on the blue sword spoke.

“For what? This is his choice. He decimated his enemies and made a better world. That’s why he possesses that physique. He has done his job. So, why save him?” The man standing on the silver sword asked.

“Because he hasn’t fulfilled his dream.” The man standing on the red sword spoke as he deeply glanced at Mike.

“I want someone to block my sword with a fist.” The man standing on the blue sword answered.

Hearing them, the man standing on the silver sword got speechless. He pointed his finger at them and shouted “Can’t you be a little less selfish? Don’t you think we should save him because he did what we weren’t capable of?”

“My sword can only kill people.” The man in blue and red spoke at the same time.

“Well, you are right. And, it was all your son’s fault.” The man standing on the silver sword nodded his head and scorned the man standing on the red sword.

“That’s why he couldn’t reach our level.” The man in a red sword suddenly released the sadness in his eyes and sighed.

“Well, save him now!” The man in the blue sword looked at the man in silver sword and spoke.

The man in silver sword sighed and turned around “You have fulfilled your destiny. Even though you died while doing so, you still did what you were meant to do. From now on, you can walk out of the realm. In this new life, do everything to achieve your dream.”

When he said that, Mike’s lips suddenly curved. Seeing this, his eyes narrowed. He turned around and looked at the other two. Suddenly, a burst of laughter rang on the void.



I know this is a little unacceptable for a few people. But, I think this is the best ending for him. After all, Mike never took the path of hard work whether it was cultivation or comprehension. Now, someone will inherit that Dual Cultivation Body. And, it will be the story of another protagonist. But, this time it will be a little twist.. I will release the new book soon. Also, don’t forget to read Tower Ascension

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