Young Brother-in-law Is Now My Husband

Chapter 1493 I Am Not Tired

1493 I Am Not Tired

“Lanlan is going to visit her parents today,” Mrs Wen informed.

“I will take her there,” Wen Zac said, without anyone telling him to do it.

Ming Lan felt glad but then looked at him, “You are tired. You should rest. I can go on my own.”

Hearing it, Wen Zac passed a killer gaze to his assistance who was enjoying delicious breakfast. Because of him now everyone knew he must be tired as he hurried to get back to his wife. He could not even say he was not tired.

Cough! The assistant immediately averted his gaze from his boss and lowered his head to focus on his dish as if he didn’t notice what his boss was doing. ‘Why I have to dug my own grave today?’ and immediately tried to get out of his boss’ clutches, “Mrs Wen, breakfast is really delicious.”

“Thank you, Wu Wen,” she replied.

“You will be charged with the half of your salary cut from next time for causing unnecessary trouble and enjoying such a delicious breakfast at my home,” Wen Zac said coldly.

“Cough! B-Boss…”

“Wen Zac, don’t tease him,” Mrs Wen interrupted and said, “You should decide about whether you are going with Lanlan.”

Before he could say a word, Ming Lan said again, “I can go on my own.”

“If I had to leave you on your own, I wouldn’t have hurried back home,” Wen Zac said in a flat tone and continued eating his food. His words were clear that he would be going with her.

Ming Lan didn’t expect him to be blatant in front of his family and cleared her throat awkwardly and focussed on her food. Her cheeks slowly covered in shy blush.

Others had smiles on their lips as they shared knowing gazes to each other.

“Seems like I will get to see my grandkids before I die,” the grandmother who was usually quiet, commented happily, making Ming Lan feel like hiding somewhere. ๐™—๐™š๐™™๐’๐™ค๐’—๐’†๐’๏ผŽ๐’„๐™ค๐™ข

They didn’t even do anything other kissing twice or may be thrice in their past six months of marriage and what about grandkids so suddenly?

“I will try, Grandmother,” Wen Zac spoke, not minding his words would leave his wife utterly embarrassed in front of everyone.

She could not understand if he was serious or he was just going along the flow to make his sick grandmother feel better.

While others could only be happy thinking Wen Zac and Ming Lan were away from each other, but it didn’t affect their relationship.

Grandmother looked at him, “Then make sure to tell the doctor to take care of me really well so I will be fine till then.”

“Rest assured Grandmother. Nothing is going to happen to you,” Wen Zac looked back at his grandmother, “I won’t let anyone be careless with your health.”

Grandmother smiled, “I know. Such a sweet grandson I have.”

“And me? Am I not sweet, grandmother?” Liwei complained, with a cute pout.

“You are my sweet little princess, my dear,” the grandmother replied.

Ming Lan felt glad to see this. Just like her parents family, this family was also the same, so much love and care. She felt glad to see how caring Wen Zac was towards his grandmother and just like she was for her grandfather.

After the breakfast, Ming Lan and Wen Zac were ready to leave for Ming Mansion. Wen Zac got the car keys from the driver, they were ready to get into the car when Ming Lan stopped him.


“Hmm?” he turned to look at her, who was ready to open the door on the driver’s side.

“You are tired so I will drive,” she offered.

He sighed a little as once again he cursed his assistant. He was tired of hearing the word ‘tired’ again and again.

“I am not tired,” he replied and opened the door of the car as he instructed her, “sit inside.”

Ming Lan obediently opened the door on the front passenger seat and quietly sat inside. Seeing the tired man so serious who looked more intimidating, she had no guts to go against his words.

Just as they sat inside, she could not help but say again, “You didn’t sleep for past two days so I thought to not tire you more….”

“Lanlan,” he interrupted her as he looked at her.

She looked back at him only to hear him say, “If you want me to give you a proof that I am not tired….” he looked like he was tired of explaining that he was not tired, “…then trust me I can show it to you clearly by taking you back to our room right away and not letting you out for the next two days. Do you want me to?” His gaze was full of warning, as if he had enough or hearing word tired.

With her eyes wide open at his word, not a single word could come out of her mouth. Her mind and her heart both turned chaotic and all the blood in her body rushed towards her face to turn it red like a tomato. She could not believe what he had just said. He was not so bold with her before but something had changed him after the long separation of six months.

Seeing her speechless, he leaned closer to her, his face just a breath away from her as he whispered in a horse voice, “Do you want me to? Trust me, I can really do it.”

Getting back to her senses, Ming Lan observed his face closely and shook her head as she sank back in her seat, “W-We are getting late.”

He smirked at her flushed face and scared looking eyes as if she was being scared of getting devoured by him. He moved his hand towards her shoulder on the other side.

“N-Not now…”

“What not now?” he asked with a playful smirk and she saw him touching the seat belt on her side. He pulled it and said, “We can not drive away till you put on the seatbelt.”


He fixed it and moved back to his seat as he put on the seat belt for himself.

Ming Lan felt like sinking in the seat completely at her idiotic behavior and looked the other way as she could not dare look at him. ‘Why am I such an idiot?’

she could not dare look at him. ‘Why am I such an idiot?’

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