Your Turn to Chase Me, Reborn For Revenge

Chapter 22 - Conditions

Chapter 22 – Conditions

“Oh hold up.” Knowing Micheal was her boss she couldn’t very well disobey him, so she waited at the door for him.

He quickly paid and rushed out to stand beside her. “So where too?”

“Huh.” April was completely confused.

“I need company my boyfriend is busy and I am bored.” Michael looked at her expectantly. “So where are we going.”

“Em.” April didn’t know what to say, he was technically her boss but right now he acted like a friendly puppy whose owner just returned and he expected to go for a walk. She sighed and gave in. “Okay you can come with me, I going to buy a car from Imperial Motors. Do you know anything about cars?”

And like a puppy he jumped in excitement and held her arm, showing her the way to his car. As though to demonstrate his knowledge he pointed to his car parked in front of her. All she saw though was a nice white sporty car.

She looked at his smiling face awaiting her compliment. “Nice… colour?”

Micheal laughed. “Arnt you lucky you bumped into me, get in and I will take us there.”

She got inside his car and she had to admit it was comfortable and eye-catching.

She had a rough idea of the location but didn’t really know the details.

She was about to take out her phone to check the address…

“There’s no need to check. I know Imperial Motors, I can take you there no problem. ”

“Okay. ” She felt sort of awkward, he was her boss after all.

Seeing her slight discomfort Micheal wanted to ease her worries ” Imperial Motors is nearby. When I’m busy, I usually go to there with my boyfriend as his best friend owns the place. So are you planning to buy a car? ”

April nodded her head. “Yes, it will be easier to commute to work in a car. ”

When it came to cars, men all over the world were interested, and Michael was no different.

“What kind of car do you plan to buy? ”

April thought for a while and then frowned. “I’m not… I don’t know either. I don’t know much about cars. Let’s take a look first. ”

Michael laughed at how adorable she was being.

She smiled in response to his laughter. ” Well, I can drive a car I just never bought one myself.”

“Alright then if you don’t know what make of car you want then let’s talk about your budget first. A car with a lower price point wouldn’t be very comfortable. A more expensive car will be more reliable and last you longer.”

She thought about it and it makes sense, you get what you pay for. The more you pay for it, the more reliable it is.

“It’s just a means of transportation. There’s no need to buy a very expensive one, right? ”

If she really needed something expensive, there were plenty of luxury cars in her father’s garage. The entire garage was filled to the brim with cars. Lucy and Rachel borrowed them all the time and took them for a spin. Thinking about it she didn’t want to ask her father for anything while Rachel was still pulling his strings so she decided to give up on that thought.

April nodded in agreement. “Around 50,000. ” April expressed the amount that she had in mind.

Michael pursed his lips and thought for a while 50,000 wasn’t that much. His last suit cost him that much. But he looked at the young girl sitting beside him and realised she was just starting out and got her first job, so earning money may be tough for her. He pulled up outside Imperial Motors and lifted his phone to text his boyfriend.

(Hey hot stuff, Any chance you can get my friend a deal at Imperial Motors?)

Micheal soon got a reply.

(What’s in it for me?)

Michael smiled at his boyfriend’s pettiness and replied.

(One hour massage?)


(Okay I’ll ask, no promises)

He got another quick reply and smiled as he answered the text.

(Thanks xx)

Michael smiled at the reply and got out of the car, April had already got out and was waiting for him.

“Alright let’s look around and which car you like in your budget. I happen to know the manager of the shop so he can help us when the time comes.”

“Thank you, are you sure I am not troubling you today?”

“No trouble at all.” Micheal smiled cheerfully.

April couldn’t help but respond with a smile. “Then thank you for your guidance.”

“Stop thanking me, you are keeping me company today. Let’s take a look around.

They walked around the car lot and Micheal read out so many car names that her head started to spin. Why do they have such crazy names?

She stopped when she saw a car she liked. She approached the car and took a look inside. Just then she heard a voice behind them.

“Micheal you are here again, can I show you our newest Bugatti.” A stout older man came running towards them beaming.

“Ahh no, not today.” Micheal greeted the older man. “This is my friend April, she needs a car and I think she likes this one.”

The older man nodded in acknowledgement. “Hello, I am Vernon Wells the manager here of Imperial Motors. This car is great for a young girl like yourself.” He knew the girl must not have much of a budget but he still treated her respectfully. “Why don’t you get inside and see what the interior is like?”

“Okay thank you.” April got inside.

The manager started to tell her about the car’s specs. “This is the Audi A7 five-door Sportback. It has a diesel engine and goes 0-62 mph in 5.1 seconds. It has MMI Navigation, parking System, cruise control, climate control zones, heated Seats and a spacious interior.”

Not knowing what half of what he said next she smiled and looked to Micheal for assistance.

“It’s perfect for you.” He checked his phone and saw the reply.

(35% discount… 2-hour massage. He had conditions, speak later)

Micheal smiled as he looked at the price tag, she could afford it with his discount, he nodded to encourage her.

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