Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle

Chapter 2035

Chapter 2035: Chapter 2109 you are My Blazing Sun (119)

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With a bang, the crystal chandelier above her head fell.

Xia Xiaodie’s small face turned pale from the shock. At this moment, the person behind her reached out and protected her small head, especially her bright and pretty face, in his powerful arms, even his low and magnetic voice sounded a little soft, “Don’t be afraid.”

Xia Xiaodie trembled. It was… Gu Yilin.



At this moment, Nan Cheng and his personal secretary, Li Fan, rushed over.

Xia Xiaodie quickly turned around and looked up at the man in front of her. It was really Gu Yilin. Gu Yilin had rushed over at the critical moment to protect her.

Now that the crystal chandelier had fallen, Gu Yilin had avoided it when he was protecting her. However, the chandelier still fell on his body, and he was bleeding somewhere, the white shirt on Gu Yilin’s body was quickly stained with bright red blood.

Those were all high-temperature glass, so one could imagine the damage caused by the fall.

Xia Xiaodie’s small face was pale, and her hands and feet were cold. “Gu Yilin, are you alright? Where are you injured? Quickly tell me, let me take a look!”

Xia Xiaodie nervously checked his injuries.

Gu Yilin’s handsome face had lost its color, revealing a sickly pallor. He looked at Xia Xiaodie and curled his thin lips. “I’m fine.”

“How can I Be Fine? You’re bleeding!”

Xia Xiaodie’s fair eyes reddened, and large teardrops fell from them. “Gu Yilin, you idiot. Who asked you to save me? I don’t need you to save me.”

Xia Xiaodie really did not expect him to appear and save her. Now that he was bleeding and hit, her heart was in so much pain.

Gu Yilin raised his hand and gently caressed her little face. Her face was already covered with crystal-clear tears. The way she looked at him was so soft, her heart was filled with love and tenderness.

“Will You Cry… For Me?”

The bangs on his forehead covered gu yilin’s handsome eyelids. He looked down at her and asked in a hoarse voice.

Xia Xiaodie’s heart suddenly ached for him, “Gu Yilin, didn’t we agree that you wouldn’t like me anymore? Have you forgotten how I toyed with you more than half a year ago? This is just a transaction between us and I don’t like you at all. Do you hear me clearly? Don’t do such silly things for me in the future. I don’t want to owe you anything anymore!”

Gu Yilin looked deeply at her little face that was filled with tears and his thin lips pursed. “As expected of a heartless woman!”

At this moment, Nan Cheng and Li fan ran over, “Call the doctor quickly, Go!”

“Why did the crystal chandelier suddenly fall? Is there a problem with the hotel’s safety? Go and call your manager over. If I find out who’s responsible, I’ll skin him alive!”

“Yilin, are you alright? Fortunately, it didn’t hit your head. If it did, you’d be dead!”

Nan Cheng glared at Xia Xiaodie in exasperation. “I told you to stay away from this woman. She’ll really get you killed!”

Gu Ye Lin was really injured. Although his expression did not change, the lines on his pale face made him look cold and unhappy. He glanced at Nan Cheng indifferently. “You can shut up now!”


Nan Cheng stuttered.

“Why isn’t the Doctor Here Yet? I remember there’s a medical kit next door. I’ll go and get it.”Xia Xiaodie ran away quickly.

Gu Yilin looked at Xia Xiaodie’s pretty figure and then his gaze fell on Nan Cheng’s face. “Don’t make things difficult for her in the future!”


Nan Cheng knew that Xia Xiaodie had definitely drugged Gu Yilin. He had only said a few words to Xia Xiaodie, and this Gu Yilin had already come to intimidate him. They had been brothers for many years!


Xia Xiaodie went to the next room to get the first aid kit. She had just left when she ran into Nan Cheng. Nan Cheng had blocked her way.

“Young Master Nan, please move aside. I don’t have time to deal with you now,”Xia Xiaodie said coldly.

She really did not have the mood to deal with Nan Cheng Now. Her entire heart was hung up on Gu Yelin’s injuries.

Nan Cheng snorted coldly, “Xia Xiaodie, I didn’t expect you to treat Yilin like that in the past. Yilin still has an old affection for you. I’m here to warn you. Since Yilin likes you so much, you must treat him well. Don’t let him down again!”

Xia Xiaodie pushed Nan Cheng away and walked away. She said, “Young Master Nan, you’ve misunderstood. He doesn’t like me anymore.”

“Xia Xiaodie, is that what you think? You Think Ye Lin doesn’t like you anymore?”Nan Cheng asked from behind.

Xia Xiaodie slowly stopped in her tracks. “What else?”

He had told her personally that he would not like her anymore in the future.

Their relationship had ended half a year ago. Now, in his heart, she was just a fickle and restless girl. He loathed her deeply.

“Xia Xiaodie, you said that Ye Lin doesn’t like you anymore. Then why did he ignore his safety and protect you just now? Besides you, there are no other girls by his side. Even the blind date banquet that Auntie arranged for him, he only went through it. You even indirectly caused the death of Sister Sihan. Ye Lin disregarded his own mommy and protected you behind him in the midst of the storm. Haven’t you ever thought about what all of this was for?”

Xia Xiaodie’s butterfly wings trembled, then she turned around and looked at Nan Cheng. “Aunt Gu…”

Nan Cheng walked over, “Yes, Ye Lin’s mommy already knows about your existence, but ye Lin didn’t let his mommy know who you are. Xia Xiaodie, do you understand now? When Sister Sihan got into trouble, Ye Lin said that he hated you and humiliated you, but in reality, he never really took it out on you. What he hated the most was himself, and he couldn’t forgive himself. He lived in pain, guilt, and self-blame every day, so he used you to torture himself!”

Xia Xiaodie curled her fair fingers, her heart aching in pain.

“Xia Xiaodie, why is it that all of us can tell that Ye Lin has never truly let go of you and forgotten you, but you’re the only one who can’t Tell?”

“Ye Lin and I have been brothers for so many years. You’re the first girl he likes, the favored child of the Gu family. Ever since he was young, everyone has thought that in the future, Gu Yilin would be a cold and overbearing CEO, ruthless and cold. But who would have thought that Gu Yilin, who grew up in love and warmth, would actually be a… Little Puppy in front of the girl he likes?”

“Ye Lin is too naive towards you. He has no experience when it comes to dating, but the girl he has fallen in love with is naturally held in his hands and pampered in his heart. No matter how much you have done to him, he still can’t take you away from his heart. When he looks at you, his eyes are so bright and lustrous.”


Xia Xiaodie left Nancheng and came to the door. The doctor had come and bandaged Gu Yilin.

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