Yin-Yang Harmony System

Chapter 34

“Congratulation Luke!” Lucas, Mike, and Lauren shouted in unison while Lauren held the cake in her hand.

“It’s just a breakthrough. You didn’t have to this far.” Although Luke was beaming with happiness, he tried to act cool with his chest straight out and head shooting tall. He closed his eyes with a proud smile on his face.


“Yes, you are right. We shouldn’t have done this way.” Suddenly, Lauren held the cake in her one palm and smashed into his proud face. Mike and Lucas backed her as they pushed and swing the cake on his face.

Luke got his face covered with cake, trying to act bullied but his face wasn’t clear. Mike, Lucas, and Lauren laughed at him. Mike walked near him, and patted his shoulder saying “This is your punishment for calling me, little brother.”

Luke removed the cake from his mouth and spoke “It wasn’t my fault. You were together with my little brother as his best friend. How could I address my little brother’s best friend as Elder Brother? Won’t that make our relationship even more complicated?”

“Okay, from now on you can call me brother-in-law.” Mike pointed the thumb finger at himself and spoke with a proud face.

Hearing his words, Lucas wasn’t surprised but Luke couldn’t help but look at Lauren. She got his gaze and nodded her head. But there was a wave of slight anger in her face. She lifted her hand, caught his waist, and pinched his skin.

“Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow!”

“Humph! You dare to find a girl without even bothering to talk with me. I remembered you told me that you weren’t going to engage in sex. But two days later, you dare to keep the relationship with the other.” Even though Mike screamed in pain, she didn’t let go. Instead, she started scolding him hard.

At this moment, Luke and Lucas rapidly ran away. They didn’t want to get in conflict with their sister. And they already knew their sister loves Mike. They weren’t intensely shocked.

But Mike was on the verge of crying. He didn’t know what kind of excuse to give. Finally, he took a long breath and spoke “It’s probably because I’m too charming. And I’m too good at bed.”

“Oh really! Then I would like to try how good you are?” Saying so, she picked up Mike and walked towards her room. In her arms, Mike felt she was too domineering. At the same time, he promised himself ‘No matter how domineering you are here, I will settle the score of the bed.’

‘And I must let her know how you can transform into the dragon without dragon blood.’

“Bam” As she locked down the door, she woke him up from his fantasies.

She threw him at the bed and slowly entered the bed. She walked on four legs as she got closer to him. At this moment, Mike told himself ‘Mike, you can’t shrink back. You must take an initiative. You can’t let a woman r*pe you twice.’

Saying so, he instantly rushed towards her and caught her head by her hair. With a domineering manner, he plunged his lips on her with a trace of ferocity in his eyes. Seeing this, Lauren’s pupils shrunk. She was going to push away Mike by her instinct when she felt a soft tongue entering her mouth.

“Umm! Umm!”

His tongue inserted deep inside her mouth and slowly rubbed around her tongue. Feeling the taste of her soft tongue, his little brother started his transformation. At this moment, he wants to prove he can transform even without dragon blood.


Suddenly, Mike caught her by her waist and threw her at the bed. Doing so, his mouth separated from her. When Mike got above her, his face was very close to her. But they didn’t engage in anything else. A charming smile appeared on her lips as she spoke “You broke the law. I thought you didn’t do it with me because you wanted to wait till we reach eighteen.”

Hearing her words, he felt a trace of sadness in her eyes. That deeply hidden by her charming smile but he didn’t miss it. He slowly got near her as his nose touched hers. He whispered “Sorry for avoiding you. I……..”

Just when he was about to explain, she plunged her lips into his. Getting the chance of his shocked expression, she pushed her tongue inside his and intertwined with his tongue. Slowly feeling the sweetness of her tongue, he made his move.

He slowly started taking off his clothes. Soon, he removed his pant and remained on the underwear. Lauren didn’t blink when she saw Mike’s bare chest. He slowly moved his hand near her breast, only then she started reacting a little.

“Stop! I will take it off myself.” Lauren freed herself from the kiss and made him stop. Although she was very bold, her face was burning red. Mike got up but when he did, she hastily turned her head. But her eyes couldn’t help but peek at his lower body.

His little brother was slowly transforming into the little dragon. It needs no dragon blood. When you have the intention and enough reason, transformation can occur with just the feast of his eyes.

She slowly took off her clothes, she remained only on her bra and panty. For a moment, she couldn’t look at his eyes. She was very bold most of the time, so that’s why her current condition makes her immensely cute.

“When did you became so shy?” Seeing her shy so much, Mike couldn’t help but get frustrated. But suddenly, he thought ‘No way, she should be shy. I cannot let her go back to her domineering state because of my words.’

‘And why did I start liking her domineering behavior? No way, there is no way I am a masochist. I am a normal man who has the wish to create his harem. I was suppressed by her because her realm is very high. There are no other intentions. Mike, you are not a masochist.’

Thinking of this, he instantly gets rid of his thoughts. Yeah, he likes getting domineering kisses but he doesn’t like to get beaten while having sex.

Without another word, he instantly grabbed her hand and pushed her into the bed. She fell on her back and he got above her like usual. Except for this time, his bare chest was feeling the hardness of those nipples.

He didn’t like to start rough, so he faced close to her and put his mouth on hers. While putting his tongue inside her, he freed her hand and moved it closer to her bra. Feeling his hands on her bra, she felt shaken for a moment.

Finally, a thought rang into her mind and she stopped hesitating. Instead, she slowly spread her right hand and slid down his stomach. At the same time, he succeeds in removing her white bra. Suddenly, his body shrill with excitement.

He could feel her soft hands touching his completely transformed little dragon. So, he let go of her mouth and said “I didn’t bring any contraceptives.”

“Who cares?” Hearing her words, his face twitched. At this moment, he fell in silence as he thought ‘No way, if I made her pregnant, it would be freaking bad.’

“But I don’t understand why it grew from three inches to almost nine inches. Is this the reason you didn’t think to try to have sex before? Although having sex before eighteen is illegal, almost no one follows this rule.” When she tried to hold his little dragon, she found her hand could only cover less than half of it.

“You can say that.” After speaking, he instantly held her boobs and started pressing them. Although he didn’t watch porn in this life, he had watched a lot of them in his previous life. So, when he started pressing her boobs, he didn’t focus much on that giant.

Instead, he focused on the core of that giant. He moved his face closer to her right breast and opened his mouth. He didn’t suck instead he tried to take a bite.

“Mmmmm” Moan leaked from her mouth and rang throughout the room. She tried to control it but he stopped biting it and started sucking. While doing so, he moved his left hand to her left breast and pressed her nipple hard.

“Mmm! Mi…. Mike! Mmmm! Y… don’t pinch so hard.” A cultivator can bear most of the pain but when the pain occurs during these kinds of moments, they can’t hold it. Because it wouldn’t be a regular pain. It would be pain that makes a person feel pleasure.

“M…. Mike, for the first time. Can you not do anything else? Just put it in!” When he heard her request, he felt a little unbelievable. He didn’t understand why she would make such a request. But he denied it. He stopped sucking her breast and spoke “Until you become completely wet, I won’t insert it.”

By saying so, he slid his hand down to her panty. His middle finger and the ring finger entered her dark cave. Suddenly, his two fingers spread straight and bent a little. In an instant, his finger hits her spot.

“Ahhhh!” A moan completely consumed with pleasure rang throughout the room.

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