Yin-Yang Harmony System

Chapter 32

‘Wait a minute, you are calling me God of Sex knowing that I have only done it with a single girl.’ Suddenly, a strange thought rang in his mind. This made him curious though. He understands he needs to have a lot of sex.

But how to find more girls? He doesn’t have a single thought for that. Suddenly, an image came to his mind and he thought ‘Well, I should meet up with Lauren and improve our relationship.’

“Here take this!” Daniel took out a silver card with a symbol (K) in the middle and pass it to Mike. Looking at the silver card, Mike understood this must be the identity of King’s Academy. While he took the card, he asked “Should I participate in the upcoming competition?”

“Of course you should! From now on, you need to earn resources on your own and improve your talent. Master has given you two years, within two years, you need to improve your innate ability to S-Rank. If you succeed in doing so, he will take you as his disciple.” Daniel nodded his head and answered.

While speaking, he tried to keep a superior tone. After all, he was the right-hand man of the Mad Beast Emperor. But in return, Mike blandly nodded his head. Finally, he said, “I should leave now.”

“You should indeed leave. By the way, if you face any problem, you can contact me.” Daniel nodded his head and spoke.

“Wait, I really do need your help for something.” Just when he heard Daniel’s words, he didn’t hesitate to ask for help. To be precise, he waiting for Daniel to say such words.

“What do you need?” Hearing his tone, Daniel’s mood darkens. He felt he was played by Mike. But he couldn’t refuse due to his position. But Mike’s words surprised him.

“Can you send people to keep my mom safe? I don’t need people to protect me but I am very worried about my mom”

“No problem! Although a person would be a complete fool to attack an ordinary person in the presence of Revolution, there are plenty of fools in this world.” Daniel burst into laughter while nodding his head. He didn’t expect Mike would make such an honest request.

Mike nodded his head and turned around. He saw Jenny standing next to the door waiting for him to leave the room. While they moved out of the room, a strange movement started inside. Energy burst out of Daniel turning into a large metal box.

He placed a metal box attached to the door because he didn’t walk there. He directly grabbed the beautiful lady in his hand and placed his lips on hers with a domineering attitude. At the same time, he caught Mary with his left hand. She tried to struggle and break free unfortunately she was too for that.

“Daniel, you are not getting a threesome in the office.” Feeling his tight grip, Mary shouted near his ears. Since she couldn’t move away, she decided to move forward. And doing so, she directly fell into his trap. Daniel suddenly loosened his grip and moved his hand under her stomach.

In an instant, he pulled her skirt up and pierced his finger through her pink black panties.


Feeling a sharp finger barging into her clit. In an instant, her emotions burst out in the sense of pleasure. At the same time, he snuck his tongue inside the mouth of the beautiful lady. Rubbing and rotating his tongue around her, he gave her the same pleasure.

Suddenly, he found a hand rushing to his bottoms. That hand belongs to none other than the gorgeous lady. She slowly unzipped his pants and pushed her hand inside. When her hand came out, it was followed with a powerful canon nearly ten inches in size.

She stroke her hand a few times until she broke free from his lips. She fell to her knees and put her face forward. Her mouth opened as a pink tongue moved out. She touched the tip of the cannon with her tongue, bringing a pleasurable sensation to Daniel.

As she moved forward, she slowly swallowed a large python into her mouth. Women are the only creature that can swallow the pythons who normally swallows everything.

At the same time, Daniel moved his left hand as he wasn’t satisfied with her blowjob. His left hand caught the top of Mary and energy burst out of his hand. This energy wasn’t weak. Now, the clothes that awakened people wears are much stronger.

So, he needed more force to burst her clothes into pieces without hurting her. And he did that exactly. When the clothes were burst into pieces, two giant boobs wobble in front of him. This sight made him realize how much he missed her boobs.

When he was about to bend down and move his face, he got a death glare from Mary. Knowing her mood, he unfolded another finger and pierced inside her. At the same time, he moved closer and began to suck on her nipples.

Henceforth, threesome in the office began!

At this moment, Mike and Jenny had already left the office. While they walking down the street, a figure flew towards them. In an instant, this figure appeared in front of Jenny. This man was a handsome dude wearing a pair of jeans and a yellow t-shirt.

He had sunglasses on his eyes. When he appeared in front of her, he didn’t hesitate to shout “Jenny, I came to meet you. Are you surprise?”

“No, I am not!” Jenny’s face frowned when she saw the youth in front of her. This youth was none other than Adam. He not only appeared in front of her in a short time but also changed his dress.

Adam was startled by her look. Suddenly, he noticed Jenny wasn’t alone. His gaze moved as he saw another person holding her hand. In his eyes, this person was not handsome, not tall, nor strong. These were the first thoughts that came to his mind.

Practically, he was correct. Unfortunately, he was none other than Mike. When Mike saw Adam, his eyes brightened wide. Suddenly, a blissful expression appeared in his eyes as he introduced “Hello! My name is Mike Tyson. I am Jenny’s boyfriend.”

At the same time, he was expecting the answer in his heart ‘Come on! Come on! Scold me, yell at me, call me trash, hit me…… No, no, no, don’t hit me! Expect that, you can call me anything and also don’t call me motherfucker cause I’m not.’

Adam was startled by Mike’s approach. For a moment, he didn’t know how to reply. But soon, he adjusted himself and said “Hello, my name is Adam. I am her fiancé.”

‘Yes, yes, yes, that’s it. Now, make me hate you, make me mad, so that I can challenge you.’ Suddenly, he gazed at Adam’s eyes, bursting out few lightning strikes.

“Unfortunately, Jenny chose you. It seems we aren’t fated.” While Mike was trying to think of a domineering line against Adam, he felt cold water poured into him. Suddenly, a fire burst out of his eyes.

In an instant, he clutched Adam’s collar and shouted “What the fuck are you saying? You are her fiancé. Aren’t you too girly to admit to so fast? Look at me and tell me how am I worthy for her? I have no looks, no background, no money, and no power. Shouldn’t you tell me I am not worthy of her and motivate me to practice harder? Are you even a man?”

But suddenly, he stopped. Although he went all out scolding Adam, he noticed a slight blush on his face. At this moment, only one thought rang in his mind ‘Fuck!’

“Mike, he wasn’t trying to court me because he is gay.” The moment Jenny spoke, the word that was ringing in his mind finally escape his mouth “Fuck!” In an instant, he pushed Adam away. At this moment, Mike’s face turned completely green. He felt he had eaten cow dung.

“Come on! Don’t you have any better manly suitor that can challenge me?” Mike reached out to Jenny, holding her shoulder, he shouted at her face. His green face made her burst in her laughter. She naturally didn’t care about his suitor syndrome.

She broke free from his arms and walked towards Adam. At this moment, Adam’s face was completely red. Seeing his red face, she giggled and said “Go home and tell dad to break our marriage! I already have a boyfriend and he is worthy enough for me.”

Her words completely broke his shyness. In an instant, the redness in his face disappeared and he nodded his head with a serious face. He turned around and rushed away, leaving only afterimages.

Jenny walked near Mike and said “Fortunately, he is gay. If he wasn’t then you would be dead right now. Although he looks young, his cultivation is the fifth stage of General Realm. You can understand what that means. He can crush you just by his aura alone and while fighting, he is very cruel.”

‘Wtf? Is he really a man?’ Hearing her words, Mike began to doubt his gender. After all, that guy literally broke the sense of cruelty. But he didn’t too much instead grabbed her hand and rushed towards home.

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