Ze Tian Ji

Chapter 30 – Turn Old Knowledge into New Use

A second later, the sound came up again.

The same four words, four stars, and one position was repeated.

Then a new set of words were heard. “Su Shu, Shan Wei.”

Luo Luo held the Falling Rain Whip in her hands and guided the whip to follow the directions. The raindrops and wind all solidified into one straight line. It was as if the line ignored time and accurately pierced into the one point in the sky.

The completely dark sky had nothing. Yet when the Falling Rain Whip stabbed in, it brought another streak of blood and a painful cry! Different from the previous painful call, which carried shock and anger, this call expressed more confusion and even some fear!

Luo Luo felt that her Qi was moving inside her body with tremendous speed even if it was not flowing through the all the vessels that the sword technique required. The Qi was still able to arrive at the hand that was holding the whip and reach a point where it was even stronger than when she was practicing it.

This made her very confused but even more so surprised and happy.

At the same time, the voice kept coming. Sometimes it gave her instructions about the sword technique of Wind and Rain Sword of Mountain Zhong, sometimes it told her which actions she should make, and sometimes it told her how she should channel her Qi, but the instructions were all different from what the sword technique manual said. Most of the things that she heard from was based on the stars in the sky.

Hearing the voice made Luo Luo remember a time when she was very little. Her dad was on the edge of the cliff and pointed towards the clouds to teach her fighting techniques. Thinking back made her feel more and more tranquil and calm. She didn’t need to think and she simply had to let her spirit follow her mind. The Falling Rain Whip in her hand flew over like an extremely sharp sword and constantly stabbed into the darkness.

Pa pa pa pa (sounds). From the darkness came a seemingly infinite amount of blows. The sounds were came from the tough and terrifying Falling Rain Whip which had landed on the demon’s body. Several dozens of fragmented fabrics could be seen flying in the wind soon after. These black fabrics fell to the ground.

Chi chi chi chi (more sounds). The first half of the Falling Rain Whip was stained with blood and became red. Blood were also splashing out of the darkness at the same time, but the wounded man was still invisible. It was as if a shapeless pen dipped with red ink was scribbling uncontrollably. The image looked very strange.

After another painful but angry yell, the Demon elite finally could no longer hide where he was and fell out of the darkness. Immediately after his feet touched the ground, he rolled along the surface a dozen loops. It was only until he was near the lake did he dare to stop.

On the Demon elite’s body, wounds from the Falling Rain Whip could be seen everywhere on his body. He was constantly bleeding and the robe hanging messily on his body had already became spliced up. He looked extraordinarily miserable. Where could his previous power and influence be seen?

The first thought he had after being forced out of the darkness was to retrieve back to it and get away from the Falling Rain Whip. The farther, the better. During the process of moving back with difficulty, he did not forget to take back the magic weapon that he had placed in the lawn at the beginning of the battle because he had lost all his courage and spirit to fight.

He squatted next to the lake like a dog. His right hand held onto the magic weapon to protect his head. The sounds coming out of his mouth were like a broken air bellow. It was very hoarse and filled with shock, anger, hatred, and fear because he could not understand why was he could not hide from the whip.

“Who? Who is it! Get out!”

The Demon elite looked at the darkness surrounding the Tradition Academy. Then he looked toward the dark light outside of the library. He remembered that he seemed to have forgotten about something. His bloody face revealed extreme tension and his voice was very shaken.

The light on the lawn outside of the library became brighter because the door was opened.

Then the surrounding light became a bit darker because someone just walked out.

A youngster stood on the staircase.

He wore an old Taoist robe and held a little sword.

His face was slightly pale and somewhat nervous but his eyes looked determined and had no intention to flinch.


Chen Chang Sheng was always in the library.

For all these nights, he has been in the library.

He was absorbing the starlight and Purifying himself.

The reason he woke up from the meditation mode wasn’t because of the raging fight outside of the library, but because the magical weapon used by the demon xiuxingst interfered with the starlight that was shining down from the night sky.

He had walked to the window and found out a battle was ensuing in the Tradition Academy. He didn’t know who the young girl was but after seeing the demon horns of that man, he knew immediately which side he should stand with.

And then, the male demon disappeared into the darkness of night.

The long whip in the hand of the young girl summoned the wind and rain into the field.

From the beginning he didn’t think that he had the ability to help the young girl because he hasn’t even reached Purification yet. Besides, the young girl and the male demon were seemingly more powerful than him.

He stood at the window’s corner and observed the fight silently. He was cheering for the young girl but he didn’t make any sound. Chen Chang Sheng didn’t want to bring any negative variable into this fight so he didn’t want his presence to distract the young girl.

The demon probably wouldn’t care about a regular human’s life, but that young girl might.

He didn’t miss this detail because he was a careful and observant person.

But a moment later, he discovered surprisingly that he might actually be able to change this fight.

The whip in the young girl’s hand was no ordinary weapon but she wasn’t using the techniques of a whip but rather a sword.

The Wind and Rain sword of Mountain Zhong.

In the old temple of Xi Ning Village, Chen Chang Sheng saw this sword technique and he remembered very clearly that it was written down in the fourth chapter of Yu Hua Scroll.

Of course, the sword techniques were written in the ways of Taoist debates. Just a few days ago, he found the corresponding books in the library and realized that the techniques were hidden in those mysterious and difficult words.

He memorized the entire sword technique and after the recent reviews, it was only natural for him to see the young girl’s sword technique that was hidden with her whip. But her attacks only contained the form of the technique but not the actual core. In addition, her way of using Qi was weird or the battle wouldn’t have been this difficult.

Yes, although he didn’t have a trace of Qi in his body, he had already started studying about ways to use Qi.

After countless days of studying in the library and comparing the information with the knowledge in his head, he tried to break the limit of his veins to use Qi. For this purpose, he has already made several assumptions – since his Nine Veins weren’t connected, if he wants to xiu xing he must find an entirely new way.

He didn’t know if this way was useful or if it could use the Wind and Rain Sword of Mountain Zhong. He was just an ordinary person without Qi, but at that time the young girl was heavily wounded and was about to die. He must take a step forward and gamble on this idea because he wanted to help her.

It was just a single sentence.

“Absorb the starlight into the chest and let the Qi flow freely. Lift your wrist to the shoulder and hold back the wind and rain.”

Luckily, the problem of the young girl’s Qi when using Wind and Rain Sword of Mountain Zhong was very similar to his problem.

But more luckily, the girl listened to his advice without knowing his identity.

But the luckiest thing was that Chen Chang Sheng’s assumptions were successful and worked on the young girl.

The Wind and Rain Sword of Mountain Zhong finally showed its true power.


“But how did you know where I was?”

Next to the lake, the bloody demon man stared and furiously yelled at Chen Chang Sheng.

The Falling Rain Whip was powerful, especially after the little girl applied Chen Chang Sheng’s teachings. If she could use Qi to use the Sword of Rain and Wind of Mountain Zhong, then as long as she knew the location of the demon elite, she could definitely wound him heavily.

The problem was, how could Chen Chang Sheng know his location so soon?

“New moon snow, plum blossom steps, approximately three thousand positions, all of these needs to be memorized.”

Chen Chang Sheng walked to the little girl, placed the little sword horizontally in front of his chest, and looked at the demon elite far away. He was very cautious, but he spoke very casually “I did not know that this is the Ye Shi move, but I had memorized it before,”

Yes, this was the most mysterious movement in demon race – the Ye Shi Move. Relying on this movement technique, people could move freely in a certain range and most importantly they could hide their tracks using the technique.

Even inside the demon race, such movement technique was a secret that common people wouldn’t know.

But since Chen Chang Sheng was very young, he already memorized all of the three thousand and more positions and the order in between.

Back then, he thought he was reading a propaganda type book named “Index of Mist. ” Until eight days ago, in the library he read a documentation on a real battle between a senior from the Tradition and a Demon elite. After the comparison, he realized that this book, was actually about a xiu xing technique.

“Therefore you are lying. You are not one of the Mo He clan, your last name is not Mo He.”

Chen Chang Sheng looked at the male demon and said seriously. “You are one of the Ye Shi clan, your last name is Ye Shi.”

The demon xiu xingist was deeply surprised. He had a grave expression.

There was more things that he didn’t expect.

He thought the youngster in the library wouldn’t affect tonight’s plan because that youngster didn’t even reach the Purification stage yet.

What he didn’t realize was that this youngster almost destroyed the plan that was set down by Sir Black Robe.

What he never thought of was that the youngster was more interested in the small lie he told in the beginning.

This made him melancholic and irritated.

And then he was sad. He whispered to himself, “The Advisor truly has unlimited wisdom. He knew that I didn’t want to die and wished to use the legendary weapon to protect myself…… Therefore, he planned the appearance of this strange youngster.”


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