Ze Tian Ji

Chapter 31 – When the sky was falling down, he was at her side

Chen Chang Sheng did not really understand what he meant. He moved a bit closer to the little girl, trying his best to shield her.

The demon race man kept a sad face and continued speaking “Because you showed up, I can not kill her. My only option is to use the legendary weapon. I will die with you, but this is the Advisor’s spirit. No one can stop it.”

Chen Chang Sheng faintly felt worried. His hand held his sword tighter..

The demon man stood up, looked at Chen Chang Sheng and sighed. “Young man, I don’t know who you are but I think in the future you will definitely become a great person. It is unfortunate that tonight you will die with me.”

After saying this, he raised an iron magic weapon. Along with his action, an extremely terrifying power fell from the sky. Countless tiny iron pieces, flew back from the darkness. The shapeless barrier that separated the world disappeared.

A mountain-like black net that was extremely large fell down upon the Tradition Academy.

“Net of Fog?” Luo Luo mumbled with a noticeably paler face.

Ranked nineteenth in Tier of Legendary Weapons. Net of Fog.

The legendary weapon of the demon race.

According to legend, it was the first Demon Emperor’s net for hunting.

Once it fell, the entire world would be covered.

Nothing could break it.

Even famous legendary swords could not break it.

Normally such a strong Demon race magic weapon should rank even higher on the Tier of Legendary Weapons, at least not lower than the Falling Rain Whip, but because it was the Fate Cabinet from the human world that created this tier, they ranked it lower than it should be because of bias. It was also because the weapon had been severely damaged.

It was said that in the ancient past, the real name of the Net of Fog was Fog of Hell. It was recreated by an elite who had unimaginable power but it was never restored to its original strength. Its name was then changed to Net of Fog.

If it were the Fog of Hell, upon spreading out, it could effortlessly turn the person under the net into emptiness. The current severely wounded Net of Fog could separate the world, but if it is used as an attack, then it requires the user to offer his/her life as a consecration.

This was why the demon male did not use this magic weapon to attack since the very beginning. Before Chen Chang Sheng gave Luo Luo guidance and had severely injured him, the demon had the chance to kill Luo Luo. Now, it was not possible and the only way to accomplish the mission was to use his life in exchange for Luo Luo’s life.

Because he had to die, he was obviously somewhat sad.

Looking at the big black net that was falling down from the sky, Luo Luo was shocked. Her face was pale because she knew what this net was and understood that even though the Net of Fog no long had its terrifying power in the ancient time, it still couldn’t be shielded by ordinary people.

Her Falling Rain Whip couldn’t defend against it.

Perhaps the Frozen Spear could break through the net, but this legendary spear was in the royal palace. Who could help her?

She raised her head and looked towards the black net in the night sky. Her Falling Rain whip lashed out like lightning and brought wind and rain along with it.

A deep noise was heard.

The Falling Rain Whip was like a snake struck by lightning and broke into million of pieces. The whip was retracted reluctantly.

An unthinkable amount of strength was sent into her small body through the whip.

She spit blood from her mouth and fell onto her back.

The terrible fight tonight was extremely exhausting for a fourteen year old girl. She couldn’t hold her ground anymore and her eyes were blurry. Right before she fainted, the last scene she saw was that the youngster took out his short sword and thrusted it into the dark night sky.

That sword was dim, it was normal, and it was short.

The youngster’s arm raised high into the sky. It welcomed the attack of the black giant net.

His movement was a little slow. It gave a feeling of sadness to the audience.

Since the difference between them was so great, it was like he didn’t know his limit. It felt hopeless.

It was like a mantis trying to stop a running horse or an egg falling down into the Dew Platform and crashing against the hard surface.

Luo Luo was sad. She was sorry. If it wasn’t for her, he probably wouldn’t have died.

Then, she fainted


A loud clash.

The seemingly indestructible giant black net was torn in the middle. The wind that was blocked outside of the barrier blew violently into the center of the net. Following the wind was the real starlight, it poured down like a waterfall into the barrier.

A burning cloud appeared in the vast sky and suddenly the cloud descended into the middle of the Tradition Academy. The grass on the field was burnt and the leaves on the trees were dried up. The temperature of the field kept on rising.

It was a Red Cloud Kirin!

The Red Cloud Kirin crashed heavily into the chest of the demon xiuxingist and the chest bones of that demon were broken into pieces. He started to spit blood involuntarily. His body slammed heavily into the grass field but his right hand was still holding onto the magical weapon tightly.

Another clashing sound!

A burning knife brightened the night sky of the Tradition Academy.

The right arm of the demon xiuxing was chopped off and it flew into the sky before finally landing into the lake.

A middle aged man was sitting on the back of the Red Cloud Kirin. He was fully armed and his armor was also blood red. His expression was deadly and serious while looking down onto the demon.

The demon xiu xingist’s face was filled with hopelessness. He whispered “It’s you, no wonder you could break through the Net of Fog…..”

Xue Xing Chuan. The General of Zhou. He rides a Red Cloud Kirin as a mount and held the Bloody Butcher as his weapon!

He was trusted deeply by the Divine Queen and he controlled the capital army of Zhou for many years.

Out of the Thirty Eight Generals of the continent, he was ranked second!

“Ye Shi Tan Lu. Of course you are hiding in the capital.”

Xue Xing Chuan looked at the person covered in blood underneath his mount and said expressionlessly. “Of course, you are not worth my time. But I really want to know if you are able to keep silent about Black Robe after being sent to the Department of Investigation.”

The male demon’s name was actually Ye Shi Tan Lu. He was already in a corner, but he fell into an abyss after hearing the words of Xue Xing Chuan. The Demon knew the humans wanted to use him as a source to find the Advisor. After noticing that he couldn’t even commit suicide, all desire to live was gone.

What is true power? Xue Xing Chuan held true power!

Even if you want to die, you couldn’t die in front of him.

Countless presence shown up in the Tradition Academy. Faintly, several flying mounts could be spotted approaching in the night sky.

This battle occurred close to the Royal Palace. After the Net of Fog was deactivated, it alarmed countless people.

The top ranked xiuxingsts like Xue Xing Chuan arrived first. Then the rest of the guards and xiu xingists came.

Many people flipped over the stone wall at night and appeared in the field. Those people that saw the scene were shocked. They didn’t care about the male demon that was held down by Xue Xing Chuan and ran straight to Luo Luo. They brought her away quickly.

Xue Xing Chuan knew the identity of these people and didn’t stop them. He was satisfied because he captured one of the Ye Shi clan, who were experts in hiding. Furthermore, he may be able to find out more about the mysterious Demon Advisor from this male demon.

The only thing that bothered him was the sentence Ye Shi Tan Lu whispered before he went into a coma…….

Xue Xing Chuan wrinkled his eyebrows slightly. He knew clearly that when he arrived the Net of Fog had already been destroyed.

The guards locked down the male demon and dragged him away. The only thing waiting for him at night was his terrible fate.

The Red Cloud Kirin turned around slowly.

Xue Xing Chuan looked at the youngster not too far away from him and asked expressionlessly “And who are you?”

Chen Chang Sheng who still held that short sword was a bit confused of what was going on. After hearing the general’s question he came back to reality. He put the short sword back into the sheath “I am a student here.”

Xue Xing Chuan was a little surprised. He didn’t know that this unnoticeable youngster was the rumored new student of the Tradition Academy.

Just one look he knew that this youngster was an ordinary person, that short sword was common as well. He was probably dragged into this battle by accident.

But this youngster was willing to take his short sword and stand in front of that demon. Xue Xing Chuan appreciated his bravery, but it was just a simple appreciation. No one wanted to have any connection with the Tradition Academy. This was a cursed place and he didn’t want anything to do with it.

Someone went up to Chen Chang Sheng to check his identity.

The Red Cloud Kirin leaped into the sky and flew away with the clouds. Not too long after it disappeared into the royal palace.

Chen Chang Sheng was holding the name list and explaining to the person. He raised his head and looked at this scene for a moment.


The next morning Luo Luo woke up very early. Her body was different from normal people and last night she only exhausted her strength. She wasn’t heavily wounded. Her mind had already fully recovered.

But she didn’t get off the bed immediately. She opened her wide eyes and looked at the fancy decoration on her bed. She thought about the events that happened last night, especially the last scene she saw right before she blacked out. Luo Luo’s mind was a little stunned.

When that black giant nest came down on her, it was like the sky had fell.

When she thought she would die the next moment, she saw the youngster stand in front of her and used the short sword to defend her.

Her father always used to say, when the sky falls down there would be people taller than you to lift it. She wasn’t happy about this because she thought her father was mocking her height. But right now she felt lucky that she was petite.

Although the youngster wasn’t that tall, he was taller than her.

Therefore when the sky fell down, he lifted it for her.

Luo Luo didn’t know why but she was happy. She smiled with a satisfaction.

Then she realized something and got up quickly. She yelled, “Where is everyone?”

Ten or more so of her people came right in like the wind.

She asked nervously, “Is he okay?”

People who were able to serve her personally, regardless of gender, were smart people. After hearing this, they knew immediately who she was asking for. A person went up and reported, “General Xue Xing Chuan arrived on time. The youngster wasn’t wounded.”

Luo Luo patted on her chest. She was a little scared.

“That’s good.”

She flipped over and got off her bed. “I’m going to see him.”

Her people looked at each other, they all kneel down at the same time. Some people were even crying a little.

Luo Luo realized what she has done and became embarrassed. “I’m sorry, but I won’t do anything that I have done last night.”

Her people let out a sigh of relief. Was their little princess finally growing up?

“But I really need to go see him.”

Luo Luo looked at her people and said sincerely “He is an important person to me.”

After hearing this, silence filled the entire room.

Thinking back to last night where their princess left the Herb Garden and got caught in the ambush of the demon, was she trying to meet that youngster in the middle of the night?

Her people were terrified. Was their little princess finally growing up?

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