Yin-Yang Harmony System

Chapter 37

In the warm morning,

Mike fell on the bed with a helmet on his head. Yesterday was a hard day for him. At night, he had sex with Jenny but it was short. Although he wasn’t tried, he wanted to sleep quickly so that he could enter the Ascending to Godhood.

After waking up, he finished his morning business and lay down on the bed with his helmet. He had already told Jenny, so he had no problem entering the game early this morning. But just this moment, he couldn’t help but remember her words.

‘Ascending to Godhood has a clear meaning. That is a completely different world with almost no rules and regulations. Of course, our world also has no rules for strong. But in that world, even if you are weak, you can do lots of things that you can’t do here.’

‘That world is the world of cultivation. And the VR stuff, that’s something which adds the taste to the cultivation. You can get stronger by killing but that’s not the end. Turning you into NPC after death, locking many resources, and giving an EXP system to everyone is something that makes it VR.’

‘Because there, VR and true reality overlap with the collision of cultivation.’

Finally, he closed his eyes and entered the game. When he opened his eyes, he instantly appeared near the fountain. It was the same town that he had visited previously. He looked around and decide to find the Hunter Guild.

Originally, he wanted to visit the Goblin Hunting Forest but now, he wants to earn something specific. But it was a little hard to find the Hunter Guild. He got no choice but to ask NPC’s for the position of the guild.

He approached a middle-aged man holding an ax near a shop. He approached him and asked “Sir, do you know the way to the Hunter Guild?”

Then, he lifted his finger at his right side and said “You should walk for five minutes and turn left on the third turning. After that, you need to walk for another five minutes until you reach a tall silver building. And here is a suggestion for you, once you select a task, don’t forget to ask for Bookmark Map Device.”

“You can get it for free but they won’t ask you to take it. Once you take it, you can set your first location on Bookmark Map for free and teleport there whenever you log in. Of course, you can set other locations too but that will cost some of your wealth.”

Hearing his words, Mike nodded his head and took a step to the right but suddenly stopped. He looked at the middle-aged man with confusion on his face and asked “You have memories about the real world.”

“Of course, I have. For your information, this is VR space. I am technically not died but for myself, I am no different than dead.” The middle-aged man understood Mike’s intention instantly and shook his head.

“I don’t understand. You are not dead but now, you are an NPC. Still, you have your memories, so why aren’t you logging out?” The confusion on his face grew as he tried to ask.

“You should read the terms and policies before playing any games. Well, I did the same as you and ignore those terms. In one of those terms, there was a sentence. If you ever die in the Ascending to Godhood, your existence will turn into the codes.”

“Although my body didn’t change completely, I found part of my body was now the programming codes. I still don’t understand how these people created such advanced technology. Even though I’m slowly turning into a complete program, I still admire them.”

“What they are doing is completely right. If I could go out, I might never enter this game again. And not just me, there would be many other people leaving this world. Once we leave here, who would hunt those monsters?”

“In this universe, there are three thousand races and among them, our enemies are two thousand nine hundred ninety-nine. Of course, there are some peace-loving races such elf. They were originally on good terms with humans. But what did humans do? They used those elves as slaves for taking out sexual desire and frustration.”

“Dragon Race never came to conflict with us. Why would a noble race try to suppress the puny humans on their own? But what did we do? We hunting lower-level dragons. We ate their flesh and drank their blood for the strength.”

“Humans are the selfish creature and so, we are the enemies of all races. If the revolution hadn’t created such an advanced function to turn humans into code and keep them here. Then, our real world would be in grave danger.”

“So, you are telling me that you want to go back but you can’t leave. And, you accepted that leaving this world would be disastrous.” Mike’s confusion cleared up a little. He can understand why they can’t leave the world.

‘If I am not wrong then the first part that turns into the codes should be heart. If you leave the world, you will lose your heart and you’ll die. Living in this world is a lot better than dying, so many people live here as an NPC. I have to admit when you merge four different heads, you can get some terrifying idea.’

‘I don’t want to be his enemy. That would be the worst-case scenario. I must improve my prestige in his eyes so that he can trust me his daughter.’

Thinking of this, Mike nodded to himself and spoke “Thank you for your information. I will try to be careful.”

Saying so, he gave a slight bow and walked towards the middle-aged man right. He passed by many other people and saw a bunch of different shops. There were many NPCs that made him suspect why none of the government didn’t issue any kind of birth control policy.

There wasn’t a single state that has a birth control policy. In fact, the government supports higher birth rates and provides many supports for the family that gives birth to more than five healthy children. And, that’s why having more than one wife is not very scary or against the rules.

Of course, no woman wants to share their husband, so the husband must have the strength to acquire their harem. Just like Daniel. When he remembered Daniel, he couldn’t help but remember those sexy ladies. In fact, he had the urge to push them to the bed.

Thinking of the ladies, he found an interesting part of this system. You can actually finish the quest partially. It’s kind of difficult to understand but he found it just today when he scrolling through his daily quest.

After all, he must finish those daily quests before entering the game.

“Yearly Quest- Win the heart of Heavenly Maiden (1/1) – Partial Completion

Reward- Pioneer Body Evolution*1, System Evolution*1, S-Rank Innate Ability, Ninth-Rank Bloodline, 10000 System Points, 1000 Stats Points.

Punishment- Death of User’s Body and Tormenting User’s Soul in the Depths of Hell (1 year)”

He actually finished this quest unknowingly. It turned out he had already conquered the heart of Heavenly Maiden and now that he had completely conquered her body, he actually won system acknowledgment.

The sole reason why the system didn’t acknowledge the completion of this task was her awakening. It turned out Lauren was one of the Heavenly Maiden. But the problem was quite understandable. She didn’t awaken her Heavenly Maiden talent.

For being Heavenly Maiden, you must have a specific talent. She has the quality of the Heavenly Maiden and if nothing goes wrong, she would be the Heavenly Maiden. But now, he has a great problem.

Originally, it would’ve no problem if he had tried winning a real awakened Heavenly Maiden. Because he might have a bigger chance of winning her heart. But now, he was stuck in a helpless position. Because this system acknowledged Lauren as the Heavenly Maiden, she must be awakened within a year.

Otherwise, it would be considered a task failure. And if he fails, the consequences were pretty darn serious. Of course, now his punishment has decreased a lot. His body won’t die but his soul will be tortured in hell for a year.

And, he will also get to choose three rewards from six rewards. There were certain conditions. He can only choose one among Pioneer Body Evolution or System Evolution, S-Rank ability or Ninth-Grade Bloodline, and 10000 System Points or 1000 Stat Points.

It was kind of a weird situation. He has a feeling that he will fail. But he doesn’t want to. He has no courage to face a soul torment in the depth of hell. Just thinking of this makes his heart pain. And the most problematic point would be the current situation.

He doesn’t know how to make her Heavenly Maiden even though he knows some conditions. But he can’t understand how to do it and how to explain it to her. Everything happened so quickly that it left his heart in pain.

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