You Are My Unforgettable Love

Chapter 1800 - Did They Think She Was a Weakling? (30)

Chapter 1800: Did They Think She Was a Weakling? (30)

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Casting her gaze down, Qiao Yiyi sighed and said, “Uh huh, indeed you should visit him. Mr. Lu has been in a very bad mood ever since he got hurt.”

She bit her lip at this point and looked extremely nervous. “Brother, you- you should counsel him.”

She looked as though she was talking about a ferocious tiger when she mentioned Lu Nanze’s name and averted her gaze.

Qiao Gang was no stranger to Lu Nanze’s temper. When he heard Qiao Yiyi’s comment, his boldness immediately shrank. He smiled awkwardly, handed the fruit basket over to Qiao Yiyi, and said, “Well then, Sister, help me pass this to Mr. Lu. I suddenly remembered that I have some work to do.”

He turned and walked away at top speed.

Qiao Yiyi looked at his figure as he walked away. Her lips inevitably curved into a sarcastic smile.

How scary was this man Lu Nanze, making people avoid him like he was a serpent?

She twitched her mouth and looked down at the fruit basket. She extended her hand and then tossed the basket into the trash bin by the side.

She clapped her hands briefly, turned and walked out, towards the sports car parked nearby.

After changing into her Traceless’ get up, she put on her mask and reappeared in Lu Nanze’s room in a flash.

Lu Nanze also seemed to be very conscious of the fact that there was no one else around now, hence he had been staring at the window expectantly.

Indeed, after a while, he saw a hint of a movement. The next moment, Traceless opened the window and slid in.

After being in a gloomy mood all day, he suddenly brightened up with Traceless’ arrival.

He had known it. If Traceless were to come and visit him, she would surely pick the right moment, when there was no one else in the ward.

Her appearance meant that, at the very least, she was keeping watch on the situation in the ward. Otherwise, how would she have appeared the moment Qiao Yiyi was gone?

He looked at her, observing her high ponytail, and felt his mood improving all at once.

His lips immediately curved into a smile and he said, “You’re here.”

Traceless had forgotten about the unhappy situation that had taken place the day before and nodded in response.

She walked over and looked at him for a moment before saying a standard greeting, “How are you doing?”

He felt warm and fuzzy inside as he answered, “Not bad.”

She left it as that and then continued, “Hmm. Do you have anything to tell me?”

Lu Nanze quickly said, “Of course. Qiao Yiyi and I are only married on paper, I hope it doesn’t bother you. I understand you may feel it’s unfair right now, but don’t worry, I will settle things with her.”

Traceless: …!!

She hadn’t even been thinking about this, but the matter regarding Liang Liang.

Why was he talking about other things?

Traceless grimaced, nodded, and then probed again, “Anything else?”

Anything else?

What else was there?

Lu Nanze pondered for a moment and started, “I- Oh, we didn’t talk about this. I wanted to ask you if you might consider dating me. You must have thought about this for the last two days, is there an answer?”

Traceless: …!!

This man. Why wouldn’t he mention Liang Liang?

And she also couldn’t admit that she knew Liang Liang was looking for her.

After all, when Liang Liang had said this, there had only been the three of them in the room. If she recognized that she knew Liang Liang was looking for her, wouldn’t she be letting the cat out of the bag?

She grimaced and immediately tried to remind him. “Liang Liang went after me last night.”

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