Yin-Yang Harmony System

Chapter 33

“So, what’s your plan after reaching home?” Jenny asked while walking on the road.

“Practice, of course! Two months deadline is kind of hard to meet. But now, I have better confidence.” When found his unique ability would instantly add a strength after reaching the higher realm, he was excited to break through once again.

Unfortunately, his cultivation was still very for now. And it would definitely take some time. But the most ridiculous thing was the cultivation talent of his unique ability. As long as he cultivates consciously during sex, he can improve his realm.

And more importantly, he must consciously use a Chaotic Path towards the Harmony while doing sex otherwise he won’t get much benefit just like last time. In other words, it’s kind of like dual cultivation.

“Good! Then, I will accompany you on your cultivation.” While speaking, she leaned closer to his head and whispered “In bed, of course!”

Hearing her words, flames burst out of his eyes. But soon, he controlled himself. But suddenly, someone shouted from behind “Mike!”

Hearing this voice, he instantly understood the person was none other than Lucas. But when he turned back and saw the figure standing right behind him, his heartbeat raced to two hundred in an instance.

“What a coincidence. What a coincidence, Lauren. I didn’t expect we would meet here.” Mike instantly made laughter trying to give Lauren a hug but didn’t expect Lauren to dodge it. When Lauren moved to the side, she gave Jenny a frightening glare and asked “Mike, who is she?”

“Mike, who is she?” At the same time, Jenny also asked while giving Lauren a deathly glare.

“That is a coincidence. That’s exactly what I was going to tell you. Let me introduce two of you.” Mike directly gave up hiding. Lauren was a general. Her talent was A- rank. And she was the same age as Mike, one year older than Jenny.

Jenny was a soldier. Her talent was also A-rank but she was one year younger than Mike and Lauren. Even so, she had a powerful family background. That makes her even more frightening than Lauren. Most importantly, both of them have dragon innate ability.

Mike understands if he wants both of them to accept each other. He must hurry otherwise if he gets late, both of them might start hating each other and him. After all, dragons are proud especially a dragon that has grown up.

If it a baby dragon, it might be possible to convince or tame them but it would be literally impossible to tame an adult dragon.

‘Alright! Here it goes!’ Mike tried to keep his heartbeat calm but no matter how much he tries, he was still scared. Mike stand between them and first took Lauren’s hand. This time, she didn’t dodge him. Taking his hand, he looked at Jenny and winked, saying.

“Jenny, this is Lauren Green. She is my childhood friend and also my girlfriend.”

Before giving them a chance to speak, Mike took Jenny’s hand and spoke while looking at Lauren “Lauren, this is Jenny Flora. She is my girlfriend and also my first-timer.”

Suddenly, the surrounding dropped silently. Reading the environment, Mike laughed and spoke “Except my first kiss, which you took in the middle of the night.”

“Wow, sister you really did that.” Suddenly, out of nowhere, Lucas’s eyes widen as he asked Lauren with shock.

Hearing his question, Lauren’s lips twitched. She felt burning anger in her heart that she wanted to flush out. She walked towards Mike and caught his collar, saying “We need a talk.” Just when Jenny was about to speak, Lauren glared at her and coldly said “Alone!”

But unexpectedly, her glare didn’t work on Jenny. She walked near him, held his other hand, and whispered “We also need a talk.” Then, she looked at Lauren and giggled “In bed!”

“He is going with me!” Lauren pulled him behind her and glared at Jenny. When she spoke, she realized her aura and displayed her cultivation to suppress Jenny.

“No, he is going with me otherwise dear mother will feel lonely.” Seeing her cultivation, and feeling her aura, Jenny got no choice but to use Elizabeth.

In Mike’s home, Elizabeth was cleaning the home while she suddenly sneezed “Achoo!”

“There isn’t a single speck of dust. Why would I sneeze out of nowhere?” A confusion flashed on her face as she muttered.

If Mike had heard his, he would scream “Mom, your future daughter-in-law is using you as a defense. If you do nothing, you will be unfair to others.”

But on another hand, he wouldn’t say something like this. After all, he still remembers “Jenny is my first mistress. So, it would be obvious for Jenny to get high support from their mom. But on other hand, mom knows about Lauren too well.”

While Mike listened to their bickering, a thought came across his mind. Immediately, he took their hands and rushed away leaving Lucas alone. Mike believes in Bro before hoes unfortunately, they aren’t hoes.

So, he didn’t say goodbye before leaving Lucas. While running away, Jenny asked “Mike, what are you doing? Why are you running so fast?”

At this moment, she was still startled. After all, his speed was almost close to the A-Rank talent of the third stage in Solider Realm. But in truth, he was just a C-Rank talent of the second stage in the soldier realm. There was a huge difference, nine evolution.

Each three evolution has a huge impact on ability energy. For the A-Rank cultivator, each evolution improves its strength by five according to his system’s strength measurement. But when a person passes from the third evolution to the fourth evolution, his ability energy will be transformed.

It doesn’t improve the quality of the ability energy rather strengthens the ability. Strengthening the ability many times grants a unique feature of that ability. Such as the current Brute Force only improves his strength.

Even if he improves rank, it doesn’t necessarily improve his endurance or speed. But going through many evolutions, he can awaken a unique feature of his ability. And, not just one, but many unique features.

This happens mostly when a person increases his entire realm. He has heard from Lucas that Lauren awakened power to call lightning from the clouds when she reached General Realm. Previously, she could only summon storms because of her dragon blood.

But now, she can summon clouds with her storms and strike down the lightning bolts. At the same time, she even got a chance to partially cover her body with dragon scales.

“Of course, we are going to meet mom. Both of you are very strong, do you expect me to stop you two?” When he said to meet his mom, both girls got a little wrong meaning turning their face red. Even though Jenny was bold, she didn’t think he will take her to meet his mother in front of another girl.

“By the way, why did you have a cake on your hand?” When he tried to hug her, Lauren was holding a package that seems like a cake in her hand. Although she hurriedly put it on her spatial ring, he still noticed it.

“I was free, so I visited the market. Suddenly, Lucas rushed to the market and said Luke had reached the eighth stage of Soldier Realm. So, he suggested buying a cake.” Although improving a single stage wasn’t something to be proud of, he still shocked that Luke improved so much in such less time.

“But how? How did he cultivate two stages in just a few days?” Hearing her words, a shock flashed in his eyes as he asked with surprise. When he faced Mantle previously, Luke helped him. At that time, both of them were at the sixth stage and now he was already at the eighth stage. He even suspected Luke was cheating.

“Dud! Of course, he would reach the eighth stage. If he hadn’t reached the eighth stage with all the resources that I have given him, I would have broken his legs. Humph! I am only a year older than him but there is such an insane gap between us. He should be ashamed of having such a great talent.” Lauren snorted while explaining.

Suddenly, he stopped making them surprised. Mike looked at Lauren and said “You are still proud to say that. You cultivated three years before him. Even though there is only a year gap between you and Luke, you started cultivating at the age of thirteen.”

“By the way, since Luke has improved, how can we not congratulate him?”

Saying so, he turned at Jenny and said “How about visiting her house? I can call mom and say we would be late for dinner.”

“Wait, is she staying with you?” Hearing his words, a burning fire appeared in her eyes as she looked at Jenny with a trace of jealousy.

“Uh-huh!” With no excuse to make, Mike nodded his head with a helpless expression.

“Enough is enough! You are coming to my home with me.” Grabbing his hand, she turned around. But once again, she looked at Jenny and fiercely spoke “And, you are not invited.”

“Humph! Who wants to visit your rotten house?” Jenny also got angry by her attitude. But before turning away, she fiercely glanced at Mike and snorted “If you came late, I am going to tell mom about your battle with Mantle.”

Without even bothering about his reply, she directly vanished with her fast speed. As for Mike, he kept asking himself ‘Why did I even though of congratulating Luke?’

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