Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle

Chapter 1345 - weet Times (5)

Chapter 1345: Sweet Times (5)

Tang Mo’er walked away and Gu Mohan could only watch as she left.

Once he confirmed that she had gone, Gu Mohan instantly put the fountain pen down and ran back to his room. Sitting in front of the dresser, he carefully checked his hair, finding yet another strand of white hair!

This was a fatal weakness that he could never accept!

Damn it, he really was old.

He could already understand the struggles of a middle-aged man.

When he said that he was old just now, he was merely testing her but she hadn’t refuted him. She just went along with him, saying that he was handsome even when he was old.

No! He didn’t want to be an old man.

She was still young and gorgeous, how could he turn old so quickly?!

Gu Mohan continued checking his hair.

The room door was suddenly pushed open and little Gu Sihan entered the room. “Daddy, what are you doing?”

“Sisi, quickly come here. Help Daddy see if there’s any more white hair.”


As Gu Mohan sat on the carpeted ground in front of the windows, little Gu Sihan helped him look for white hair.

“Sisi, you have to be thorough, find all the white hair and pluck them out. You must not let Mommy see anymore white hair on my head!”

“Daddy, you didn’t actually want Mommy to attend the gathering tonight right?”

Gu Mohan froze, was it really that obvious?

Of course he didn’t want her to go. She was going to attend Jiaxing Entertainment’s celebration party. The little fresh meat[1.Refers to young and handsome men] signed under Jiaxing Entertainment had all become the top celebrities in the nation and had tens of millions of fans. He heard that they were all very attractive.

What was more important was that before he could even try to recognize the little fresh meat signed under her company, she had welcomed a new batch again.

These young and handsome guys really made him sense danger, especially the well-honed and experienced senses of a middle-aged man. He was really afraid of turning old and losing his charm, he was afraid that she would be seduced by those little fresh meat outside.

However, Gu Mohan still had to protect his dignity in front of his daughter. “Sisi, don’t spout nonsense.”

Little Gu Sihan looked at her daddy and her expression showed exactly what she thought—-Continue pretending.

Gu Mohan, “…”

“Sisi, go and sleep with Auntie.”

“Alright, goodnight, Daddy.”

Little Gu Sihan kissed Gu Mohan and left the room.

Once she was gone, Gu Mohan deliberated for a while before he finally made a call. “Hello, Secretary Yan, I need you to do something.”

“President, what is it?”

“Find me the best black hair dye and send it to me right away.”

When he heard the instructions, Yan Dong was stupefied. “President, what did you just say? Hair… dye?”

Yan Dong immediately brought the hair dye over and after spending a good amount of time fiddling around in the bathroom, Gu Mohan finally finished dyed his hair black.

Looking at his handsome face in the mirror, he finally found his confidence again.

Taking out his phone, he checked WeChat Moments.

The top post was uploaded by Tang Mo’er.

She had uploaded a few photographs and in one particular photograph, she sat on the sofa while holding a cup of champagne, while many handsome little fresh meat surrounded her. She was the center of attention and she happily made the peace sign with her fingers.

This provocative image pushed Gu Mohan onto an emotional roller coaster. Even though he was just in a good mood a moment ago, but now, he was completely dejected.

He would never forget about Lu Yeming and his feelings for Tang Mo’er. He had to be even more wary, even when these little fresh meats became popular, their eyes were glinting when they looked at Tang Mo’er, he would never allow them to be like Lu Yeming and fall for her.

Even now he could never forget about Lu Yeming, it was the most expensive lesson.

Yes, perhaps he was consumed by his jealousy. But he couldn’t hold it down. Clutching his phone, he stormed over to the door and opened it, shouting downstairs. “Auntie! Auntie!”

“Sir, I’m here. What’s the matter?”

Auntie hurriedly ran upstairs to check on Gu Mohan.

Pursing his lips, he ordered, “Give Madam a call, tell her that my chest hurts and ask her to come back immediately.”

“Huh?” Auntie was perplexed, her mouth agape as she looked at Gu Mohan, who was perfectly fine and healthy.

Gu Mohan’s face darkened. “You don’t understand my words?”

“Ah…” Auntie quickly turned around and hurried away. “I’ll call her now!”

Gu Mohan could hear the sounds of Tang Mo’er rushing back from his room.”Auntie, where is he? Is he alright? Did you get the doctor to come over?”

“Madam, I-I… er… Sir…” Auntie had never lied before and she stammered as she spoke.

“Auntie, why can’t you talk properly? Nevermind, I’ll go upstairs and check on him myself!”

“Madam, slow down. You forgot one side of your high heel!” Auntie shouted from behind.

Hearing the approaching footsteps, Gu Mohan quickly got in bed and closed his eyes.

Click. The room door was pushed open and Tang Mo’er ran inside. “Hubby, what happened?”

Rushing into the room, Tang Mo’er sat on the side of the bed, looking at Gu Mohan with concern.

Gu Mohan pretended to be weak, slowly opening his eyes as he held his chest. “It kind of hurts here.”

Tang Mo’er knitted her brows. “Weren’t you all fine before I left? Why does your chest hurt now? I’ll call the doctor over!”

“Mo’er.” Gu Mohan quickly held Tang Mo’er’s hand and shook his head. “I’ve taken some medication and I feel a lot better. Hurry up and go take a shower, I’ll be alright once I hug you to sleep.”


“Mm.” Gu Mohan nodded.

“Wait for me, I’ll go and take a quick shower and I’ll be back really quick.” Tang Mo’er darted into the bathroom.

As Gu Mohan watched her from the back, he noticed that she only had one heel on. She probably lost one of them while rushing back and stepped on the ground with one bare foot.

Lying back, Gu Mohan put his hands behind his head. He was rather satisfied with her performance, she was clearly concerned about him.

In the bathroom.

Once Tang Mo’er finished taking a shower, she changed into a set of pajamas. It was then that she noticed something in the bin. It was the packaging of a hair dye kit.

Eh? What’s this?

Although Gu Mohan had hidden the hair dye kit, he was careless and threw the box away in the bin. Tang Mo’er carefully looked at it and her lashes fluttered, instantly figuring everything out.

She felt as though a feather had brushed past her heart, causing her to feel a wave of emotions.

Her eyes turned red and she could feel her tears coming out.

Mr Gu.

Her Mr Gu.

After calming her emotions, Tang Mo’er stepped out of the bathroom, getting on the bed as she lay in Gu Mohan’s arms. “Hubby, does it still hurt?”

Gu Mohan pulled her closer and a feeling of contentment filled his heart as he held her in his arms. “It no longer hurts.”

“Mmm…” Mo’er buried her face in his chest, nuzzling against him like a kitten. She started kissing his chest. “But my heart aches.”

Gu Mohan wasn’t planning to do anything at first, but now, she had nuzzled against him and kindled his desires. He instantly sat up, wanting to kiss her.

“Hubby, it doesn’t hurt anymore?”

Gu Mohan quickly closed his eyes, collapsing again. “Ugh, it hurts again.”

“What should I do? Should I kiss you again?”

Tang Mo’er batted her lashes, kissing his chest.

“It still hurts, give me another kiss.”

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