Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle

Chapter 1344 - Sweet Times (4)

Chapter 1344: Sweet Times (4)

An’an buttoned up his shirt angrily. “General, please stop trying since your wife cannot be coaxed.”

To tell the truth, Lu Yan loved seeing her being angry. She was only 26 and had given him the best of herself. Even now she was a beautiful young lady and though he was already in his 40s, she still let him hug her to sleep and let him do whatever he wanted to her. Even when he made her angry, she would still willingly serve him and pleasure him.

Lu Yan was really touched inside, he must have done something good his past lifetime to be blessed with her existence.

“Teacher An’an, please don’t be angry anymore…” He wanted to caress her face.

Pah! An’an smacked his hand away. “General, Teacher An’an wants you to stand up straight and behave well now!”

“Yes, Teacher An’an!”

Lu Yan immediately stood up straight.

Throwing him another fierce glare, An’an turned around, walking over to the dresser as she started combing her hair. She could hear the man’s voice from behind.

“Teacher An’an, I learned another English word.”

Recalling the ‘f*ck’ he said in the bathroom earlier on, An’an was furious again. “What?”


An’an’s long lashes fluttered and she turned around to look at him.

Their eyes met and Lu Yan said, “I love you.”

Though he didn’t have a fancy accent like Mr Gu or Young Master Fu, he managed to say it out.

I love you.

An’an’s face was stern as she said, “General, that’s enough. Your wife is no longer angry!”

“Thank you Teacher An’an!”

“But don’t let it happen again!”

“Yes, Teacher An’an!”

The family of four got into the General’s Jeep and it was a smooth journey at first, until they met bad traffic and were close to running late. So An’an gave Tang Mo’er a call and told her they were going to be late.

After hanging up the call, An’an clutched her phone and looked at the man beside her angrily. “General, look, it’s all because of you. If only you hadn’t… fooled around, we wouldn’t be late!”

Little An’an looked at mommy with an innocent face. “Mama, Mama, how did Papa fool around?”

An’an’s face turned red, glaring at Lu Yan and she didn’t say a word.

In the face of his wife’s ire, Lu Yan wasn’t feeling apologetic at all. As a soldier, he had a good posture and sat with a straightened back. “Teacher An’an, I was quick enough just now. If it were to be under normal circumstances, I would only be halfway through and we would have needed more time.”


This man! An’an balled her hands into fists, pummeling him.

Lu Yan grabbed her hands, holding them in his large ones. “Teacher An’an, are you really angry?”

An’an humphed. “What should we do now? If this carries on, we won’t even be able to get there at night. If that really happens, you don’t even need to think about getting near me next time!”

Once Lu Yan heard that, he knitted his brows. This concerned his future intimacy and happiness, he had to be serious and solve the problem.

“Son, daughter, get down!”

Lu Yan pulled open the back car door and Little Yan and Little An’an both got down from the car.

Lowering his eyes, Lu Yan checked the watch around his wrist and he instructed the children, “Uncle’s house is three kilometers away. Can you run over in 15 minutes?”

Little Yan instantly sat up at attention. “General, I’m sure I can do it!”

Beside him, Little An’an stood with her brother, her hat wasn’t even in its proper place but she lifted her hand, giving him a salute. “Yes, Sir!”

“Begin now!”

Lu Yan gave the orders and Little Yan held Little An’an’s hand, starting to run.

Once the kids ran away, Lu Yan looked at An’an, patting his own back as he signaled her. “Come up.”

“For what?”

“I’ll carry you.”

An’an’s anger instantly dissipated. They were stuck in a traffic jam and there were many people around. She didn’t want to attract everyone’s attention. “I’ll walk on my own.”

Before she could even start walking, Lu Yan lifted her up.

“Hey, General!”

“Wifey, hold me tight!”

Lu Yan started running.

“Ah!” An’an was shocked, instantly hugging his neck.

The road was packed with people also stuck in the traffic jam and everyone’s gazes were on them.

—-Look, they are so blissful.

—-I want someone to carry me too.

—-Help, I don’t want to be fed dog food[1]…

Little Yan held Little An’an’s hand as they ran together in the front. They turned their heads around to look while running, giggling as they witnessed the scene. “Papa and Mama, you need to work harder since you’re behind us!”

Lu Yan sped up. “We’re coming!”

Being carried by the man she loved, being close to him as she watched her children, An’an was filled with happiness. She kissed Lu Yan’s cheek and confessed, “General, I love you too.”

At the tender age of thirty, Tang Mo’er was at the pinnacle of her career. Her jewelry brand, King-back, as well as entertainment company, Jiaxing Entertainment, were doing very well just in the second year after she made her comeback. King-back’s quarterly sales had even defeated the records set by her mother, Madam Xuanji’s company, DHA Diamonds. Jiaxing Entertainment also became one of the most powerful companies in the industry after Director Yue’s period drama took off, forming its own franchise.

While Madam Xuanji was always known as a legend, Tang Mo’er was a queen who was the talk of the town.

With her elegance, gumption, intelligence, gentleness and the charm a woman had, she was the true epitome of success. After spending many years in the entertainment industry, she was well-exposed to fashion and would always receive praises whenever she dressed up and appeared at events and functions. She would attract everyone’s attention and many couldn’t help themselves, they truly admired her as she never seemed to age at all.

One night, Tang Mo’er wore a simple black T-shirt with a bodycon skirt with fringe. Letting her hair down, her beautiful face was revealed and with every step she took, her hips swayed around and she exuded a womanly charm that no one else could imitate.

“Hubby, we have a company gathering today and I’ll need to go out for a while. I’ll try my best to come back early.”

In the study room, Tang Mo’er leaned on Gu Mohan’s shoulder as she spoke to him. Meanwhile, Gu Mohan was holding a fountain pen in his hand, signing some documents. When he heard her words, his hand paused for a moment before he recovered his actions. “Must you really go?”

Tang Mo’er’s eyes crinkled into a smile. “Hubby, you don’t want me to go?”

After remaining silent for a few moments, he responded, “Go ahead.”

“Hey, Hubby, don’t move!” Tang Mo’er suddenly shouted.

Gu Mohan froze, not moving an inch. “What’s wrong?”

Stretching a hand out, Tang Mo’er plucked a strand of his hair out and held it out to him. “Hubby, look. You grew a strand of white hair.”

What? Gu Mohan was stunned. Lifting his eyes to check, Tang Mo’er really was holding a strand of white hair.

Tang Mo’er was concerned. “I’ll need to make you some black sesame soup from tomorrow onwards. If not, once you approach your 40s, you’ll only grow even more white hair.”

When he heard what she said, Gu Mohan raised a corner of his lip unhappily. “It’s normal for me to have white hair, I’m already old.”

“Even if you’re old, you’re still the most handsome and I still love you.” Tang Mo’er kissed his cheek lovingly. “I really have to go. If I don’t come back early, you can just go to sleep first.”

[1] When couples show public display of affection it is referred to as dog food

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